Prestige structure part idea via: Return of hyperborea. part 3

The last structure part I find really interesting. I’m assuming the white area is the portion with the better shielding. It kind of makes me wish they would let us upgrade structure parts in some way via the prestige leveling. So at prestige 1 it just starts to repeat adding cladding or refining the structure parts into a more finished form. This would let them space out the existing 30 or so levels and turn it into 90 for the fully upgraded armor. The one they have shown here would be the say lvl 60 one… Fully clad would be at lvl 90…

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Yes! So much YES!

Upgraded Structural Parts! That could be the next frontier for this game!!

yeah, lets give long time players more advantages. it would be so cool for immersion too. you grind, gain a lvl and now you have better armor at the same ps, thats what im calling a true mmorpg!

or maybe it could be bought somehow, right? for those of us who “want to support” the game or something.

i mean common, i want to see this game die like the next guy, but have mercy for crying out loud!


I normally kind of expect those vet advantages in most games outside of viable game knowledge and experience it’s normally part of what makes a vet a vet…

I’ve just always kind of found the long grind in the prestige lvls kind of empty so I’m looking at how to fill that aspect. A large portion of what I’m looking at with this wondering to myself what types of improvements over time would a game character make to base parts. While trying to think a bit outside of the I’ve played for X years and just keep requesting more basic structure parts mundane logic stream.

That just depends on how it’s done. I’m not going to say netting more resistances has to stay at the same PS or maintain the exact stats. If something alters the general balance I’d suspect some type of PS adjustment would be in order. Doing it the one way It could open up 3 stages to balance a structure parts characteristics out which isn’t necessarily bad. There’s other ways of going about similar though too while still working within the something for structure parts in the prestige level range concept. I personally find the idea that endgame builds is just go get a relic is kind of limited.

I wouldn’t mind if they just gave us recipes for the structure part improvements and then we had to go make use of them either. Another different way to work in the same direction each faction could over time could give out certain structure fixes that could be individually applied to structure parts from other factions. That type of thing would open up a way of getting the look of one factions parts onto another faction parts with some characteristic changes. If were talking game immersive a player can try to imagine what a lunitic might do if they got a steppenwolf part that was to heavy for their build to use. If they couldn’t use it as is they would probably strip it down till weighed right to use it. Same with the opposite a steppenwolf would probably add more metal meat to to a lunitic part. That gives a way to normalize other factions structure parts so a player could attempt to build more into a factions style over time.

Prestige armor doesn’t necessarily have out be as static as I originally mentioned it’s more just a means to open up the topic.

I could care less about the buying, though it’s not hard to figure out the incentive to buy a pack does go way down when you already have all the parts on them. Right now the only motivation for buying a pack after securing all the parts ends up being pack exclusive items. Which ends up playing more into the P2W view that some players end up dwelling on. I personally much more liked when they sold stuff that was attainable by anyone but at the same time I don’t really care if someone else wants to go be a wallet warrior.

There’s no mercy. lol

I think any advantage should cost PS, which could be applied to this concept, and probably should be applied to fusing items.
If we’re going to have the semblance of matchmaking in PVP, it should reflect the strength of the builds as closely as possible.

i think so too because otherwise its basically already p2w taking into account you can buy fusions. but anyways, its bad sportsmanship and just lame.

but, if there is a ps difference between fused stuff and non fused stuff the fusion system loses all its appeal.

thats how thin the veil actually is, absolutely nobody would fuse stuff at 3 times the price without getting an edge on the competition. its a lame mechanic made for suckers who lust for an unequal playing field.

“fusing structure parts” in crossout screams for heavy monetization. at best the hamster thinks its ok if the vets get another hard advantage over newbs. it cant be free after all, it has to be paid in grind or cash either way, otherwise there is no point in having fusion.

i feel like you usually dont like to talk to me so im loving how shamelessly you quote me to bump your idea!

I’ve heard that argument before about fusing, and I don’t buy it.
You could say the same thing about rarity levels. Why get a fatman when you could just stick with a little boy or a hulk? Some people will stick to the lower level items because they like the feel of low PS better, but even those players have at least tried moving up the PS ladder before deciding it wasn’t for them.

