Power drain on legs is to much

Just like the topic says.

Legs power drain should be reverted back to how it was.


At least to what they were. I like the changes to hovers but legs need an acceleration boost. I like their capped speed but they should be able to climb a hill and turn more quickly.


I ma not with you I am not acceleration them but I need new Information.

Are you talking about ML or Bigrams? Legs have HUGE durability and Bigrams have no speed limit so they should also accelerate really fast to? Seems a liitle broken and Bigrams already are very powerful

Yeah my leg build does not play well with hills. Going up a hill I get an urge to check the time of day.


yeah - trade off with 800 durability and melee and explosion resistance i guess…for 5% more powerdrain than bigfoots seems fair trade to me

Comparing them to BF is kinda silly. They have a much higher mass and hit box. BF also have a very nice perk for builds that use cheetah. Last, they aren’t really used for the same build types.

Last update, they increased hover speed and slowed legs. The original change also raped wheels. Fortunately, they mostly fixed that but no changes were made to legs. They are now too slow turning to use vs hovers and kami wheel/omni builds.

Keep hovers as they are. Keep legs speed as is for leg mode. Improve their acceleration/turn speed and the game should go back to have more diversity in the competitive mode.


Durability on a movement part is not just the number you see on the screen my dear friend.

Durability is the number you see on the screen relative to:

  1. The size of the part.
    2)Maneuverability/speed of the part.

Bigrams are HUGE and SLOW (especially after the update), and they have as much structure as a medium truck without the same resistances.
Yes the part that they are omnidirectional is supposedly compensation for speed and lack of resistances (except for ML-200 which are even slower but have an added resistance to explosive).

Their size though makes them for a supremely easy target that you cannot cover by any means, which in turn means that they are parts that will be hit even if they were not aimed to by anything on the battlefield.

Its time for the spider legs to receive a speed buff, if they want to keep the same parameters as now, legs have to be faster to compensate.


Just ignore the hover apologist, it’s ridiculous at this point. “waaah Bigrams have durability” Yeah, a pair of bigrams is the size of a endgame hover build and can’t be hidden or dodge porcs for shit, but ok. Intellectual honesty at its finest. “But no speed limit” Yeah, who builds light cab Bigram shit cars exactly? Because a Nova or Hadron Bigram isn’t going to catch a 95kmh hover, speed limit or not.

There’s a reason why he’s got pretty much zero upvotes on his last 15 posts. He’ll realize soon.


As a bigram player myself I don’t feel like the changes are Horrible. But they are very noticeable. Out strafing dogs was hard before the changes. And now it is near impossible. Being able to push vehicles around Easter does help this a bit. Being able to clime stuff is nice but super slow. Not to mention useless half the time. Honestly. I’m on the fence with this One. I don’t feel like they needed to be changed in the first place. And I would love to have old bigrams back. But I think I could live with them the way they are now.

I play hovers, wheels and spider if you are refering to me…last CW session there was a firebug bigram for cathing hovers which it was wrecking them. 120ph and just drive into hovers and keep pushing as there is no way to recover with the new hovers.

Bigrams are STRONG movement parts - They are Big so why do they need to accelerate at the same speed as wheels…that makes no sense.

As i have said - before these updates the game was in a great way. Hover 75kph but stable, bigrams fast and quick, wheels went where you wanted them to and tracks…well…small tracks still spiral into a death spin if you loose a couple.

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Finally got around to trying legs today, and they definitely feel better than before the update. I wish I’d had a chance to try them before the climbing ability was scaled back. I think they could definitely deserve to get back that extra climbing ability.
The increased pushing ability was really noticeable and much needed. I was running two meatgrinders up front to see how much mass increased their damage, and it was really fun pushing cars around while grinding them.
As I tweaked my build, I noticed that the acceleration decrease curve increases really sharply as you approach the mass limit. Eliminating a small amount of mass got my acceleration back up to acceptable standards.

Are you playing a 8-10 bigram end game monster build?

We are not talking about the small 4-6 leg builds.

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I was playing a machinist vindicator build with the mass maxed out. Well, slightly under the max limit, as it turns out 100kg can make a difference when you’re close to the limit.
6 ML200s with 2 meatgrinders on the front to pin dogs with, colossus.

I’m not saying it’s CW worthy, but I was happy with how it performed at the 16kPS range. Slow AF, but manages to get up to that pitiful top speed relatively quickly.
But yeah, needs more acceleration, especially from stop.

wait wait wait… what?! since when have bigrams been able to go 120 in wheel mode?? wasnt their max speed set at 75 before?? im so confused…

they are made of muscle milk factories which supply them with all the acceleration they need!
… lol all jokes aside looking at the bigrams from a building perspective it doesnt seem like they would go that fast. especially since the motor to drive them wouldnt be that strong. i tried them in the garage as i have a few left from the event i got them from and i was floored to see how fast they go. slap an aggressor on some frames, add some bigrams, add a cheetah engine and bam 120 max speed. just… how??

I’ve been seeing a lot of people running gremlins and/or goblins on fast bigram builds, and they only seem to switch to leg mode when they get cornered. Been meaning to try something like that, many with a Draco or two in the mix.

The only speed restriction they have is in leg mode, other than that - as fast as you can go!!

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bigrams go 45K in leg mode, and they travel at “cabin speed” in wheel mode, max cabin speed in game is just 120 with a 100km cab and cheetah, or well 95km cab with cheetah + phobos but you get the idea, they haven’t had their speed restrictions changed, they went 45k in leg mode before and after the update, they could drive up to 120km in wheel mode before and after they update
the big changes to bigrams was, more power drain, which means the builds take longer to accelerate in any direction, they can now push vehicles easier (this is a good change imo it makes allot of sense) they can now climb hills although they do this very slowly and well, I personally have not experience where being able to climb hills got me a major advantage but, it is cool and make sense
the main thing people dislike is the new power drain, before it was like what 20% per leg and now it is 25% I think?" I cant remember exactly but it is noticeable, I’m having allot more trouble out strafing dogs on my nova spider build , even with fused bigrams, I’m considering removing some bigrams and replacing them with red hovers just to gain back some accel

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i didnt know that o.o i honestly thought it was max 75 for some reason in wheel mode. thats good to know though!
usually when i seen people running bigrams they ran them on medium to heavy cabins so thats probably why i thought that way. my build would usually always go faster then them in wheel mode.

didnt they buff that though previously? what do the normal legs go at? is it like 55 or 65 with the spider cab?

they raised the power drain? i really didnt notice that honestly ill have to check it out in game. but why would they change that?

the only problem with this though is youll rarely see legs going that speed. light cabins cant really do all that much since legs do weigh alot. and you wont be able to armor them much at all. hmm… idk what light cab would benefit from bigrams honestly.

The only way I’ve been able to make bigrams work with light cabins are low PS builds using rare or special cabins and only four legs.
I have seen some people play fast aggressive bigram builds, but it’s rare. I find they get a bit tippy at high speeds on uneven terrain.

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