Races need to be saved

Tried to get into a race yesterday for the first time in a long time, and gave up when the wait time approached five minutes.
The mode seems pretty dead, which is sad for a car game.
How do we save it?

Maybe it should just be a temporary event, like Drone Day or Spring Mayhem? And maybe pre-built cars is the answer too?

I’m kind of surprised they haven’t done AI racers yet.

Wheeled race are more popular than hover races (more people have and are used to wheels), so queue time can be faster for wheeled races.
Also might depend on when and where (server) you play. I’m PC EU and do wheeled races and queue isn’t too long, although not as fast as mission queues.

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Almost all brawls on playstation are dead, besides big black scorpions. Its the only brawl ppl still play to get their badges. Removing badges from battle royale complately killed that mode, now if you didnt finished ur 9 brawls during the week you have no chance to do it during the weekend. Another smart devs decission, same as removing free for all and storm warning :expressionless:

Well, Targem already tried to save the race mode once. What you see are the results. Don’t be like us back then, don’t ask for things Targem will make you regret. This gamemode was the best and most popular brawl, now it’s garbage that sees less play than Battle Royale.

Hey Targem, can you do your best to break the race mode and not implement a single one of your “good” ideas in it, just to see if things get better? (^:

For me, the current version of Dronapocalypse gives me hope for races. This format where you have daily challenges that don’t carry over to the next day means that i never have to wait long for a match, even though the event has been running for a while. With past special events, it seems like they are popular for the first few days, but then dead after that.
I think they should take some inspiration from Mario Kart: premade cars with different characteristics, and temporary weapons you can pick up on the track. Also allow passive melee damage, so that crashes have consequences.

I wouldn’t mind pre-made cars as a lack of blueprint slots can keep newer players away.

The thing that tends to keep me out of the races is the physics changes between the normal game and the races combined with a lack of a way to really practice without a buddy. Beyond that would be rewards, In any event if I don’t like the rewards I don’t bother with it.

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Races need combat! If I want to race i’ll play a racing game.

It should be like death race in Crossout, even if they have to limit the weapons or other restrictions to make it fun.


I always wanted a combat race but I don’t think small circle tracks are well suited for it. Maybe if they did like a large linear off-road baja type track.


Large format combat races would be amazing.
Ideally the rewards would be decor stuff, like exhausts and spoilers.


I would play for those types of rewards


Some type of race related decor box would be nice. I wouldn’t love it if it was just filled with stickers but a fair mix would be nice.


If they did it with a daily loot box like the drone event I would play for sure. Maybe even have some prefab cars like we did in Arena so guys without gear could still play.


I think having some prefabs is almost a must as much as I like building my own stuff. If they can do both that would be great. Could be crossout’s version of hanna-barbera’s wacky races lol…

I’m not sure if they would do it as a daily forever but having it pop-in and out as like a end of the month or end of season event for a week each time would be nice enough for me. I think some of the time span and repetition would depend on what the prizes are worth though.


Races are generally very boring. I’d like if they brought back terrain influencing speed and handling based on movement parts. I have outgrown typical racing games, I need something a little more cerebral than a run of the mill race mode. Maybe manual gear shifting and other controls that allow us to toggle our vehicle’s handling characteristics that are unique to the mode. I play a lot of snowrunner and in that game we have AWD, Diff Locks, and the ability to manipulate gears. Its not perfect but I genuinely enjoy driving in that game, and its quite satisfying getting a truck rolling to then throw it in high gear and wheelspin a Voron Grad with a loaded semi trailer, or to shift into reverse to instantly without delay change the direction the tires are spinning. Another trick is to turn on the handbrake and keep driving, the non steering axles lock up but the front still turns, making it possible to turn very tight if your engine can make the front wheels drag the rear.

I normally like car games to be more tweakable features too. Problem is crossout seems to really want to keep it simple for whatever reason. Even simple stuff like non-powered wheels or adjusting ride height and axel length seems to be too complex for them to take into consideration. Plus they fake the physics in most of the game so it’s hard to really think of it as an actual full on driving sim type of game.

I think combative racing would be kind of fun though but would really depend on weapon choices, terrain, dangerous obstacles. If it was based around pre-fabs each car could potentially have an engine, aegis, weapons and a few boosters. Making it so the player has a fair mix of offense and defense.

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WOW a flashback from the past “Wacky Race” :slight_smile: I used to love that!

Yes, I agree you need to be able to make your own cars.

I was very against prefabs in Arena when it first was announced. But after getting a chance to play it I think that the prefab cars really made this event great. Without the prefabs not many people would have even played this event.

Also, I think your right that a week is enough. Much more than that then the event will be dead by the end.

There is nothing worse for the community then having game modes no one can get into because no one is queing up.

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Other races that might be fun:
Drag racing - We have no shortage on boosters…
Figure 8 racing - The track intercets might be interesting with the higher rates of collisions.


I used to be a racer…a heavy racer in my time.
I appreciated what they were trying to do but i think they went too far.
The way to save it IMO.

Lift the booster limit - i used to run a skeleton build ultra light with only two boosters that was my favourite now i have to carry 4 minimum in a very technical and closed circuit, that means more unused dead weight that puts my build off balance.

When i used to race, i raced in many open circuits, we had variety, now not so much, it’s the same circuit again and again and again and…

instead of making temporary event they could make a championship.
specific parts with special specs light weight plastics and so on

Pretty much everything they did ruined the mode, but the two main problems were

-lifting the lethal speed from 250 to 500. Worst decision ever, hovers became instantly untouchable, race car design went from carefully crafting a balanced beast to “lol why bother with wheels?”
-Removing the fuel gestion. It was PLAIN BETTER when races where about getting in a good position for that last sprint, managing your fuel carefully and planning on ways to play around the opponents’ builds.

Legit all they had to do to improve races, was to make the gates a bit larger, and add some more hard surfaces on race tracks. Why did they decide to destroy the mode and make it as unfun as a race mode can be? No idea.

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