PLEASE Stop Changing the Steppe Cabin into Something It Isn't

From the update:

Comment: with the current perk, vehicles with this cabin rarely use its mass limit parameter in full. Therefore, we are making the cabin lighter and making it more mobile, which is likely to be more relevant for its current and future owners. And a small change of its perk will increase the effectiveness of rocket launchers in conjunction with this cabin

Edit: Rewrote to be more polite. Nothing else about this game has made me this frustrated.

Please stop changing the Steppe spider cabin to match a rocket meta. The cabin has nothing to do with its original purpose, and that is to be a Steppe spider cabin. If there is a rocket meta, then make a new cabin or modify a different cabin. But the Steppe spider cabin should match the theme for which it was original sold. It needs a perk that synergizes with either mechanical legs (my preferred perk) or at the very least Steppenwolfs in general.

The original purpose and theme to the Steppe spider cabin has been completely lost due to all these changes. In my experience, few people ever use it with ML-200s anymore, or any mechanical legs for that matter. The only time I see it used is on either a wheel build or hover build with rocket launchers. Which, of course, works because of the perk, but it has completely alienated everyone who liked and used the cabin for its original intended purpose: Spider Tanks.

I don’t agree that any changes to mechanical legs warranted making the Steppe spider cabin all but pointless to use with mechanical legs. If the original perk made legs too fast, then the perk should have been changed to augment some other feature of mechanical legs (Mass? Power penalty? Durability? Traction? Balance?)

Please change the Steppe spider cabin back to its original intended purpose. The Steppe spider cabin was the only cabin that made ML-200s almost useable back in the day, and I’d like it to continue that tradition of augmenting mechanical legs … not rockets for hovers.


So you also want the leg nerf that go across the full spectrum of legs to go with it too? Right?

You do realize that when they removed the cabin perk they buffed the legs to compensate?

You already have the step slider perk built into the legs, but now we can use any cabin we want with legs.

Be careful for what you ask for, because if they add the perk back then your asking for a nerf to ALL legs.


I’d like to see something between the two extremes.
I agree that it should still buff legs in some way, to go with the name. But we might as well keep the new missile perks, as people have already been building around them.

I propose a reduction of power drain for all legs attached. Not so much that you are forced to use it for spiders, but enough to encourage it.

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Click the refresh. I edited the post and reworded it better after I cleaned off the foaming spittle from my screen and keyboard. I think you replied before I edited it.

I would like the perk and cabin features to synergize with legs, yes. It’s called a Steppe spider cabin. It doesn’t have to be +10 Kph like the original, I’m fine with that. Perhaps it could augment mass, power penalty, durability, traction, balance, etc. There’re a whole host of properties it could modify.

At the very least make the cabin perk so it doesn’t completely alienate users of ML-200s. Nothing about mechanical legs synergizes with the Steppe spider cabin perk. Rockets are probably one of the last things I would ever think to augment with a Steppe spider cabin.

The changes being made are just all wrong.


Why rockets, though? Nothing about it makes any sense for a Steppe spider cabin. It certainly makes zero sense for either of the two packs still on sale.

Why not something more sensible like “Uncategorized Weapons.” As far as I know, there isn’t a single cabin with a perk that works with them, and the weapons are varied enough to work on any number of builds from legs to wheels to hovers.


I would personally like that idea more, but I also think that owners of the cab have already had to adjust to the new perk, and taking it away would be frustrating for many of them. They’ve already had to deal with one big change, so better to just modify it, rather than start from scratch again.

I want a brand new cab for the uncategorized weapons. Maybe a ravager themed thing?

Yes, this would be nice. :slight_smile:

Well, how about this: change the Steppe spider cabin’s perk to actually reflect the spider theme, then have a 1 time conversion option for Steppe spider owners where you can convert the Steppe spider cabin for whatever the new rocket cabin could be.

Steppe spider cabin should synergize with spider builds, not rocket hovers. It’s just silly.

I do agree about a Ravager themed Uncategorized Weapon perk. That would also be very suiting.

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This would be better then a leg specific perc.

I’m on board with any new Ravager themed stuff. Sounds like a properly bio-mechanical monstrous theme for this cab.

I really don’t mind the rocket perk but I wish there were better rockets to use with it. The only two heavier rockets in the game are heather and whatever that plasma rocket is called. The rest of the launchers are pretty much glass cannons. Currently I’ve been using my steppe with crickets on grinders and I do rather like the projectile speed and accuracy gains that it has but they fall off if you sneeze at them wrong. I’ve been messing around to see if I can move the build to the new legs as well.

