Planned balance changes of the next update and a new co-driver. Mass testing

Hello, survivors!

Today we’d like to share the information about the planned balance changes, as well as tell you about a new co-driver, who specializes in energy weapons. You will also be able to try out all the planned changes and the new co-driver on the test server.

Please note that all the balance changes specified in this news are relevant at the time of publication and may not be final or not get into the game at all. Certain additional changes, if necessary, can be made after the announcement.

New co-driver “Hertz”

Since the co-driver system update, w’eve received a lot of feedback and questions from you about a dedicated co-driver that specializes in energy weapons. Now it’s time to meet such a co-driver. Meet Hertz!

No one in the Valley accepted Hertz because of his excessive fondness for dangerous experiments, which made the young scientist very angry. After years of wandering around power stations and transformer booths, his talents were finally recognized by the mercenaries. For them, the most important quality in a person was the ability to destroy.


Activation: The talent charges when the armoured vehicle moves at a speed higher than 80% of its maximum speed. The next shot at the enemy made from an energy weapon after a full charge activates the talent.

Effect: increases the damage of energy weapons to the cabin, modules, weapons and movement parts by 30%, but reduces the damage to structural parts by the same percentage.

Passive skills:

  • Protective field durability: +20%. Affects all parts that generate protective fields: “Nova”, “Aegis-Prime”, and “Barrier IX”.
  • Heating rate from enemy weapons reduced by 40%.
  • Speed and distance requirements to activate bonuses (perks) reduced by 20%.

Planned changes for co-drivers


The talent now charges for 3 sec. (instead of 2 sec. before)

Comment: Falcon’s talent is being activated much more often than the talents of other co-drivers, which makes him almost the most effective choice for many players.


Now, to activate the talent, you need to fill 2 charges (instead of 4 charges before).

Comment: the situation is opposite to the situation with Falcon. Yuki’s talent is very rarely activated due to the excessive requirements, which affects her effectiveness. This change will make it easier to use her talent.

Planned balance changes

Rare parts


Increased the length of the weapon’s physical model.

Comment: of all the melee weapons, “Borer” has the most effective area of damage in relation to its model and can quite effectively penetrate the internal parts of the vehicle. Now it will only deal damage to external parts.

Special parts

Prosecutor 76mm

Explosion radius increased by 50%.

Comment: the effectiveness of the cannon doesn’t match its rarity. By increasing the projectile explosion radius, we will fix this problem.


The rocket launcher now reloads faster by 0.5 sec.

Comment: in order to become a more attractive analogue of the “Wasp”, this rocket launcher lacks efficiency. A small reload boost should resolve this issue.

Epic parts

MG13 Equalizer

  • Optimal range reduced by 30 m.
  • Maximum range reduced by 100 m.

Comment: the minigun is now over effective at long-range battles when compared to other epic weapons that perform the same function.

Executioner 88 mm

  • Explosion radius increased by 50%.
  • Blast damage increased by 6%.
  • The cannon now reloads faster by 0.5 sec.
  • Durability increased from 495 to 545 pts.

Comment: after these changes, the “Executioner” should become a more powerful cannon, comparable in effectiveness to other epic weapons.


The bonus to the reloading of weapons mounted in a single copy has been reduced from 25% to 20%.

Comment: the 25% bonus turned out to be excessive when compared to 15% and 10% bonuses for 2 or more weapons, which leads to an excessive increase in the effectiveness of weapons mounted in a single copy.


Perk damage bonus reduced from 15% to 12%.

Comment: extremely high weapon efficiency with almost any combination of modules. Vehicles with “Yongwang” provide both high damage and versatility in terms of modules — something that vehicles with other weapons cannot provide. The change is aimed to reduce the effectiveness while also preserving the weapon’s main purpose.

Barrier IX

  • Energy drain reduced from 3 to 2 pts.
  • PS reduced from 825 to 550.
  • The shield now activates 50% faster.
  • Shield durability reduced by 19%.
  • Increased the amount of points received for blocking damage.

Comment: the turret is almost never seen in battles. The changes are similar to the recent changes to “Aegis-Prime”: the decrease in shield durability is compensated for by the reduced power consumption and increased convenience of using the turret.
Increasing the number of points should encourage the use of the “Barrier” in a more fair way. Point scoring has also been added to the shields of “Aegis-Prime” and “Nova”.


  • Damage bonus increased from 50% to 80%.
  • Active time increased from 5 to 6 sec.

Comment: the module shows rather low efficiency in relation to its energy drain. The assemblies with “Tormentor” may have been even less effective than those without it. By reducing the energy drain, we can make the module a necessary part for mounting on a vehicle, so we choose another option and increase the damage bonus.


  • Tonnage increased from 3800 to 3900 kg.
  • Mass limit increased from 7800 to 8000 kg.
  • Time to reset the charge when driving in a non-straight line increased from 0.5 sec. up to 1 sec.

