Pve got new maps!

ship graveyard i think and that city map. cant wait to see what other ones there are. i am VERY happy to see the pvp maps added to pve, thank you devs.


It’s always nice to have more locations to fight in no mater what mode it is.

+1 Dev Team

P.S. we need CW, LW and Confrontation specific maps to match the modes.

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Really!? I love hearing that. That puts a little spring in my giddy-up. That’s all I really want from this game; more map.

You’re not pulling my leg are you? If not, then Yes; Thanks, Devs!

Wait a minute…Ship graveyard has always been a raid map. Whutchoo talkin’bout, Willis?


indeed. i seen a ton of new maps in pve. havent seen the snowy map yet though.

im not joking, i came in to be put into maps that were unavailable to us.

the ship graveyard map that was available to us in clan wars and raids. i dont usually remember the names of the maps lol.
its this one

i havent come across the snow map yet but im keeping an eye out for it. i have however come across the map from the syndicate faction. the big city map thats very colourful and lively.
i wish i could post some pics here to prove it but i cant.

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I’m outta here then. It’s my time to grind…are you saying these maps are now available for Patrols? I feel like I’ve done raids on that map a million times.

I’ve only just started getting into Patrols (cause PVP was sucking pretty hard there for a while), so I’m not really hip to what goes on there or doesn’t. I hadn’t noticed if that map was or wasn’t available to Patrols, but I’m certain I’ve done some kind of raid there, where the Boss comes out of a crate in the center of it at the end.

Whatever the case, I suppose it’s time to log on and blow schit up anyway.

yes! its exactly what im saying!! :rofl:

it actually IS a raid map. in steel cradle you can go into that map, thats the one you been thinking of. because the boss is in a box until you blow up 3 of those power plants powering the boss. thats also a clan wars map, or at least it was. i havent done clan wars in forever but i know for sure it used to be a clan wars map cause we played on it countless times.

its fine, im just happy for new maps.

answered above but yeah it was steel cradle and it is a map available to raids. but it was / is available to clan wars.

it caught me off guard that the maps were added to pve, but i think the devs did listen to us about not having many maps so they added them to the roster of maps for pve as a treat to the players. either way its a very welcome change and i love this.
also when i seen that i thought i was in a pvp match at first, i brought up the menu and seen that no it wasnt pvp LOL i thought i was seeing things at first on the syndicate map and im like “OH HELL YEAH!!!” xD
still now im going to need to figure out strategies for these maps in pve to cheese the bots. LET THE BLOWING UP COMMENCE!!

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I see you typing, Z, and I appreciate the prompt response, if that’s what you’re up to, because I am going to go hit it.

Last night, I was doing Patrols, (I think) and I was getting the same two maps over and over. It sort of sucked, but I liked the map it was doing it to me with…so there’s that. It was Fortress, back to back (and sector Ex), and I like Fortress…but even a blow-job hurts after a while.

hmm i think they were putting in the new maps or something was wrong with the system? idk but its swapping between many maps as we speak.

im always up to something lol :smirk:

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new maps i come across in pve

peaceful atom
ship graveyard
east quarter
marble quarry

im sure theres more but this is what i come across so far

I went and ran some Copper Patrols, and I think I got about every map there is. It was nice getting a variety, and made that mode a lot more enjoyable.

I think I like Copper Patrols. I can tear up a lot of challenges in there, so when I play it, I’m killing several birds with one stone. I get copper just for playing, but then I’m also getting scrap and badges for completing various challenges, plus leveling up the Battle Passes. It’s got to be one of the most productive modes there is, if you have a limited time to play and want to get a bunch done.

I’ll have to take that mode more seriously…well, I still want to goof off in there a bit, but I think I need a more “serious” clown-car for that mode, if you know what I mean. Something very silly, or dramatically artful.

I don’t typically get as big of a variety in maps when I’m playing PVP, which I did a little bit of while I was there. I don’t recall getting repeat maps when I tried that either.

