Profiles need to be entirely private

ALL part of profile need to be made private NOT allowing full privacy to profiles is leading to extreme harm. TROLLS and bullies use out of context profile info to make false claims and to trigger a bullying and trolling frenzy aggainst their target entirely out of context.

THIS CONDUCT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AND BANNED best way to do that is to allow entire profile lockdown. NOT just the debrief.

example the history does NOT show the ending match early was result of network failure. or that you died early so dropping out saves time to cue for next match after you died and took one for team etc. you still get your rep and resources why stick around for minute or 2?

Also all of the info is missing context. so its too easy for bullies and trolls to abuse others with the info in the profile THAT IS ALLOWED TO BE SEEN.

Anyone saying that I need to grow thicker skin is actually part of the problem and they only say it because they don’t want the status quo to change and have to actually work at trolling. or bullying.

I survived 40+ years of hardcore torture level bullying. I am still here but I do know from direct experience lesser people end their lives over this. SO this conduct is NOT ok and its better to ensure that the biggest tool for that abuse, which is profile, is not used to cause intentional harm to others even if they think its fun.

Therefore the profile needs to be entirely private or have multi levels of privacy about which parts show vs not. but where we have the option to completely block access to entire profile.

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what info still shows when you set it to visible to nobody?

everything except the brief page. is still visible. only page that is private is how many subscribers and matches you did and kill ratio. everything else is seen by everybody. when the setting is set to nobody. I set it to no body as soon as found the setting option. but learned that it only blocks 1 page out of everything in your profile.

history is shown, collected parts, patches etc can be seen.

banner, patches, medals, collection, history still visible when set to nobody.

i learned something new today lol , can non friends see this stuff too? im not even sure how youd visit someone not on your friends list profile outside of exhibition

all players can see it. just the debrief is private currently. if you click on their name in author and or in chat look at their in game profile. see the tabs all of them except the first one you can see. just click on the tab like patches., you can see all of their patches.

even when they have their profile set to nobody.

lol… guessing you went into gen chan talking nonsense and got told no and given reason -why- it was a no.

what are you on about? People taking profiles out of context as a tool to bully people and to trigger mob cyber-bullying has NOTHING to do with what your going on about.

they are NOT giving critism etc. they just claim oh look all the unfinished matches and make vague claim that you quit , when it was nothing of the sort. as a way to redirect away from a legit comment you make in gen chat. say about behavior of team mate that cost a hard raid win. and why you souldn’t do that behavior in raid.

Like double fused retcher 13kto 15k dying in first few minutes because they tried to solo it instead of stick to team work together in cross fire. and refusing to use the free repair. the entire match. where they were the highest PS on team. leading to team losing match because the heaviest deggunner is absent and the mob is based heavily off their PS. in dura making it harder for rest of us to do it without team member. that furced the PS of bots to be too high for rest of group. NO we wer not being carried. we triggered the levi but then a about 10 bots spawned all around us in circle. With levi in front of us and the bots on all sides behind us. ’

SO instead of discussing that they try to take profile out of context as pure attack. to try and discredit anything your saying. when they know your right and they don’t want others to agree and call others out for that kind of conduct. like they themselves pull. who were trying to do the discrediting.

and they do it with short attacks minimal effort. AND NOTHING ACTUALLY MEANINGFUL. just pure attack. like look at all the unfinished matches. nevermind it only shows about 12 NOT the last 100 where vast majority were completed and wins.

psn mixes the PS so me at 8600 other 3 at 12k plus. topping out 17-18k

shrug off a bad match and move onto the next one , its a game have fun and dont take it so serious , and dont feed the trolls


I was using 1 example of of how profile is abused. this wasn’t about the raid. it was about people choosing to be abusive towards others using profiles out of context. and why the profile needs to be entirely private otherwise its NOT really a privacy function at all.
MY main concern is NOT about me but about other players of younger gen that are incapable of handling being bullied and end their life over low level chronic bullying day in day out. this is NOT a one time thing its constant.

SO its better to remove the tool in which makes it easy for bullies to bully other people. and trigger mass cyber-bullying when many players pile on because they think its funny or fun when it isn’t it can actually cause a person to self terminate.

Raid PS changes dynamically based on the average PS of ‘live’ vehicles. If someone’s vehicle gets destroyed and they don’t resurrect, their PS is not taken into account. I’ve experienced it many times: when only me and one other player were left, and especially when it was just me - the raid got much easier to complete.

Seems like it was a steel cradle raid. Don’t do that raid, it’s a waste of fuel. I almost exclusively do plastic defence and electronics defence. And try to stay away from Fortress raids on weekends, especially Sundays, and definitely avoid the Space Children. It’s the time the weekend warriors wake up, so normal Fortress raids turn into hard raids, and so on.

