PVP rewards , and why people just don t care

This problem in pvp really has to be addressed , people realized that getting 40 xp or 4000 does give almost the same reward so they dont give a shit , most of the time they will just shoot once or twice , get their points and sd or go into enemy team to be killed then most likely alt tab to youtube and wait to get their reward…
ways to address the problem :
-Scale Xp on reward to a higher degree
-Give extra reward depending on a percentage of the game survived
-make a sudden death system so when it s more than X VS 1 there s a "storm warning " , but way faster.
-Give extra rewards for assists and/or kills

Not that hard to implement…

obviously you would have to lower the base reward , or give no reward at all from start , then ppl have to build up their reward ,will give them an incentive to actually PLAY…i played quite a few pvp games , and the only logical response to this situation is to put a bunch of lances on a fast cab , ram someone , sd , alt tab to watch kitten on youtube , rinse and repeat… the definition of a stellar game experience.This one has the benefit to not have to witness your team embarrass itself as it usually does, or watching your last droner teammate run away for 3 minutes , chased by 6 enemies.


I’m definitely in favor of reducing rewards at 0 pts by 10%, and increasing max score rewards by 10%. But then a few things would need to get tweaked.

-Blocking a capture should reward 5 pts/ second.
-Blocking damage with shields should reward 50% more score.
-Flipping an ally on its wheels should reward at least 20 pts, once/game.
-Capturing a zone should probably be reduced from 150 pts to 100 pts, I’m tired of people rushing clockwise and sitting on the cap even if the enemy team started capping first.

I have to say, I don’t have that happening in the battles I am in…
usually people play for the reason of playing the game and having fun in competitive battles… The reward is just the reward at the end of those battles.

That means people will usually try their best, simply because of the fact they logged into the game to PLAY IT, shoot at stuff, and fight… Egos work so if someone is someone is attacked in pvp, that gaming rush activates and he tries to fight back, or prove that you don’t mess with him.

I for one like that fact that losing is only 30% less reward than winning, because it’s less stress when on a losing strike…
And don’t forget, 40 or 4000 does NOT give the same reward. Reputation and leveling the factions is a valuable reward on itself. Unless you have all factions maxed out. But then you should be at a point where PvP reward is not of much concern any more.


I m prestige 300 sweetheart ,so xp is completely irrrelevant and just play for the pleasure of grinding ressources to craft, said pleasure is completely obliterated by clueless people. having a reward at all when you lost is a mistake ,because that comforts you in a cycle of mediocrity. cycle should be " play , learn , adapt , improve" but is “whatever you do nothing is made to make you better,just insult everyone”

if you want to farm xp , put a flag on your build , 25% reputation items , wait for a 50% xp event and farm invasions , you will make 2700 xp / min (provided you have friends do group in 4/4) and you actually know how to use weapons… so this xp thing shows your ignorance on what you re talking about
i will not communicate with you furhter.

I don’t lean that way, but thanks XD

Ah, so there’s the real problem… :slightly_smiling_face:
Ofc, play the game for what you like in it, but if say you just get the pleasure from gathering resources tocraft, and don’t play for the ACTUAL FUN of doing battles against players, then… you know there are better resources crafting games that skip some parts you don’t enjoy enough in this game… Like fighting in pvp for the love of fighting in pvp.

And if you really mainly enjoy gathering resources… Free to play games are NOT your best friends…

This is not a problem to me.
The grind in this game is already brutal and no one wants to be all sweaty in Missions.

I use PvP missions to relax, goof off and test new builds. If I wanted to be serious I would play clan wars.


Capping a Neutral base needs to be faster than capping an enemy held base… I dont know why its so backwards in Crossout and no one ever mentions it

So basically you complain players die too quickly - yet you die fast yourself and get stuck watching. You seen fools using lancelots and decided to do that yourself. Where at all here is game’s fault?? Why do you need to grind at all? To get relics?? To do what?? If you don’t enjoy building crafts and playing them - what is the point?
I myself hate to watch other noobs carrying the game. So I play the way to make sure I die last. As long as I am focused, that is fairly easy to do.
but you here… blame people that are exactly same as you and blame the game? Bruh

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This really needs to be taught to a lot of Crossout players

NO, those are going to be very long sessions :yawning_face:

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Games are 5 mins max, used to be 3 min, it really isn’t that long lol, how small is your attention span?


Watching people avoiding to be killed?
Aprox 10 seconds.

If they have weapons that aren’t hurricanes or drones then power to them, at least they’re alive while you’re dead

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I play tough piercer builds. I try to be somewhat usefull from first seconds: adding damage, assisting. Just making sure I’m not the one getting damage. Staying where most allies are. I’m not just watching, if enemy is within 200m - he’s getting some damage, the closer - the more. I kill drones, shoot of nests and phoenix and such, even try to shoot some rockets that aren’t meant for me. I might do some ambush attack If I’m sure enemy is isolated. When only a few allies left - I might decide to tank some, if I see ally is a weak sinus craft, or damaged but with useful weapons. If there is something useless as drone launcher - I’d rather make sure he is first to get shot at. But also I’ll attack any enemy if I see he is weaker and isolated, if not - I’ll try to make use of enemy attacking and distracting on something else.
I only run around when there is multiple enemies chasing me - to spread them and try to fight them one by one. It’s never a long and boring chase.

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I get a lot of trolls that shoot once take 1 damage self destruct score less than 50 points every single time i match with them

Watching you play is a thing of beauty!

Oh please, don’t make this awkward. Just sharing some ideas on alternative tactical solution to break typical formula of “long range sniper that dies when something gets to it”, or just “everrunning drone spamming semiuseless stuff”, or “short range ambusher that rushes into multiple enemies to engage close range and dies even faster”. Actually piercers are that kind of weapon. Sometimes I feel useless when both teams happen to be snipers and just duel through map positionally, but still, at some point that long range dueling is done and they come closer, still better than just rush in and die.

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There are more tactical options that. You make it sound too basic.

I always thought it would be neat if for every 1000 points you earn in battle you get 10% more resources, not a huge boost but an incentive to try inflict more damage and help the team overall.

I guess lucky me, because I don’t…
But I don’t understand… IF they do 1 damage and self destruct, they get no reward. 0…
If they do that game after game, they are not trolling. They are wasting their own time.