Comment: the changes are aimed at increasing the efficiency of “Aggressor” in comparison to similar and more attractive cabins.

Tank track

Turning radius reduced.

Reinforced track, Armored track and “Goliath”

  • Turning radius reduced.
  • Increased turning speed on the spot.

Comment: adjustments to the tracks will make them more responsive and maneuverable.

“Icarus IV” and “Icarus VII”

  • Fixed a bug in calculating the acceleration of hovers: now the mass of the car and the number of hovers have a greater impact on acceleration.
  • Reduced the effect of acceleration on the tilting of the “Icarus VII” hovers.
  • Now the effects of hovers are visible in stealth mode. The detection distance is comparable to the visibility of traces from ground movement parts.

Comment: the change in acceleration will primarily affect the cars with high PS level with a large number of hovers. The invisibility fix will equalize hovers with ground movement parts in terms of detection when using invisibility modules.

Legendary parts

MG14 Arbiter

  • Optimal range reduced by 30 m.
  • Maximum range reduced by 100 m.

Comment: As with the “Equalizer”, this minigun is over effective at long-range battles when compared to other legendary weapons that perform the same function.


  • Improved physical model of the weapon.
  • Accuracy increased by 11%.
  • Optimal range increased by 50 m.

Comment: the physical model has become smaller and closer to the weapon’s visual model. The change should increase the survivability of weapons and make the process of building cars with this minigun more convenient. The remaining changes are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the weapon at long range.


  • Now the penalty to the weapon’s rotation speed is 33% (instead of 61% before).
  • Now, when the weapon is charged for too long and then being reset, it heats up by 50% (instead of 100% before).
  • Accuracy without charging increased by 11%.

Comment: using the “Assembler” will become more convenient, and the cost of a possible error will no longer be so high. The convenience of shooting without charging should also improve.


Now the weapon fires 2 more shots per burst.

Comment: Increasing the burst length should improve the overall efficiency of the weapon, but make the use of the perk more dependent on the player’s skills.


  • Tonnage reduced from 4700 kg to 4600 kg.
  • Mass limit reduced from 8850 kg to 8700 kg.
  • Perk duration reduced from 5 to 4 sec.
  • Perk cooldown increased from 15 sec. to 16 sec.

Comment: the cabin has high efficiency which, combined with the perk, makes certain types of weapons irrelevant. The cabin parameters are returning to their original (release) state, and the perk’s active time is reduced, which should slightly reduce the cabin’s efficiency and increase the relevance of other parts.

AM-5 Avalanche

Projectile explosion now deals 30% more damage to the player’s armoured car.

Comment: in its original form, the weapon could be used as a kind of “reusable spear”, by firing at the enemy at close range. We would like to slightly reduce the popularity of this type of gameplay by slightly increasing its risks.

Relic parts


  • Added 90% resistance to melee damage to the weapon’s disks.
  • Disk durability reduced from 100 to 50 pts.
  • The physical model of the disk is increased to match the size of the visual model.

Comment: the edit is aimed at improving the disk launcher’s perk. Now a disk stuck in the ground will not be destroyed by a collision and will have time to deal more damage. Changing the physical model of the disks should also increase the chance of dealing damage this way.


Improved the handbrake mechanics:

  • Now the braking distance when using the handbrake has become shorter.
  • Now you cannot continue to move forward while the handbrake is used. Disabling the handbrake no longer results in an immediate acceleration.
  • When cornering, the reduction in speed is not as severe as when driving in a straight line. This is done in order to preserve the ability to use the handbrake to start drifting.

Once again, we’d like to remind you that all of the above edits are not final and may still change before the update is released.

See you in the next announcements! Before the Hyperboreans arrive, we can expect one more part of the devblog, as well as a first look at a new map. Stay tuned!


My go to executioner cannon build is getting a buff but I am disappointed with just about the rest of it. Seems pretty lacking if you ask me for a 2 to 2 1/2 month span without an update and no hover nerfs in sight. I thought executioners were fine but I will take the buff.

New Energy Weapon based co-driver. Okay. LOL I rarely use energy weapons. They’re cool n all, but just not my thing.

Hovers are nerfed… maybe now people will stop creating a new thread every couple of days. :joy:

Miniguns are nerfed… Considering those two are some of my faves, I’m not pleased, but yeah… I guess it’s fair.

Treads are buffed… another requested change.

Does anyone use the tormentor? LOL I have one, but never considered it worth the energy. We’ll see.

Ripper buffed. Methinks it’ll take a lot more than that to make that POS worthwhile.

Handbrakes fixed? I hope so. That annoyed me.

Borer nerfed… nothing but good news there for lower PS fights!

Very slight nerf. If people are creating a thread every couple of days about one particular item in the game than that is a clear sign something is op and needs fixing.