So you challenged that player and they used your history to dodge an argument.

  1. Because that player stayed dead, their PS no longer counted to the raid difficulty. When that happens in a raid I’m in, I’m just glad I’ll get more resources. No need to talk to them, their PS stops affecting the raid soon after their vehicle is destroyed.
  2. Liars will lie no matter what, and try to use anything to convince themselves they’re right. They do it instinctively. I’m sort of amazed by how easily some of them can come up with false claims to their advantage. Which doesn’t mean they’re smart, BTW. The smarter a person is, the slower their thought process - can’t beat physiology. So if someone instantly comes up with a lie, at least you’ll know they think fast because there’s so little depth to them, they practically glide on the surface - and that may actually make them feel theyr’e smarter, that ‘speed of thought.’

It’s a matchmaking problem. I raid at 12K, and sometimes I get teamed with 16K and 8K in the same raid, as well as increasingly more often with 8-9K. Too bad for those players, but it’s a flawed matchmaker.

That’s a lot. Why would a whole group attack you based on what’s in your profile?

There are a lot of profiles with unfinished battles out there. So if you have a lot of unfinished ones in your history, you don’t really stand out. And if you did get disconnected, and you simply state that it happened, but they still keep attacking, it means you’re dealing with liars that seek out any possible pretext to make themselves feel better about their failed lives, instead of focusing on upping their game.

I’ve never seen a “trolling frenzy,” but I did get attacked by a group fo trolls on a few occasions. I just blacklist them, because they’ll keep lying. That’s how they’re wired. They’re cowards, so it’s easier to try to other’s perception of reality, instead of making an effort to get better at the game. An example could be a group of cowards on this forum routinely lying about the Clarinet’s performance in multiple threads, like it’s a hobby of theirs. No matter how much I try to explain that it’s the hardest weapon to learn, they just keep blaming the weapon, instead of working on their skill.

Maybe I shouldn’t have, but as the top Clarinet pilot, I took the time to explain in 11 points why the OP was wrong. Then, one genius came to the rescue and imagined to be effectively countering my arguments by calling the Clarinet “trash.” That doesn’t work. One cannot simply invalidate years of experience and in-depth knowledge of a subject with a short, simplistic sentence. The only thing you can do when facing liars is state the facts, and leave it at that. Because they’ll keep lying. I don’t call it bullying. I leave them to blissfully stew in their stupid sauce, if that’s what they need.

Some instances of that conduct does result in bans, but then again, some of the moderators are also liars themselves, and they got in that position in order to feel more powerful.

In online games? Because of your profiles? How could people “hardcore-level torture bully” you based on your game profile? Are you sure you’re not exaggerating?

How so?

But it does clearly bother you a lot. Does that actually happen in online games? Just because of someone’s battle history? So you’re 40+ and that’s how you see these things? I mean, what sane person would conceive of self-harm due to in-game trolling by complete strangers? When people do that, it’s the family’s fault. But after the fact, they will lie that it was a normal, functional family, to hide the truth. And blame it on games.

That would allow lying trolls to lie even more effectively. Imagine the following situation: The team loses a battle, a liar that got a much lower score than you and died first is calling you names, thus trying to convince themselves they didn’t contribute to the loss. First, that’s commonplace, and I mostly ignore it. But if that troll’s profile would be fully hidden, I would’nt be able to look it up and see that it’s just a bad player, a lying noob, etc.

I need this information to see who I’m dealng with. E.g., I’m in a raid with 3 Retcher players, and my car with 2 Incinerators get’s the 1st place. So I check their profiles and there are none to just a few Retcher patches, which means that they only use that weapon in raids. So it’s a just an OP crutch to them, and they don’t care to get good at it. That’s useful information. Or yesterday, two Retcher players from the same clan. The only teamplay may only have been between the two of them, so I had to keep running, in order to survive. I did great for the amount of running I had to do. And yet…

6500+ missions, 97 Retcher patches. But still doesn’t undermount ammunition, mounts a Retcher on an Avia Panel Large… I can connect those dots and see what’s wrong with this picture. That teaches me something about Retcher users in general, too. Not all of them are like that, but many.

Or the above-mentioned ‘Clarinet activists.’ If their profiles were hidden, I wouldn’t be able to find out that many, if not most of them, have none to negligible experience with the weapon. Which makes it clear it’s their skill that’s the problem.

2023.03.24 001
This is the OP’s epic rocket/missile patch from 23 days ago. Hasn’t changed. Their attitude could be summarized as: “Bad weapon. Fantasize a little, prove it’s not my fault. Leave it forever.”

