People who fuse

How do you do it? How can you bring yourself to pump resources into it? I have been trying out just how hard it is to get two epic rarity guns with the exact, matching fusion perks I want on them, and so far I have sunk around 8000 coins and haven’t gotten there yet. I can’t even begin to imagine anyone, even if they were a humongous whale with their dads credit card, doing this, especially if they want to have multiple builds with the exact fused parts.

Or do you simply give up on either having matching fusions on parts that you have multiples on a build, or just go with fusion event options instead of trying for anything else? Or just give up on playing different kinds of builds because just trying to get 1 of them drained you?

I can’t imagine anyone trying out the same with legendary, let alone relic parts

I do it for speed and mobility.

I have nearly every cabin in the game fused for +power. Most wheels in the game for -power penalty. Engines for +speed bonus too, naturally.
Don’t fuse a lot of other things unless there’s a fusion event for something I need or something that I bought a lot of when it was in a pack and thus cheap. Although I did fuse my relics, but I fused them with the uranium I earned with them, and it lets me better help my clan so that’s fine by me.
I made some fusions to get better accuracy too, fusing a pair of Hulks for reload and spread so I can drive a Harpy at 100+ km/h and land accurate shots was probably the best fusion ivestment I ever made, lol.

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as the saying goes,“if you don’t fuse you lose”…well i kinda just made that up.
but really if you wait for the event to fuse with only 1 item needed and not 2,it’s not that bad,buy it in market,don’t craft it…
only downside is…you can’t sell fused items.which should be changed so more players will fuse things and not lose things and money…at least be able to sell your fused items in a fused market…right?

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Fusions can be annoying. I mostly fuse everything. I usually don’t fuse weapons. Start with fusing hardware and cabins first.

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If I like A build I fuse all of it.
If I don’t like it I sell it.
So this makes it so I only play fused builds.

There are many builds you can’t even make without fusions.

I have over 350 fused items, which include 40 Legendary items and 7 Relics. And many of those items I had to fuse more then once.

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I don’t usually, except like how the Monkeys says…

I’ll do it that way too. My problem is that they change the dynamics of this game so often that investing in fusion seems like a burn when they are just going to nerf your goods and make them useless at some point. I’m sure you’ve seen the threads raging about that. Can’t sell it, can’t use it. Aaargh!

I don’t fuse much, nor am I terribly particular about the fusion I get when I do. I think the players who do, and have all these perfect fusions have just been playing for a really long time, and have a large inventory accumulated, and have had plenty of opportunities to hit the fusion events wisely and considerately…or they are just rich, don’t have kids, and are accustomed to spending their money frivolously. I think there has to be a lot of that going on too.

They should just allow us to sell that stuff, and since they aren’t real items, when you sell it, they could just revert it’s specs back to standard when you do, using developer magic, so as not to jack with the market’s already wonky and fragile economy. I think that would help take a little bit of the burn off the feature, but maybe that’s what they want. IDK.

This is where I am, I started at the beginning and got into the good habit of fusing cabins, modules, and movement parts as they came out. I’m only missing a few. I have almost all cabs, modules and movement parts fused. So when doing a new build it is easy now, because I only have to worry about the weapons.

:popcorn: New players will never catch up :popcorn:


the only things i really fuse is epics. legendries and relics i never fuse cause of their ridiculously high cost and it takes me a stupidly long time to get another relic. plus theres no point in fusing relics for me, im not in a clan and i just never join one cause not many people mesh well with me and my playstyle.

but i only have fused epics, minus the ones from events where you got the fused legendries. there is one legendary im willing to fuse and im waiting for an event to fuse it, thats the apollo. i have 2 of those and am waiting for an event to come by to fuse them, i cant risk fusing them normally as its a 1/3 chance to get the fusion i want.

i dont have fused bigfoots even though i want them, i have to make a ton fo them to fuse but i just dont have the scrap to make all them wheels and i wont spend coin on them so i guess they will be unfused.
hovers are a waste since any little bump will turn you into a spinning top.

Finally have the two fused guns, it took about 9500 coins and lots of stabilizers because I was having the worst rng luck imaginable, the frustration between trying to get the third effect to finally be what I want while going back and forth between the other two less desired effects on the last slot being very, so very real.

I now understand people who say that stabilizers should just allow us to choose which parameter we want when fusing, and completely agree. All this lottery is just another instance of how greedy and money hungry this game can blatantly be.

