Porcupine rebalance idea

Dude, get real. The vehicle turns the porcs. A hover porc player destroys a breaker (any) wheel build 99% of the time. So completely out of touch or simply in a self-denial mode because you lean on this crutch. Porcs are one of the best relics. Play Ashen ring in CW with two of them on a the team and enjoy your free ore.


Clean Island is the other super Porc level.

Just nerf them to 4 energy. Porc builds are not constrained by energy requirements anywhere near as much as other builds, and they are the only relic that can go below 8k and be meta. Jormungandr comes close. They are by far one of the easiest builds to use as well. Crazy suppression, damage, module versatility, very hard to disarm.

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I do not own a single cuckpkan, I do not own a single Porcuckpine, neither do I own: a single hover build, a single Bigram build, a Flash or a Spark and neither do I own a single wedge build. So that just about covers 100% of the things that I complain about.

But that is very much besides the point. Because being in possession of something, and recognizing something for being overpowerd or toxic are two different things. But it seems that those that are overly attached to their crutches and need to defend them at all cost are unable to grasp such a concept.

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Porc change idear;
After every 5th barrel a beautiful pink HALO with:

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That’s your guide.

I’ve seen your builds many times.

Actually everything you complain about is what you play… so frankly it seems a case of “methinks he doth protest too much” on your count.

All I did was post factual information about your playstyle Lemmy. Stop spam-reporting it.

What’s the point though most fire weapons are 4en and up it if wasn’t classified as a minelayer it probably would be in the en range too. I know you use them so are you defending them or something?

Porcs seem well balanced 10k ps +.

Quit all the belly aching.

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id like to give my opinion on this…

while yes porcs are very powerful you need alot of them to make a difference.
i run a 2 porc 2 arbiter build for raids and while its not perfect it does get the job done. most of the time my porcs 1 shot enemies, most of the time they take off tires in 1 shot.
then you got the over achievers who run 5 porcs and just decimate everything… yeah the point hogs.
im fine with 2 porcs, but when people run 4 - 5 then yeah it gets ridiculous at that point.

as far as pvp goes porcs have counters. aim at the weapon itself and if they pop one out itll most likely pop over them making them take tons of damage. the only ones you gotta look out for are the dumb face huggers who dont know how to properly run porcs.
porcs have alot of counters, one that counters them pretty hard are sparks. porcs do have a bit of hp though on the weapon itself not the porc barrel. (iirc the barrel has 20 hp give or take?? can anyone confirm this??)
only mode i see porcs being broken in is raids, seriously get 5 on a vehicle and youll 1 shot any enemy in there… assuming you can hit them.

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Are you a Lying_Widow or a Re*****d_Widow?
A player’s guide shows what item a user has owned at any time in the history of their account. So even if you buy an item to flip on the market without ever using it in a battle, it’s gonna be in your Guide, forever.

And yet again, you can’t even touch your keyboard without typing a lie. So be so kind and fuzz off back to spamming the general chat instead. Or plebbit, you’ll be among your own there.


Excuse me good sir but who are you talking to? Widow’s not here, she’s way too good for this place. Her last 50 messages was her telling us that she was way above using this place lol.


You guys seems t be missing the SINGLE biggest counter to Porc builds - hovers. Unless you are within 10 meters, porcs rolll harmlessly under hover builds - unless there is a ramp under the hovers builds. I hear - but what about dog porcs?? Yes - they take out hovers BUT also destroy themselves at an alarming rate.

What i think you need is simple. Hard Minimum PS per weapon category would solve this. Trying to agree on what that would be is another story.

Porcs are ok balance where they are. They do not go across the map and have a shortish range. They are SLOW moving so move out the way, they have no aiming so the build does the aiming AND they are bad at taking out hovers.

Relics at low PS are an issue - not just Porcs.

If you where “above” it… Wouldn’t you just stop going instead of wasting your life with “look at me” posts?

It’s almost the definition of insanity.


That’s the only reason porcs haven’t been nerfed yet, hovers having it easy against porcs no doubt lowers their effectiveness in the devs’ statistics.

To be fair, on the shorter maps they easily roll over half of the map before exploding. And the hovers launch them at pretty fast speeds, given that the barrels often catch up with a build, I’d guess maybe about 80 km/h, which is quite significant for a “minelayer” tbqh.

Porcs are not only somewhat annoying except on dogs - if porcs were doing more “self-dmg” it would really help with 2/3-porc-dogs in very low PS. Also porcs in 4k PS are kind of not ok IMHO.

Not a nerf but a rebalance.

Porks should be 4 energy BUT in exchange they should be able to aim higher, like a mortar. Throwing them in arc seems like a fun way to pop the enemy AND a possibility to aim the hovers.

I have to disagree with giving porcs vertical traverse unless they got nerfed to 5 energy because that would then put them into an entirely new and superior class of weapon.

Porcs speed depends on the drivers speed. They are momentum oriented. Sooo…sitting still porcs move slower.

Ps you mocked red for making crap up, now your saying porcs easily traverse over half the length of some maps? That’s you makeing crap up. I’m not defending her. I’m calling you a hypocrite.

i AGREE - I dont know a map where porcs can cover half the map and i have been playing them for a few years now.

ALSO - 80 kph as a projectile speed is not fast - even if they are under a mine-layer category. Its slowest moving projectile in the game. You can literally outrun them on fast ground builds.

Leave them alone - they have big bonuses but also big weaknesses.

Why is is we dont hear about nurfing non-relic weapons? Its almost like END GAME WEAPONS are powerful? Dont know why they cost 10 times more than yellow equivalent???

People complaining are the ones not prepared to put the time into earning them. Yes you can buy them but it does not make you a good player with them.

On the small maps like Ashen Ring or Old Town, they absolutely do get across about half of the map’s playing field, if launched from a hover or an elevated position. Maybe I should have said “across” half of the map in case you thought I meant to say that they can go over (across?) more than a half of the map.

Ahh, so you’re just a porc user defending his hard-earned crutches by saying that everyone who says Porcuckpines are OP is just too poor to get them for himself, I see.

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