POLL: Blue Hovers changed to Legendary item

So… I do really enjoy playing hovers and I would like to see them work well at high PS without messing up the rest of the game.

I feel that a good step in the right direction would be to make “blue” hovers the first legendary movement part.

I also feel like Bigrams should also be made legendary.

Then after the change the parts should be balanced off the new rarity.

Should Blue Hovers be made legendary
  • Yes
  • No

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The only way I could see them moving hovers either or both of them to legendary is if they gave them some type of flight dynamics to work with the heli part in some new way. i.e wheeled heli behave one way, hover heli behaving another way. Then give the flight capable parts their own modes.

As for just making legendary would only effect PS and cost that would for the most part only effect lower ps matches.

Edit: No idea how you’d put that into the pull though lol… So I’ll hold off on voting.

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Adding Heli parts to the main game would be a huge mistake.

I would like to keep the poll to current movement parts.

It’s nice to dream, but it’s hard enough to get them to do any changes. I wouldn’t want to complicate the idea with things that are not even really part of the “normal” game.

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The only reason I even bring it up is because they mentioned they want to play around with that part more. I can see it as it’s own mode thing as part of the main but not in every mode which is one of the requests never hovers keep asking for which are the hardest portion to convince of doing anything useful with hovers.

I’m all for them adding things in game that people enjoy to do.

BUT, I am highly against anything that would Dilute the small population into another mode.

If it was something in the brawl rotate I’m all for
It. If it is a permanent “side” mode, then I’m 100% against it.

When the heli mode was in were the other modes on console having more issues populating matches? I didn’t notice much change on PC. Like I only need to do 2 wins per day so time spent that mode varied based on how fast I accomplished that.

My thought is we don’t really know if it would really dilute it more or if it would attract back players that were fed up by lack of changes (even though there were plenty) to hovers. Shifting daily’s and weeklies could also help keep the player pools migrating between the modes too.

When I read the thread title I was going to vote no, but your post convinced me.
Won’t change much in high PS, but will help mid and low PS players a lot.

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It was fine, BUT it was also the only event running.

If it is added as a permanent side mode then we will have that mode AND all the other modes AND events.

So we do know for a fact that it would dilute the population in some form. We just don’t know how much, because that would depend on how popular the mode is.

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I voted yes.
I actually think
Orange “heavy” hovers should be Light blue and nerfed to match.
Blue “light” hovers should be purples and could be toned down.
Pink (w/e color) could be legendary.

I think I would end up just selling mine if they got nerfed down that much.

Icarus VII need their height dropped one pin and their speed reduced to 85.
Increasing the PS (making them legendary) is just a bandaid and not a very good one, especially as comensurately with them becoming legendary their recipe would have to change and make them even more expensive and ergo unaccessible to newer players. That alone should have set this off as not a good idea, but hey.

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1- PS of movement parts isn’t as closely tied to rarity than weapons. No reason to make em legendary to make em more expensive
2- PS cost is irrelevant in CW where hovers are currently the only competitive movement part
3- Nobody wants 3k coins movement parts. Only thing it’d do is murder the f2p aspect of this game for good, ensuring any competitive build requires 50k+ coins of fused movement parts


Did you sell them after any previous nerf? I did not. I just kept them because… I keep everything once its in my greedy hands. Past behavior is indicitive of future behavior :wink:
Obviously if they moved them down a tier, they would have to offer some type of compensation. Not sure what that would be.

Also different models for all 3 would be better than a lazy color change of flame.

When they did this last batch of changes I had 8 of each hover. I’m down to 4 of the slow ones now. Yeah if they got moved down a tier, I’d probably would be done with them. I’m not into harassing low PS with hovers. Moving them up a tier I’d probably keep them.

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its hard to say, i used to use hovers all the time. then during the cvd pandemic i just started not liking them. not because of a nerf etc., they are just meh…

But I kept them, only had 6 anyway.

I kept them through lots of changes. Didn’t play them for a while. Then started playing both types. Decided I didn’t really like the blue ones as much after the last changes even though they are more fun to fly with. I didn’t really need 8 of the others for my favored style of building on them so I sold those too.

If they doubled the PS level it really wouldn’t change who I end up fighting though.

I do agree with this. But the only way to get away from the “Hovers are just so much better then other epic movement parts” would be to make them legendary.

If you move the PS people will still complain that the epic movement part they have should be just as good. And why wouldn’t it be? They cost the same to craft.

This is not an easy nut to crack, and I do enjoy playing fast hovers :slight_smile:

Honestly at this point I don’t even care anymore. Since Targem started “nerfing” hovers, they got +20 kmh, more dura, a half-sized model, halved PS, and the ability to be placed in any direction lmao. There’s no point caring about this game more than the devs, and they clearly don’t give a shit and can’t be bothered to play or update it < ’ >_< ’ >

But yeah, in an ideal world movement parts would be balanced and interesting throughout rarity tiers, instead of being whatever>APC wheel>Hover and everything else is a noobtrap lol

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I just see it as moving the goal post. As soon as there are a single legendary part people are going to want more. In such he balance issue of them would just be some where else. If they then try to add in more legendary movement parts in so players can compete then they have to be either better than or equivalent to the hovers or the same argument comes back.

Which is why I was suggesting adding in heavy omni-tracks in one of the other posts.

I haven’t seen a single complaint about toxic sideways hover since they did though… lol