Posts that do not go against rules being removed?

Worrying about false informations… That’s a pretty interesting concern these days :joy:


Then how about you post it and pin it?

Do they trust you?

This is like we are in the Twilight Zone.

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Since they don’t want to post news here, there is no point.

I’m certain I would get thrown to the trolls, exposed, and devoured immediately if I did such a thing, but I understand your position. I’m just some random guy in cyberspace accountable to literally nobody but Jesus. I get it.

I intend to continue posting the most relevant game developments here (I promise to be honest), but if that’s a problem, let me know.

So, they are no longer reading their own game forum?

Hmmm wait a second.

Because of some of the world “issues” I wonder if the dev team can even read their own forum?

I’m pretty sure they can’t read Reddit without using a proxy, which would be illegal, since many social sites are now blocked to them.

So really, unless we post on the Russian forum, or VK they might not be able to see it at all…

It is all coming together.

P.S. none of the above really matters. They never listened to the old English forum anyways and this goes to prove that. We really only came to that forum to talk about a game we love with other people who also love the game. If they read our posts or not, who cares. That is not why we are here.


Was just reading some stuff on Reddit, your not even allowed to post a website with .ru in the web address. The post will automatically get flagged and removed.

You can’t even post links to their own game site in their game section.

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I can see where your carefulness is coming from and I said I’m not against removing obscene content. Still, a heated discussion can mean that Crossout is still a game that players are passionate about, even if their opinions differ. If things get a little out of hand, and something extreme starts to get posted that I understand. But some drama and banter should be allowed IMHO, sometimes, it’s just better to call someone out.

Also, I noticed a new category on the forum. Can we get any info if there are others planned? Would be nice to get a “Vehicles” and “Guides” categories again. Perhaps one for suggestions too?


As I said above:

I don’t have more information than you ^^
It’s the sad reality :frowning:

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If a post or topic is being pinned. You guys should have taken the edit away from the poster, unless it is the dev or mod team…

Maybe your topics got flag by the trolls squad in the forum ,because you are well known to flag people for no reason ,especially when you are wrong :wink:.

Limit of 20 reports a day? It may as well be unlimited if the number is that high.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

It’s almost like someone talked to the administration who gets paid instead of player-volunteers with biases… laid out the behavior of the gms and the players in the forums and said “is this really a value-increasing venture?” and the devs and accounting looked and went “no… it’s not, in fact the ‘regulars’ do more to destroy new player retention than anyone else. So… let’s just shut this down.” and then the person who brought that to their attention said “Well… do you really want them to spread out into other venues? Maybe leave them their space to scream in using a freeware forum codebase so you don’t have to expend anything but a miniscule amount of bandwidth and they don’t spread their issues?” and then the devs did that.

Nah… couldn’t be…

It’s not like Littlesam basically said they were leaving this here for you to scream and argue but that anything real will be done by way of other venues where you aren’t…

And hey… he even winked at you when he said there wasn’t a confused face reaction face for those of you who were so… consistent at that in the old forums, but he was sure you’d find some way to amuse yourselves.

:slight_smile: You did, your abuse of the report system.


read this fake quote…this is how most perceived it…