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Today in this final blog we’ll learn all the details about the new weapons of Hyperborea and have a look at the new structural parts, but first of all, we’ll talk about the new type of damage that’s going to be introduced with the next season.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

Cryogenic damage

It’s time to freeze all your enemies! That’s right: now in the Wasteland it will be possible not only to heat up every tiny part of the enemy cars, but also, to cool down the most arrogant enemies down. Similar to thermal damage, this type of damage imposes a freezing effect that stacks up as you continue to deal or take damage from cryogenic weapons. But what does this lead to?

It leads to losing a sense of security that flies away like the northern winds. As the degree of freezing increases, the part loses all of its resistance and damage reduction bonuses, including damage protection bonuses from the various perks of other parts and the ability to be shot through, as well as the damage absorption effect of defence modules. Sounds scary? We haven’t seen the weapons themselves yet!

Frost cannon “Skadi”

With this legendary “reverse flamethrower” all flamethrower masters will feel themselves in their element. Its operation mechanics are similar to rotary flamethrowers, so you won’t have to get used to it for a long time. The weapon releases a jet of refrigerant, which deals cryogenic damage and rapidly multiplies all enemy defences to zero.

And, if the cryogenic damage of “Skadi” weakens the enemy’s defence, then the perk will weaken his ability to “fight back”. As the jet of refrigerant hits the enemy, the damage of their weapons will decrease. The effect gradually stacks up, up to a maximum damage reduction of 25%. And the effect from the perk will continue to work for a few seconds after you stop methodically freezing it.

The only “but” is that, unlike flamethrowers, frost cannons will require a little more space on your car. So get ready to adapt your engineering marvel!

Cryogenic howitzer “Jotun”

Do you prefer to keep your distance and infuriate the enemy by sending mines right under their wheels? Then “Jotun” is your choice!

Just like the familiar “Incinerator”, one accurate throw into the thick of battle can seriously change the course of a fight. But, if it was still possible to escape the dangerous area after the fire canister, in the case of this mortar, it’s not so simple.

Thanks to the perk, a puddle of refrigerant will be left at the site of the projectile explosion, which will freeze the parts of all armoured cars that were caught in it, and the speed and power of their cabins will be reduced by a third. The mortar opens up a lot of possibilities, especially in a team-based environment, and we can’t wait to see what sophisticated ways you and your allies come up with to take out the enemies!

Cryo cannon “Narwhal”

The Hyperboreans didn’t forget about those who love powerful and heavy weapons. Especially for all fans of cannons and other long-range weapons — welcome the “Narwhal” cryo cannon!

Like all cannons, it fires projectiles that travel along a ballistic trajectory and explode on hit. But there is one peculiarity — these shells also contain refrigerant. In addition to its menacing appearance, this turret cannon boasts a good mass-to-durability ratio, as well as 100% penetration ability.

When the shell explodes on an enemy vehicle, its parts receive cryogenic damage and a freezing effect. As the refrigerant affects the parts, the damage from a projectile hitting them will increase up to 100%.

Mount two of these guns on your armoured vehicle, and the enemy won’t forget their encounter with you anytime soon!

Structural parts

We were delighted with your reaction to the new structural parts from the second part of the devblog and hope the remaining parts don’t disappoint you either!

Ventilation outlet (6x4x1)

Cast half arc (4x2x3)

Cast side part (6x1x2)

Armour plate (6x1x2)

A half of this part has increased resistance to various types of damage. Take this into account when assembling and shielding the most vulnerable parts of your vehicle.

This concludes our introduction to the novelties of the upcoming season. As usual, you will be able to see all the new items in action on our official livestream shortly before the update, as well as on the livestreams of our partners afterwards. See you in the new season, you don’t have to wait for long!


1 February 2024

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Cryo weapons, didn’t think I’d see the day, but very cool

The flammenweffer mode cold is a legendary, but the rarity of the other two is not specified, but i am suspecting they are both legendaries. Only one that could be an epic imo is the frost incinerator that looks like a big impulse, but I am doubting it. That sucks because 1 they will take very long for people to acquire and 2 getting any of the new weapons is instantly harder for anyone not purchasing the battle pass.

Not really interested in the Skadi myself, but the Jotun could be a nice support weapon. Mostly I am interested in the Narwhal, I am suspecting it’ll be 6 energy so you could make a 1 Narwhal 2 Eggxcecutioner build and it could possibly work ok, first use the ice pew to weaken a build and then hopefully do a big pew with the other cannons. Though that size looks worryingly more like a fixed angle median rather than an ice tsunami, I am hoping it’ll be beefy enough rather than a more median-like low damage cannon

At least it’s not another shotgun or rapid fire weapon/10

Negating pass-through damage is a bit much, the resistances I can understand

Cryogenic howitzer “Jotun” - I think is an epic if the leaks were correct and they seem to be close enough though I don’t know about all its figures.

The perverse Narwhal - I’m not sure about.

Narwhal has balls lol

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Kind of hope the pervy cannon is legendary. It would be nice to have more options in the turret cannon line.

We’ve been asking for ice weapons for a while, and now we’re getting them.

And I’ve been saying for a while that we need other ways of countering pass through parts than blockchain, to help make spaced armour less OP. Looks like the devs are listening!

Cant wait to mix a Frost thrower and a flame thrower on the same build. :melting_face:


Its kind of interesting that it debuffs the opponents weapon dmg.

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From the looks of the pecker cannon, it appears to be a fixed cannon like the Tsunami and not a turreted one

Yup and maybe seismic weapons in the future, one can hope

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Jotun is about to take over the world. Parsers about to frame every spider with hitscan glory.

If they don’t cancel out then dropping an Incinerator on a Cryo’d enemy will obliterate so many pass through parts etc


Jotun arbiter? Freeze n frame

If it wasn’t in the description I wouldn’t have called it that.

I don’t think people have realized how much cryo weapons are going to disrupt the horseshoe DPS meta, not to mention spaced armour overall.
Acari may pair well with these new weapons too.
So many new possibilities!

I think that really depends on the team noticing it being effected. So it will be kind of interesting to see what kind of visual effect they paired it with.

I think the dmg stops on those once it hits it’s dmg percentage threshold so it might not matter for them.

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I WAS RIGHT, it’s a Nitrogen Icethower.

Anti-meta weapons? Now that, I can get behind.

i called it! well sort of. i didnt call the mortar but still lol i called it :rofl:
looks interesting though!

this should be a fun one to use in combat. cant wait to see it in action.

i really like the look of this cannon, cant wait to also test this one out to!

i do agree with this because the point of pass through parts is to be a bit more tanky. if thats the case then we will need to mount all weapons to the cabin.

im kind of wondering how well thatll work. i mean fire and ice, negating the resistances and burning them with increased damage. i can picture that being a bit broken but you never know.

refrigerant isnt liquid nitrogen. its called a Freon and this stuff is COLD. says here it can be under -100c yeesh! :woozy_face:

Yep. I think you will want one of these on a lot of builds. They look like they slot in between a couple of Stillwinds quite nicely.

I think that the Skadi has the most potential. So many flamethrower cars and especially saws go up against a spider and bounce off and do very little to legs and bumpers for an instant loss. Ice will eat legs quickly and let your saws through to that sweet frame. Maybe Cerberus is about to become something big.