Now, seeing the Widow in this thread gave me an idea. You could be more like the Widow. In January 2022, she bullied a super nice teenage girl out of the game, by leaking her new nick, and later another, just 18 minutes after the change. The girl reinstalled Windows and renamed the first time because someone had charged her credit card $1000. Which happened after, as she claimed, everyone’s favorite Wolfie sent her an infected Discord link, telling her it was to Sinncakess channel (though when repeatedly challenged in the general chat, he never once mentioned Sinncakess, if only to clear his own name - which would suggest Sinncakess had nothing to do with it). Seeing the Widow leak her new nick, the girl renamed the second time. In both cases, she hadn’t revealed the new nick to anyone. When confronted, the Widow claimed she knew the girl’s nicks by following her on the forum. That’s possible, but why would she leak them? People were surprised, they commented something like, “OK, but why are you telling us this?” No one even asked for that information. It’s crazy, right? The girl had only been very nice to everyone, and in late 2021 gifted at least 10 basic BPs in the Holy Motors season. She made it clear she wanted to gift them to new players, for an easier start. Yet, the Wolfie kept suggesting her certain players as recipients, who weren’t new at all, but they were his friends (one of them was Tornado_Shot, who confirmed receiving a gift BP from her in the general chat). The girl even told me it was weird how insistent the Wolfie was with those suggestions. A 66-year-old bumming BPs from a teenager is bad form in deed. At some point, he called her “loaded.” So on the one hand, the term may have applied, but on the other, why call her that? Everyone liked her. Well, almost everyone. As for me, I hadn’t paid much attention to her, thinking she’s just some new player having fun, maybe talking too much, which some new players do. Then, in early January 2021, she PMed me out of the blue. She told me that she needed help. And about what happened. So I helped her with investigating the incident. Not much I could do, nor did I need to do much anyway. She stayed logged in long hours for two weeks, 20 hours a day, or more, in the beginning. To the point of losing sleep. And she wasn’t posting anything in the general chat. How does someone’s behavior change like that overnight? From chatting everyone up, all smiles, to just lurking, waiting to see if anyone else gets scammed, or if the suspected culprits say something incriminating. But there was no proof. Nothing to link the attempted cyber-theft to a name. But what I do know is people’s behavior doesn’t change like that for no reason, and stay that way for the two weeks we kept monitoring the chat. And I was a nobody. She mentioned she chose to contact me because she’d seen me help people in the chat with some things. But if she was trying to troll or scam me, it would’ve been very inefficient. She didn’t really ask personal questions, about my money, or work. Didn’t send me any links. If she made up the $1000 scam in order to get back at the Wolfie for messing with her BP gifting - she couldn’t have known I’d repeatedly bring it up in the general chat months later. After those two weeks, she just quietly disappeared. The Wolfie got a reward, in a way - a vehicle of his was featured in the 2022 April Fools brawl. While the report the girl filed may have been swept under the carpet, or deleted. Throughout 2022, the Wolfie’s popularity kept flourishing, RelicName would say in the general chat something like “Wolf for GM” “Wolf for CM.” Some other moderators kept piling on praise. When I mentioned the incident while RelicName was talking to the Wolfie in the general chat, nothing happened. No warning to stop spreading rumors. Or a chat ban. Which meant RelicName knew about the incident, probably from the girl’s report. The nice, “loaded” girl is still gone from Crossout. Had that incident not have happened, or had it been properly addressed, she may have stayed in the game, having some more fun, and spending hundreds of dollars to buy Battle Passes for herself, as well as others. Also, a glimmer of something that perhaps doesn’t belong it this negative place Crossout is. With its developers seeming to blatantly lie to us, perhaps more than just to appease a greedy publisher. Ignoring certain logical balancing steps. Buffing or nerfing items without a credible basis in their performance. Unhinged moderators banning people for 27+ years for nothing, essentially (dbounce for posting Bible quotes as erudite jokes, and not really spammy, or a certain Challenger - who claimed to have only asked for a players’ union - while there is a paint by such a name). How does this game manage to keep losing nice players, at the same time retaining, rewarding and promoting the other kind? Maybe there is an underlying attitude casting a shadow over the entirety of Crossout. One that has somehow managed to prevent it from becoming a global e-sport sensation, despite meeting all the technical criteria. Twitch streams with live commentators, fierce duels in front of live audiences in the thousands, brand deals, a lot more players and money - all that could’ve been part of Crossout starting 2017, or 2018. Meanwhile, the game managed to lose such a powerhouse as Treeburgers, or ColdFire/EdgeRunner, who was doing his PhD. As well as Black Hat for a short while. And constantly seems to struggle for profitability.