So I’d suggest the opposite some new multi projectile launchers that are step faction worthy and mesh well with the new perk and legs.

  • Restore previous tonnage-mass-power stats

  • Cabin max speed 65km

  • Leg max speed +5km.

  • Leg power consumption -10%

Now this is a spider cabin that justifies its name.

They are so aftaid legs might surpass their precious hovers, thats the reason they changed steppe.

The cabin has been below mediocre for years competitively, the only reason people remembered it was because for a very specific and small amount of time it had insane stats for a medium cabin.

At the time ML were 35km/h so the cabin barely made them playable.

Thats pretty much all it did and people that thought its supreme maximum mass stat was good for anything else than spider or heavy gun build, soon realized their mistake.

When bigram were launched steppe spider was a purpose specific cabin and i found it quite fun in lower ps or when used with specific guns. But far from being seriously competitive.

I cannot understand their obsession with making it a missile cabin, its an insult to the whole legacy of the item.

Why not just revamp it completely, call it something else and we are done, put it out of its misery.

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Precisely my complaint. I can understand changing the perk after they increased the speed for all mechanical legs, but changing it to augment a weapon that you wouldn’t even use with mechanical legs?

If they’re going to change the perk, at the very least it should augment weapons that would be at home with ML-200s. Cannons are an obvious example. They’re heavy. They’d take advantage of reduced spread via the leg perks.

I may not be remembering correctly, but I think the original perk that replaced the speed perk worked with the Mandrake specifically. I seem to recall quite a few Mandrake builds using the Spider cabin. You see, that perk makes sense. Mandrakes are heavy. They’d take advantage of the leg perk. They need heavy ammo boxes. It could be used with ML-200s or wheels. While it’s too specific of a perk (which is why I think it was removed), they could still do something along those same lines.

Basically, what @61768270 already said. Bring the mass back and change the perk to something where you’d actually use mechanical legs. Or just delete damn cabin and put it out of its misery.

Fused my Spider cab and my ML-200s to go with it. What a damn waste of time and resources. If they don’t change the Spider cab back, then I think everyone who bought the Spider packs should be entitled to refunds.

For those who weren’t around in Beta, ML-200s were slow. How slow you may ask? If you were in a match that took place on the Rock City map, the match would be over ever before you even reached the objective. This isn’t an exaggeration. The opposing team could quite literally capture the objective before an ML-200 vehicle could reach it. That’s how slow they were.

So to address the issue, they introduced the first Spider pack. It came with ML-200s and the Steppe Spider cabin. The Steppe Spider cabin’s only reason for existence was to increase the speed of the ML-200s (we didn’t have Bigrams back then.) It also had an unusually high mass capacity for a medium cabin precisely to take advantage of the ridiculous carrying capacity of 4 or even 6 ML-200s.

So now not only does the Steppe “Spider” cabin not augment anything related to mechanical legs of any type, it doesn’t even augment a weapon you would ever consider using with ML-200s. So because few people used the cabin anymore with ML-200s, they’ve lowered the mass capacity, thereby officially removing any reason to continue using the Steppe spider cabin with ML-200s regardless of the perk (which I did until the mass nerf.)

The mass capacity was the last and only reason to continue using the Steppe spider cabin with ML-200s, and they removed it.

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Missiles are pretty good on the new legs, and the new stats for the cabin suits those legs better.
Maybe they want it to be a Gerrida cabin now?

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Maybe I should go buy one while everybody is mad at them. I bet the price has gone down, ya? They might buff it somewhere down the road if everybody is right about how it sucks too. Then I’ll be sitting pretty. …as pretty as a spider, anyway.

I’ve got a set of BP fused Gerrida (6), and I’ve yet to give rockets a serious try. Maybe it’s time.

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I tried pyralids recently, and they are way better than I remember.
I want to get some locusts next, but they were expensive last time I checked.

Locusts have great durability because you can sandwich them deep into your build. Just stick a train plow in front of them and you will have great durability.

This is also true of Waltz and Snowfall.

For Locust, Snowfall and Waltz, fuse for bullet speed. I think blast radius is the better second perk but your mileage may vary on that point.

dont! most likely.

im absolutely not in the loop but listening to you fruits i believe there is no new cabin/module/weapon specifically buffing the new legs? right?

if so, theres gonna be one or more and i doubt its going to be old stinky steppe spider. people had it fused for years.

its going to be something new and shiny and for cross crowns.

Sounds like you’re in the Fruit Loop enough to know how these developers operate. That’s probably a good prediction.