I like this change. This is one of those things I can appreciate more so than new guns, modules, or nerf/buffs. I want maps…weather and sunsets. I’m happy to create my own variety, when it comes to my hot-rod. I’ve got paint, stickers, lights, sirens, flares, and fireworks, all kinds of structure parts, but I can’t change the landscape to make that more interesting.

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i want this in the garage as well. dynamic weather. i want a night time mode in the garage, all the glowing torches and whatnot would be really neat. rainy weather would be nice to, i always loved rainy weather / themes in games.


Do you only play patrol now? I see you talking about it a lot.

I do a lot of patrols now too, this way it cuts down my chances of playing with sardines by 50%
But yeah it is nice to see a lot more maps in the patrol rotation now, especially the newer maps to which I usually don’t play because I mostly play pve and not the circus modes of pvp

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Wheels don’t feel terribly competitive lately, and I’m not really into the omnidirectional camera steering thing, so IDK. I can get wheels to work in ultra low power-scores, and I’ll do PVP there, but this isn’t really my game any more. I just don’t have the vision for creating things that aren’t cars.

I’ve got a set of Atoms, and a set of Gerrida, some Augers too, but IDK what to do with them. They don’t seem to hold my interest as much as rat-rods and muscle cars. I’ve got a Auger-Goblin-Huggin brick, but I get bored with it quick, even if I’m winning, and I’ve done nothing with the Atoms at all, and nothing I like with the Gerrida.

Hovers are just wobbly and soft, and a totally boring un-emerssive experience that I can’t even consider. I’ve tried those a couple times, and they do META well, but nothing else, as far as I could see.

Wobbly-bouncy and silent is not what I’m looking for in a game experience. I think they could be cool, but I don’t think they are. They’re too unbelievable in every way, and it’s so hard to build anything that looks or feels reasonably sci-fi or interesting…I just don’t get it.

This game has moved a long ways away from what I came here to play, and IDK what to do with it anymore, and I’m not devoted to it enough to compete in PVP, so I just screw around. I run my challenges in Patrol occasionally, log off, and go do something else…like troll the forum.

Next week I hope to get my old Kawasaki Vulcan running again (waiting on parts), then I take it down to the shop for a new rear tire. After that, I’m hoping to get a couple weeks of riding in before winter starts creeping in. Then I’m stuck in the house again with no garden to tend, or riding weather, so unless I can get War Thunder downloaded, I’m stuck here to contemplate WTF to do with this game I can no longer relate to.

Just make futuristic rat-rods and muscle spiders… I don’t like everything I build but I normally can find something that is entertaining with each movement part. Even if the like of it is quick to pass.


I do like the looks of the Atoms, and if anything inspires me, they do. I’ve got some sort of BladeRunner/Heavy Metal thing in the corner of my mind trying to manifest itself through those. Tonight I’ll probably try to extract at least a prototype. I haven’t even considered it’s perk, couldn’t tell you what it is exactly either, or what it might work with.

Drone-boats usually make good art-builds, but I’m not sure that’ll line up very well with it’s perk…whatever that is. It’s some kind of durability buff, right?

Doesn’t matter. That’s probably what I’ll do anyway, just to get into the camera steering.

i uninstalled that game the day i downloaded it because of how rigged and blatantly pay to win it is. they force you into pvp unless you want to play pve with tanks that can 1 shot you at any distance, bomber planes that CONSTANTLY target you and kill you within 10 seconds of spawning and the fact your vehicles cost an unreasonable amount of “lions” just to respawn.

why am i picturing a 6 legged ml 200 build that has the front 2 legs up in the air flexing with 2 massive muscular human like arms…? :rofl:

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The balls are pretty much good for anything the omni were good with but can carry a little more weight. I’d pair it with something that doesn’t need the aim perk though. You can also mix them with the legs it doesn’t hurt the aim perk like most of the other movement parts do so far when mixing stuff.

With the new engine I’ve gone as high as 4 of the new legs and 8 atoms at the same time… I can tell you that 3 is the min to really run with the atom too 2 steers really odd. I hope they fix that later because they balance really well and it might make for some fun cycles.

They are little balls of rechargeable damage soak, so I’d might point at at trying a small omni tank for using 4 atoms.

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