Developers noticed that their recent changes to hovers was a mistake, it’s good to see that they are trying to fix it. Good start :+1:

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I’m excited for these changes. Tracks and Executioners desperately needed a buff. The change to Barrier is also exciting.


If it was up to me I would of gave arbiters an accuracy nerf instead to help decrease the close range effectiveness. I find most of my encounters with them being close to medium range. I don’t see many players using them at long range and when they do it is only baby damage.

This topic gives me an ugly OP idea for 4 man teams.

Not even going to say it out load yet.

Let’s hope these changes go in as they are posted above.

Fun times ahead.

I don’t think the kaiju is a weapon that needs to be strengthened, it works well with heavy vehicles, and when the high-speed hover is weakened, it should return to a normal usage rate

Punishers have been dominating the game at high Power Scores and on CW for quite some time. This has been particularly intensified since the “omamori” module came out, and the changes introduced in October, which heavily favored “icarus VII/icarus IV” builds.

I think a good adjustment to this weapon (and I say this as a user of it) would be to increase the spread of the weapon on the move.

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You and 4 other guys gonna hide away behind the barrier IX?

Any bonus to this item is a good idea. But I’m not sure this will make many people use it.

I doubt all of this makes it into the live game. Executioner’s do need some love though.

The rest looks like pretty good changes overall. Nothing that is OMFG why did they choose to do X.

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I find it interesting that they describe the changes to hover acceleration as fixing a bug.

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  • Speed and distance requirements to activate bonuses (perks) reduced by 20%.

what is this ?

Part of it could be, though it’s suspicious just from the wording lol… Not all the parts on the workbench always get used when your fixing something, you know… It sounds like they weren’t adding all the movement part penalties in though so it could be an actual bug.

I got on early and tested some stuff but couldn’t really get into testing as much as I wanted to. My small hover felt fine and I tried some of the exhibition ones and didn’t really notice a lot of change. I didn’t sit there and push extra weight on them though to really give it a good run through.

I figure I’ll give it another go tomorrow and try to break some stuff lol…

Other little tidbits and notes:

Hertz is a pain to charge up. They gave it a mechanic that is really long to charge (8 charges) and ends quick (reduced by 2 over time). It’s better suited to chasing someone than say taking aim. I can see it working for spark really well in that way. I don’t like how they just nerfed the underused Barrier durability though in combo with the driver you’d only get 1% of a bonus on it. That’s just laughable. The other passives are kind of interesting but they are just sticking you into a bigfoot cheetah build basically. I don’t think the co-drivers should be like that. It’s just as bad as having a cab for legs in that regard.

Falcon - I couldn’t tell the 1 second difference. Most of the time, it activates while I’m already shooting. For a distance player using him the play out experience might feel different.

Kaiju - Doesn’t feel much different. In movement the change might matter but cherry picking good targets don’t see it being affected.

Kami - I still think the perk needs to change. I don’t pre-fire my kami expecting damage, I fire it too eliminate the accumulated heat… Using it like this that perk nerf is meaningless. The tonnage and mass limit changes are really thin too.

Assembler - I like this change. I’d even increase the accuracy a little more but decrease it for spammed shots. It feels almost useable.

Arb - The change doesn’t feel bad but now I spray all over small cars when I get into the 100-200m range. It’s like a dps shotgun blast that repeats fast. I don’t think this is the change they wanted but it will make people play closer ranges with them. I’d really like to try them on Omniwheels and see if their perk it rectifies the change a little. I have a feeling that these prams are squashing functions on a sigmoidal curve for total [email protected]

Deadman - didn’t really notice much of a change. I don’t keep a lot of long reloaders around though so it might be more visible with say Avalanche build they are trying to get rid of.

Tracks - I had 2 different goliath builds to try one with 4x hardened tracks attached and 1 without. I didn’t notice that much difference on either it was hard to compare though too…

I didn’t check handbrakes - I hardly ever use them full on so that change to stop and start and unless doing something really sharp like 90 degree turn I don’t use them for that. I just flutter the turn key instead.

I’ll try to play around more tomorrow before writing up a full report to send them on reddit (which is the only reason I even have a reddit account.)


Like the perk on lances.

Plus this driver gives a bonus to the flash.

This driver might be good for Hybrid builds (Lance/Harvester/Flash)

There’s a lot of alt stuff that it will line up with in combo with bigfoot and cheetah. That combo can pair up with the Barrier IX which counts as a weapon drone.

Do we get a reward for the testing? I got a feeling probably not but wanted to ask anyways. I don’t do favors for corporations for free. I can handle a short quick brief survey but that is it anything more and I need something in return.

Have you ever done a paid survey or any other form of market research for a product you’d never use or buy? It’s a lot different then early access to something you already do. Lets watch as your vendetta increases though… lol this has nothing to do with the other post.