As things currently are, fusing is mostly something that really only matters a lot in CW. That wouldn’t change if fusing increased the PS, so it will still be essential to the more competitive players.

I only recently started fusing much stuff, and that was just because of peer pressure from the forum. It’s nice to have fused stuff, but it doesn’t seem to significantly impact my win/loss/kills rate.

Fusing will also always be popular for completionists, and gives longtime players another set of goals to reach.

I tend to agree though it’s hard to say how much each individual upgrade helps as some of the bonuses end up being ridiculously small. At the same time, some could end up being worth a bit more.

Some of the upgrades I do find fairly worth while: reload time, accuracy on dumb rockets, recharge time on modules, projectile speed on cannons…

I’ve just never seen the current upgrade system as being that realistic. I’ve added in the potential to add PS in to upgrades a few times when saying we should have ala-carte style upgrades as random upgrades always seemed much like a gotcha box system to me.

Looking at this in perspective of structure parts where we often have a lot of them on build I could potentially add some padding to where vets get placed in MM vs a new player on averagely constructed builds. Which I think might be helpful at scale though it would be slightly imbalanced leveling less change towards low part builds over high part count builds. So it might not have the desired effect on minimally constructed seal clubbing builds as wanted.

Contrary to what @mupppet42069 is trying to call the idea “fusing structure parts” is slightly off as there is no reduction in the amount of parts like we see with the upgraded weapon parts system. It’s simply a prestige upgrade of some sort. The cost of the grind is already being paid when getting to the prestige level attached to the part. Currently at the same ground out level in prestige you would get nothing for the achievement. It would provide a reason to continue to rotate through the factions a player has active after they receive that last pack prestige structure part. Which is something they tossed in post user complaints just to deal with the unfairness of pack exclusive structure parts.

The games already heavily monetized there’s no way to really pull back from that at this point, which is normally why I just don’t care much about the issue. The game’s never going to be a cookie cutter e-sports game. Places where you’d see me complain about monetization would be reserved for fairly specific things purchase extra levels in BP, use of pack exclusive items in crafting recipes. Generally as long as they aren’t pay-walling something I don’t mind if they try to make an extra buck.

I don’t generally think playing around with what to do about prestige levels in terms of structure parts really screams monetization that much by itself. At most it might add some value to something they already sell. As I said in the other reply it could add some value to packs for players that already have the default parts, it could maybe add some value to the subscription system. (I’ve never bought that but I know it does effect reputation gain and thusly speed of leveling).

Depends on what you post, I know you love the attention and even with the sarcasm the response wasn’t as offensively troll-ish. So figured I’d make use of it to explore some of the alternative things that could be done.

I like the concept they kind of present with having a partial plated structure part as there could easily be the other two states of un-plated and fully plated. I often crave more to do crafting, and building wise in the game. There is some immersion level stuff too that I’d love to see fixed too like not being able to match parts to the desired factions style. I’ve suggested things like CKs for structure parts before so in some ways this is another means to that end. Pairing it with prestige just makes what could be a complex system into a simple system which is what the devs seem to prefer in terms of systems.

I like the idea of structure CKs. Maybe that would be a way to pad out the prestige level rewards? I’ve unlocked all the prestige level structure parts, and I miss getting something when I level up a faction.
Being able to apply firestarter rust texture to everything would be nice, although you can sort of achieve this with paints.

That’s a fair portion of what I was looking at too. The grinds high and it’s nice to get something for it outside of just another crate.

I generally suggested the CK a few times as they are fairly simple way to do the look and feel fix but it’s a pain to apply them the way they have them work right now. There’s some screwy-ness with how the saves work in regards to parts with CKs applied that would just irritate players while trying to use the parts across multiple builds. If they let us apply them like we do hubcaps in build mode it would get rid of that issue.

I do really like the idea of having something that can be not just cosmetic though too. i.e. changes to weight, durability, resistances… All of these could be done fairly faction theme heavy. I kind of think of it like a creative A-team like conversion. A way to tailor more structure parts to better fit build concepts.

Either one would work better than just trying to match things faction style wise simply with just paint alone though.