Posts that do not go against rules being removed?

Are you serious ? This is an example and probably the default value.
It doesn’t mean that we have this value.


Then give us an off-topic section like the Russian forum has.

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We are all in the same situation :slight_smile:
I’m waiting like you, I hope they will create it soon.

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Ok, it would be easier on everyone.

Most of us are not going to Reddit, or at least using these user names :wink:

The Crossout Russian forum and their VK social site are much better to get the best information/conversations then here or Reddit.

I read Russian news everything day. (Tass)
If anyone wanted to know the real reason for the new forum, added without notice, then I suggest doing the same.

Let’s just say Russia is also currently moving all of Russian Youtubers to VK.

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That’s what I read.
On the the old forum we had a guy I dubbed “Slim Shady,” and this person just went through your profile and frowned on all your posts with a “confused” emoji regardless of content. It was just to be a troll.
This wasn’t that big of a deal, obviously (it’s just a goofy emoji), but it was pointless shade, and an attempt to make the forum less enjoyable for the targeted user. This flag-feature can be used much more effectively and aggressively for trolling than the emoji, even with a 20 flag limit (per account?), IMO.

Isn’t this feature already being used in this way? It looked like it to me.

Guys, I feel I need to point out that mods are neither devs, nor Gaijin employees. They just roll with it like all of us and are probably paid in engraved casings to moderate all the stupid crap here. I understand this new situation is confusing, but spamming innocent mods about it isn’t going to change anything.

I agree that it’s nice to see mods actually posting here tho.


Good point. I’ll stop giving him the business then. You’re right.
I guess he’s just a novel new feature in and of himself (“Wow, look a moderator!”). I’ll let the novelty wear off…before he does by smashing my belligerent arse with his flag thingy.
There are more interesting threads anyway.


Well aside from people being robbed in real life being a lot different than someone being mean on the internet. Flagging a post is like seeing an elderly person being robbed and instead of interfering or running after the thief, I would calmly walk to the police station to tell them I just saw someone getting robbed.

Someone was insulting me in the announcement thread, I defended myself and ended the conversation and wouldn’t have followed on it under pretty much any circumstance. But someone deleted both posts and now I feel like I’m gonna have to do it all over again next time the person shows up to insult me for no apparent reason.

Unless it’s doxxing, posting really extreme content, or posting threats of violence (outside of banter), then I’m against flagging, snitching, and deleting posts. Let the people reveal who they are and let others prove them wrong instead. The internet is overflowing with censorship already.


This person “we do not name” is super toxic and has always been on the other forum too.


Very good point.
I’ve been through a few message board software migrations on other boards, and people always freak out for a couple weeks, and then life goes on.
I’m hoping the flagging system doesn’t get abused, and instead leads to a reduction in trolling and toxicity. I am often an unreasonable optimist though.


Well, it has always been a problem. Hide or not. Young people may arrive on this forum and interpret things deferentially or be shocked by things more easily than us. Remember that the game is Pegi 7. Another reason would be that we try to show the best of/for our community.

Without public drama ? ^^ It’s really hard to “control” such situation if we let you do. We can’t predict how it will end.

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can you also ask the dev team to post news in the forum.


Someone will repost it everytime, but that just seems like a hassle.

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Man, you are really taking this thing faaaar too serious.
Being a snitch on this forum is a little bit different than helping an old person that is being robbed…
It’s more like you are in kindergarten and little Billy wiped boogers on the curtains. And you went and told the teacher.
Still doesn’t mean you should stay quiet when Billy gets annoying.

You guys understand that what I say has been exaggerated to make you think, right ?

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Makes us think about what? We (most, I guess) already have an opinion about it. That it’s just too trivial.

That said, yes, I understand what you’re saying…
But your exaggeration of comparing a robbery to posting on forums made it sound like one is morally obligated to flag bad posts.

And let’s be honest. All of us arguing on a game forum holds no more merit than grade schoolers arguing about who’s the stronger power ranger.


I appreciate your sense of humour!

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Ok, next question.

Since they are not going to give us a update and news section, could you pin those posts? Then when new updates and news are announced you can unpin the old ones and pin the new posts we make?

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I can’t do that without their authorization :frowning:

Then can you ask?

The worst thing they can say is no.

Since it will be posted by someone else, they won’t allow me because the author can edit the real news and add false information. We can’t guarantee the integrity.

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