So if you want to try fusing your items outside of events or to reach specific fusions, prepare to have around 9000 coins to do so (for epic parts)

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Fusing parts over and over isn’t a great idea. At least it wasn’t before we got the part that let’s us choose what fusions to change and keep when refusing. Even so I still never refuse things. I just take what fusion I get. I fused a ghost cab like eight times trying to get a power fusion about two years ago. After that I was like, "ok no more wasting cash on refusing.

8k in failed fusions? That’s a bummer. I say u wasted a lot of coin. Should have just kept the first fusion.

I personally don’t like refusing movement parts to get same fusions. It’s not worth it to spend the coin. If I wanted same fusions or a specific fusion I get it during a fusion event like what we have active now.

What I fuse most seems to be cabins. Then movement parts. And I am wary of fusing newer items now, because the weapon could get patched in to a completely different functioning part a month after release. For example I don’t like how you have to play flutes now, so I fused six of them before they were changed, and now they just rot in my inventory.

I rarely fuse legendary parts. I like switching up my weapon inventory now and again. I also don’t like fusing projectile weapons. If you get projectile speed on one gun and not the other then your forced to fire them on seperate triggers and guage each shot differently in aiming.

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If I’m going to do something like this I always wait for an event where you only need 2 instead of 3.

Then when you refuse the item you only need 1 part.

For many guns I find that the exact same fuse is not needed. BUT in the case of guns like cannons same fuse can be very important.

Things like MG can have random fuses, they might not be perfect but they are not messed up. Cannons can be totally messed up with fusing.

As for me, as not-so-rich-clan-player can I make decision to fuse smth only in one caseI like one particular part, that proved worthy. In that case I’m buying another one, and wait for any discounts, New Year, or Ravens. And i’ll never try to change improvements i’ve got. I like this one - then I will make it better, and will like it even more.
The only exception are blue radiators and coolers. They 're cheap and i will never get “wrong” improvement. So why not?

Also i never fused legendaty+ parts.

Wait for an event is the cheapest and easiest.

What you’re saying you were able to afford upgrading two epic weapons without a discount event, by using 3 at a time, and that cost you around C 9500. Dude, you’re rich. :grinning: I know you’re cool, but this may give someone the wrong idea if they don’t know you. BTW, what are the weapons and upgrades?

By waiting for a discount event. Which reduces, e.g., C 9500 to around C 6000. Which is still a lot spent on two epic weapons.
I choose an upgrade I want the most and have a spare or two of the item to re-fuse should I need to. I used 2 mismatched Incinerators for some 1.5 years. And I wait for a discount event.

Cabins and modules are the most important to fuse. Weapons and movement parts are just icing on the cake in most cases.

It appears that a number of individuals do not understand the purpose of fusing from the developers point of view: Market stabilization.

The developers main goal is to remove assets from the game. This allows for a healthy market. A healthy market causes players to want/need to play more in order to afford new equipment. A market that is crashed due to an overwhelming supply of gear and no buyers means that new players can easily attain end game weapons without any effort. This in turn kills the game because there is no more need to play/grind to reach the next desired weapon/cabin/hardware. This desire is a huge aspect of making people comeback to play Crossout daily.

Despite what most want, developers need to remove content, resources and coins from the game every chance they get. This is what keeps the market in a good condition and as a result, the game in a good and healthy place. They do this by fusing, 10% market fees, co-drivers, storage expansions, blueprint expansions and any gear that is not allowed to be resold in the market.

That’s the equivalent of Wizard of the Coast burning Black Lotuses to drive the prices up tho. You call it “healthy”, I call it a scam lol.

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Cabins? Why cabins? I actually saw their fusion potential as being the most irrelevant. Since I see you as the resident expert on min-maxing, I’m curious. Why cabins?

well id say 2 reasons, either mass limit or tonnage. i like having less weight on my cabin with more mass limit, but tonnage works to.

Multiple factors.
1- the cab fusions are extremely powerful. Namely, mass limit for ground builds, and power for hovers.
2- one cab can be used on multiple builds. A Nova, Beholder or Humpback with a perfect fusion can pretty much be your only cab for 3 CW builds.
3- It costs way less than fusing weapons.

In general fusions are recommended in this rough order:
-Ammo boxes, cloak, gadgets with mostly good outcomes like Barrier or Interceptor
-Cabs, maybe Doppler
-Movement parts
-Weapons, if you still have (tons of) money after the movement parts
-Engines, because the fusions suck so bad it’s a joke.