PvP mode, without being able to play in groups

This could be cool to play when grinding out scraps and wires, when you get tired of the 30th match in a row against a random clan playing together in a 4 man group with minmaxed current meta builds and voice chat level co-operation.

Why not have that option, people who don’t want to play alone for whatever reason can play the normal pvp and people who aren’t looking at 20+ matches of being steamrolled and no chance of victory with random players can at least pretend this game is making any attempts at being a fair battle on equal footing


Am I the only one who doesn’t struggle to beat 4 man clans consistently playing solo? On Playstation, clans know to stay together and find out where I’m at lest I strip the first one or two guys for free. And I use a nonmeta destructor wheel build as my go-to in top PS. And again, consistently slay 4 man clans, with them using minmaxed meta fully fused CW builds. On mid-PS it’s even easier. Cockpit booster double parser owns the 8k bracket. And a triple destructor photon slays 9k. 5k? Fast MG build. Easy easy easy.

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On PC, I rarely run into them. I do run into them, but it’s not that often.

Then again, I don’t do PVP above about 15K, and that’s the top end. Generally, I play between 9 & 11k. Try building something down there & I’m willing to bet the clans as groups disappears.

Game doesnt have the population for this.

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i just change ps when the clans come rolling through

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also, clans don’t need to be in groups. my clan all runs solo for the most part and, still, the matchmaker scoops us all up to run in the same matches without being in a group. Here’s a vid to show it happening.

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I like the occassions where i get some really good players on my team and then me and a bunch of randos proceed to beat up a full team of diamond players. Gold groups and under arent a huge horror to deal with. But when you keep getting pitted against a four man top ten clan team…its just brutal, especially wgen your team is derps. Its like…my teams dead in 30sec and im left fighting them all alone.


No your not the only one. I love fighting solo VS 4 man teams. It gets the blood flowing :slight_smile:

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they need an opt out option in settings when cuing as randoms. This problem is MAJOR game breaking on PSN. IF history actually kept the correct stats it would prove how broken forcing randoms to fight preselected groups of up to 4. its a matter of math 1 vs 4 no contest and thats is what essentially what PVT is .

I am on winning team most of time if its purely random vs random. aka pvp. making it a fair fight especially farming fuel.
I lose almost every match going against preselected groups aka PVT.

I have also noticed that if you score high repeatedly and get lots of patches they start cuing you against preselect match after match. hardly ever on the preselect team which has 2 slots. open for random.

Also I have noticed that when you use a build sub 1800 at first you are in sub 1999 matches but if you win several in row they start forcing you into the next ps bracket where the “infant clubbing preselect groups are”

the sub 2000 most preselect groups can’t get into those and their farming of fuel is NOT ensured due to all builds at that level being relatively even in terms of dura and dam and thus purely a skill based match.

My solution to fix this fundamentally broken system is to allow an opt out option in menu so when you cue solo for PVP your not forced to face a Preselect team giving both parties what they want. groups playing together and solo pvp not having to face a infant clubbing team match after match. making progression nearly impossible for the solo pvp’er.

OF course preselect teams don’t have issue with this because they don’t want to lose their easy and free fuel farming And thus having to actually work for their wins.

I been bringing this up in gen chat on PSN XO. and get booed all the time. but I KNOW am right so I keep at it but its daunting when most don’t want to play fair. they want their seal and infant clubbing to feel better about themselves and claiming right to say they are god to this game and that its all skill to them when its NOT its a math problem that creates too great of imbalance to the game and that in turn skews the stats to make it look like they are better players than they actually are.

oh cmon…i love fighting clans an beating them…
we just beat 4 clan members,and before that 3 clan members…(people in a clan,not my clan lol)
im solo and my friend was on my team for 1 of them…
its all about what you bring to the match for weps,that’s all it is… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

IF you have the gear to do that thats great but those of us still leveling up can’t compete on that level due to too many limits in the builds we can actually build.

IF I had 3 fused stillwinds on hovers I might reconsider. THUS why having an opt out option in settings that can be turned on and off. as needed. SO we are NOT forced against our wills to be victims to a seal/infant clubbing preselect teams.

THere is NO joy being infant clubbed and dead in seconds when its a 4 on 1 fight every match. and if you do beat one or 2 of the team they single you out for assassination due to being a threat to their free fuel farming.

but your not…
i’m 7k and mm puts me against 9k and 12k at times…
the only thing is what players have for weps…

you can always quit and go to garage and que again there is no penalty for that…
i do it sometimes,but most of the time i try to battle them…
to each to there own… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

keep in mind I am speaking purely on a PSN platform experience. I do have it on pc too but my laptop is NOT suitable to play crossout. long term. AND I noticed the difference between pc vs PSN when it comes to facing preselect and the damage it does to progression.

BUT because our history is NOT detailed enough and doesn’t store enough of our history I can’t show you how stark the difference is between TRUE PVP vs PVT.

I am NOT bragging when I say this I know I am good at this game but I also know when I am out matched based on flawed mechanics. that others are exploiting to make the game too easy for them. by stacking the match too great in their favor. whether it was intentional or not by the devs to allow it.