There’s a profile “vanlifer” in the PC version, hidden, last activity 32 days ago. According to my chat logs, you used to be much more relaxed. In this thread, you seem to exaggerate a lot, and that’s putting it mildly. So maybe be like the Widow and take it easy. :wink:

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That happened in the general chat, so anyone logged in at that time may remember, and if someone archived their chat logs from that period, they’d be able to confirm that it happened.

Hey… Why did the replies from Clebardman and Kehich just disappear? I was preparing excerpts from the chat log to post here, 130+ lines. Just that first evening. Is the thread being moderated? Or did you guys delete your comments yourselves? Anyway, I also found the first PMs from the girl. So… According to the her, on 2022.01.02, the Wolfie sent her an invitation which purportedly was to Sinncakess’ Discord channel, so that she could participate in some contest. And this is what the Wolfie said in the general chat on 2022.01.02, at 19:30 GMT:
“sinn got fresh batch os stickers”
She was very talkative not long before he said it, joking around with others, and even RelicName addressed her in a similarly carefree manner. Sunshine and rainbows all around, pure bliss. Anyway, according to her, right after the Wolfie posted the above quote, he unfriended her, and hours later, someone charged her credit card nearly $1000. There were 7 transactions, including Walmart and a clothes store. So the girl reinstalled Windows and changed her Crossout nick. In under 2 minutes, the Widow leaked her first new nick in the general chat. Did she just happen to be watching her on the forum? I mean, on the old forum, would we get a notification that someone we were following renamed? The girl reported the incident to support, and there was no reply for 4 working days, so on 2022.01.06 she PMed me. She suspected support of helping the culprits. In the meantime, two players had started posting weird allusions to damage her character, as if in anticipation of trouble, or questions. I’d forgotten these details. Good I have my archives. Thanks for helping me remember. :slightly_smiling_face: This will motivate me to put all this material together and try to get the attention of some moderator that might actually care. I’ve been putting it off for too long.

I guess there’s not much point discussing it here. Edit: I hope I don’t get a forum ban. I’m working on a proper Clarinet guide.


Nope. Seems like moderation didn’t like the comment for some reason.

Highly unlikely.

But, you know, this is the reason I don’t use in-game chat. I just don’t need anyone from there to bother me. And I have nothing to gain from it.

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How hard is it to just blacklist everyone that annoys you? That’s what I do. Mind you I don’t mind people complaining about me if their comments are valid, but I think anyone that complains about their team in a pickup game, and is just bitching without adding useful information is an annoying distraction, so as soon as the match is over I blacklist them.

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I’m so glad I’m on console and mostly oblivious to general chat.

Every once in a while I’ll see a message sent to me after a match, but mostly I don’t even see them.

Come to think of it, most of my recent chat messages have all been positive, except for one player who was mad that I kept crashing into them. I blame lag, but it might have been the beer.


Welcome to the internet. Its not the first or the last time you get “bullied”. Block them and move on. Use the passion your crybaby post has and steel your resolve young grasshopper.


Why would anyone hide their profile? Lol

That’s some weird internet ego stuff. None of this stuff maters.

I can’t imagine being worried about what anyone in a video game thinks.

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I’m with you there…
A while back, when I was still rather new, some dude started giving me H3LL over how I’d played in a PVP. I was basically doing a little taunt maneuver to get people to chase me, then laying waste to the one dumb enough to do it.

It worked FOR ME. I got an easy kill (old school cloak/wedge/shotty days), but divided up our team, spread us out, and would often lead to a team loss.

The jerk was right… he absolutely called me every name in the book in doing so, but at least there was some truth in his nastiness. Lesson learned.

I know, right?

I get the feeling not enough people have gotten a loving punch in the nose in real life, so perceived slights online carry way too much weight for them emotionally. The fragility is annoying. I’m not advocating violence, but there’s some wisdom to be learned in getting your arse beat in real life. Part of that wisdom is learning what actual pain is instead of my wittle feewings.

The championing of potential and imaginary victims is also rather obnoxious.

How did we get so weak as a society?

Sorry… I know all of this sounds crass, but just dayum…


This was supposed to be safe space


And not all societies are this weak. Canada and the US are definitely two of the softer countries when it comes to people’s feelings. Im doing my part in the latter country to bring up the average.

Randomly imo, people who say sorry, instead of nothing or maybe just excuse me, when passing someone in a small hallway are meek sheep.

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“Why would anyone hide their profile? Lol”
For the easy reason just you don’t want to do it.
Privacy is privacy and every player should be able to share or not that he want

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