Point system needs to change

This is the ultimate example of why the point/reward system needs a few tweaks, just watch the video it’s not very long. I had occulus/doppler equipped, distracted the enemy team, soaked up enemy fire so they were not shooting at my teammates and also heated them up so my team did more damage and i still somehow managed to go down in points in battle for uranium lmfao what a joke.

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they do not want you to get the 10 uranium, obviously. why would they ever give resources away for free?
instead this gamemode is a great advertisement for “non-meta” players to see what they should p2w with, playing with the hope of receiving a reward they will not get due to this point system, not to mention the “occasional” useless teammaes

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40 score isn’t much to ask

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No it is not but there are other subtle ways that are infinitely helpful to the team that the scoreing system don’t factor. I scored like 1500 points next match and lost so go figure, score ain’t everything you know

Yeah but you didn’t even heat anyone up while in combat. Score isn’t everything but 40 score is nothing and you couldn’t even do that.

Go away your full of non sense gonna say it straight up

You landed 1/3 of a volley of Trombone and struck 1 player with a single Porc barrel. Call it whatever I’m not the triple relic user failing to drop 40 score and crying about it.

I can list a dozen ways how i helped my team win o you really want me to list it out? go back to reddit and surround yourself with your fellow yes men

Radar and distracting 2 players is a dozen? Would love to see the math on that one Terrance Howard. Even as a distraction you weren’t preventing them in any way, they’re the one’s that made the mistake of not just turning around and ignoring you.

  • I distracted with trombone
    –I distracted with porcs
    -I set up choke point with porcs to lead them into a choke point where porcs are strongest
    -I took hits which is shots they are not landing on on my team kinda like a shield
  • I got a hit or 2 with the porcs if you didn’t notice
  • I stayed not too close but not too far from my team either so if they got ganked i
    would be be able to come to their aid and help
    -hits with the trombone allowed my team to do extra damage as well
  • I carried doppler so we had good situational awareness
    -I carry occulus and i point all cloakers on the map
    -Right at end of video I was still tanking shots that they were not shooting at my team while my team went in for a very easy kill
  • I made sure not to mess up buddies shot when crossing the bridge and stay in my lane of traffic
  • I gave a thumbs up at the start of the match for goodluck

cant really do shit with meatgrinders and porcs against hovers

Yes you can total nonsense, it is more difficult but when you do get hits they fall harder than anyone else

I’m also awake while I’m playing with my eyes open, does that count as 2 things? You’re delusional lmao

no shit you think I don’t know that? you sound like the delusional one to me lol for even saying that

Lexi I’m gonna tell you a story. There was a game I use to play a lot once upon a time called call of duty advanced warfare and I got very good at a certain playstyle with the riot shield and the that game would give out points for soaking up damage with the riot shield for a reason. There were alternate ways to earn points and absorbing damage with the shield was one of them. I could dish out the damage too because i use to alternate between shield and smg really quick so i would get defence points by absorbing damage and distracting enemies and i would get points for taking them out with either shield hits or gun kills. There were all kinds of ways that the game rewarded you for helping the team.

This game seems to thinks that dealing damage is the only way your helping but i know better that there are loads of subtle ways that the game does not recognize that you are actually helping more than people realize.

Sidenote: I had about 200 000 kills in advanced warfare between pc and xbox versions, half shield kills and half gun kills 2.24 kd

Okay then use an Aegis, Nova or Barrier shield. You get points just like your riot shield, good story lol.

That helps the team too, wasted shots from the enemy

Also cringe

Very low effort comments are even more cringe to me can you go into further detail please?

Touting just a 2.2kd in arguably the worst and least played CoD game is pretty cringe