Planned Avalanche Super Buff

What are the devs smoking? 2418 durability and add other weapon hp buffing perks into the mix and that makes avalanche now basically invincible. 30% increased damage omg.
Screenshot 2024-04-10 041213

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They gotta give the mr-rams-alot something new to do once their melee no longer insta-gibs

That’s gonna get exploited big time, that’s way too much. The devs normally tweak things in little increments but then now all of a sudden they basically decide to buff it by 30% across the board plus even larger percentages on the durability that’s a pretty extreme buff.

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3627 hp with omamori lol

Could go even higher than that with a fusion plus machinist or kronos cab lol. You be looking at well over 4000 hp for a single weapon, something like that shouldn’t exist.

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Dura fused Avalanche would get 3990hp with Omamori alone lmao

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4352 weapon durability with machinist and omamori

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I just worked it out, with the 30% damage damage reduction it can reduce a max of 1197 hp, so realistically let’s say 500-1000. So even without cabs a dura fused Oma Avalanche can have 4500-5000hp… that’s dumb… Put it on a Master can and it restores 242 HP per second for 5 seconds.

5000 hp weapons is gonna be a nightmare, add like the dozen or so other buffs the avalanche is getting and this is gonna be the most game breaking thing they did in a long time and that’s saying something.

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ITT: people who never played the Avalance complaining about it. Here are some news for you: the Avalanche’s damage output is utterly, absolutely, nightmarishly pathetic in its current state. Most legs and tracks, and even a lot of weapons (esp with oma) can eat the entire shot without falling off, and there will be no damage to other parts. Blast radius is actually nonexistent on the thing. All but the luckiest shots take off one or two-three parts at most. That is assuming you can land the shot in the first place, which is an accomplishment in and of itself. It is woefully inadequate even in 8-9k. Now the damage will be buffed, but the greatly increased weight will make it impossible to mount on a sub-12k build and have HP. Which means that the damage increase will be negated by the stronger builds that it will face, and the same goes for the durability increase. Maybe, just maybe, it will be viable on a Hadron build, but the game has a melee meta (against which it will still be helpless) and a mobility meta (against which it will still be helpless). TL;DR now it is a garbage 8-9K weapon with option for Hadron meme builds, after the “”“”“buff”“”" it will be a garbage 12k+ weapon with option for Hadron meme builds.


Then increase the damage and see how it fairs… then alter further if needed

I have mine rigged up with an omamori and master cab as a loop and people and bots manage to take it off even with healing it before I can fire 3 shots normally if I’m not careful. The situation was much the same when I had it on the machinist. I take them out fairly easily too. The Avalanche is just that slow in terms of aim time and reload.

I agree with the dmg changes and the projectile speed increase it has way too much drop right now. I’m not sure if it needs the penetration change but it’s worth the test. Currently mounting it high or using legs is about the only way to deal with the massive amount of drop it has. Shoot it far is almost out of the question as you have to angle it so high you can’t see your target when firing.

Durability wise it gets taken off fairly fast currently and when it isn’t normally it doesn’t matter as the slow reload makes it hard to respond to any attacker. Most of the time when it doesn’t come off you end up dead or immobilized anyway. I spent a match trying to aim someone in a crippled one recently it was kind of amusing.

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This is NOT a 30% damage increase.
Ava has 500 bullet damage and 200 blast damage. +30% blast damage = +60 damage. This is less than 10% damage buff. (Maybe 11-12% if we count the AoE)
About its dura, I have regularly seen Avas get popped in a single volley. I have myself popped a fair bit in one shot with Trombones + Kaiju. The weapon has garbage dura/energy considering its shortcomings.

Everybody overreacting about that change needs to reread patch notes twice before posting about the end of the world. >.> No offense to you in particular OP, but I can smell the Ava crying coming from here, I’m already annoyed lmao.

They need to do the same to Kaiju now that everybody drives around with 35% bullet resist minimum. 12 energy weapons have massive, inherent shortcomings that are currently not properly compensated for.


I was playing avalanche a bit this week, and I still like it, but I’ve only ever been able to make it work on either Deadman or Hadron (with a King).
It really needs a big reload boost to be useful, and you also need to play it on a fairly mobile build.
With this change, it’s going to be very hard to make it work on Deadman (which was previously my favoured option) because of the mass increase. It should still be good on hadron, but that means that you have very little energy to work with after squeezing a King in there.
But I am not complaining, because I never liked that it was most effective at close range. I like using it over longer distances, and this projectile speed buff should help a lot with that.

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Guess what I have…

A Kronos, I’ll have a machinist at the end of the mini BP (two if I craft one so I could buy an Omamori lol), and I love making tanky shit. Plus the ava is one of my favorite weapons. This update is for me.

I thought the avalanche was pretty balanced already and used to get some decent matches with my chameleon, echo, omni, avalanche build. My biggest complaint about the weapon is the slow turn rate for aiming which they did not address in this patch at all. I miss half of my shots all thanks to that painfully slow turn rate, fixed angle weapon or not no weapon should have a aiming speed that dreadfully slow. If they just sped up the slow rate of aim id been more than happy with the current state of the avalanche, i think every thing else about the weapon right now is fine.


When the new Avalanche drops, I will give the BP version a whirl on an Echo Omni wheel build and see what happens but I’m not expecting anything game breaking.

If you are worried about the gun having too high of durability, you can always attack other parts of the build. You don’t need to degun every build to win. There is always de wheeling, dipping hovers, popping generators and de cabbing. Avalanche has a slow reload and really needs to get the blast damage in amongst the modules to do much work.

Also, as posted earlier, the huge weight increase is going to really hurt the best Avalanche build, Deadman on Omni wheels, and will only leave Hadron and heavy builds. This is going to drive it into high power scores where it isn’t very special.

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That’s not the problem. Whats gonna happen is that clans and very good players are gonna exploit this like no tomorrow. Im tellin yea your gonna see things like squads of avalanche spiders with the avalanche sandwiched between goliaths on a heavy cab like the echo or cohort watchin each others backs so flanking will be pretty useless so forget about trying to pop generators and what not.

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Its not as extreme of a buff as it appears, except for the piercing (more on that later).

The durability increase simply brings it up to par with dual Mammoths, putting it between mammoths and mastodons while the 30% damage increase only applies to its blast damage. It only deals 200 blast which is actually pathetically low, even with its large blast radius, it does practically nothing. The 60 dmg increase should help remedy that and make overall damage more worthwhile for its reload speed. I suspect reload cabs will still be mandatory for it though, unless Whaler will work with it. (more on that later)

The piercing buff is where problems might come from. Ava does 500 bullet damage in one projectile, so piercing effectiveness goes quite far on it…to the point of where it overpens annoyingly often with just 60% piercing. Assuming they don’t reduce the penetration ability fusion (which they definitely should after this), the upgraded Ava will have 90% piercing…which is going to be ridiculous.

This will either be completely busted OR…highly counter productive, depending on one’s aim and the target. Based on how often I get overpens with 60%, I hate to know what 90% or 80% is going to be like.

There is another concern: The recoil increase. While this is, in most cases, a balancing factor that’ll help mitigate its use on light weight builds…it might prove to actually be more of a buff, if the recoil increase is enough to make Ava charge Whaler with every shot. If it does…that’s going to be a bit much.


I don’t doubt that it will do decent at high power score. The question is whether it will cause the Playstation spider players to put down their fused Punishers and Mastodons, Kaiju and Helios and use only Avalanches.

I don’t think that will happen. What will happen, is that it will be buffed into being good enough for Clan Wars and give new spider players a cheap bridge weapon to play clan wars until they can get some better guns.