Radiance is still broken, and needs addressing

I just want to report that Radiance missions are still messed up. Those of us who have hit level 36 are unable to continue to do dailies and/or earn experience toward collecting the materials to make the items in the crafting area.

It has been multiple days now since those of us who leveled up hit level 36, and like many of them, I was looking forward to the grind of collecting Irises - the mats - to craft the items that go along with the challenge.

Before buying the battlepass, I asked my friends who have bought passes before what it means that we can make infinite levels and irises above 36 - at least up until the end of the battlepass season, and they said I should be able to continue earning up to the last minute of the event. It also describes this is what happens in the advertisements for the battlepass.

So far, there has been no word from the devs in regards to HOW we can continue to earn levels - and thus irises - as advertised and as expected. I started this new thread tonight in order to bring attention to the developers that their error is causing great anger and discontent among their players, with many in my clan badmouthing Gaijin and telling each other to never buy anything from them again. Honesty is very important in a business, so that the customer can have some sort of faith that the product they’re purchases is what was advertised and not a scam as some in this forum are asserting. I will not accuse them of a scam, yet, because they may not have had the time or resources to fix this error YET. However, it would be a good gesture on the part of Gaijin to make a statement that says they at least ACKNOWLEDGE that there is a problem and that there is some sort of plan to make up for their mistake.

And yes, I know the devs put out something on radiance this week giving away some premium time and some extra days for people to complete radiance, but as described, that is simply to allow those who could not log on when the radiance missions were refreshing multiple times a day. It does not at all address this problem, so please stop using it as Gaijin’s explanation and correction. It is cynical and puts the good people at Gaijin down that they would ignore this new problem as if it is related to the previous problem. It is obvious that Radiance is currently broken, as it is clear in Gaijin’s advertising that we would have a good opportunity to continue earning levels/irises until the season is over.

To suggest that Gaijin is PURPOSEFULLY crapping on their players and putting them down for it is not the positive path forward. We as players should exhibit the same good nature and values that we expect from Gaijin, lest we become the monsters some of us are accusing Gaijin people of being. Expect the best, give the best, and all will receive the best.



It’s not broken. The quests are over.

These are extra days for the people that did not already finish the mini-BP

See official news on main website.

Read what I wrote and read the advertisements. What they wrote up on the 15th is obviously not related to what I’m talking about. It’s related to a previous mistake they made earlier in the battlepass season.

I’m not disagreeing with you and I am sympathetic.

But, sadly the only answer your going to get on this subject can be found at the link below.

I do understand your looking for a different answer, but this is about all your going to get.

You are making excuses for them. Giving them an out.

We expect what is advertised. It’s that simple. In the USA, if you don’t deliver what is advertised, you must refund any moneys paid for the product. It’s illegal to ‘bait and switch’ or to advertise falsely. I presume they have similar laws in European nations. According to Wikipedia, if it is correct, Gaijin is headquartered in Hungary. What are Hungary’s laws regarding failure to deliver what has been advertised?

Look, this issue just popped up this week, and would probably require some quick/emergency work for the developers to address, so I’m not going to be disrespectful and ask for an immediate fix to the problem. But they should at least ACKNOWLEDGE that they messed up and promise to fix it.

Or, if as you suggest, the announcement on the 15th is in regards to the problem of not leveling, then I would ask for my compensation not in 3 days of premium time, but in a number of irises that I would receive if I kept leveling beyond 36 until the end of the event - as that is what was advertised, and that is what we paid for. This is a reasonable expectation.

And if you say again NOT to expect an honorable response from Gaijin, then you are continuing to make excuses for bad business practice, giving them an ‘out.’ This is B.S., and we all know it. I expect professionalism from a company I’m supporting, and I offer courtesy and loyalty in exchange. Capitalism relies on everyone having morals and values to work. Otherwise, it’s just exploitation, extortion and thievery. We are all better than that.

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I wish it was an excuse sir.

Most of us on the forum are tired of the subject, And you will not be satisfied with any answer that anyone here gives you.

So unless you came just to argue with some random guys on the forum, I gave you the only information any of us have.

Sorry that’s all I got.


Na…He wasn’t. I was though. I admit I tried, but they are determined to do this, and stick it in a little deeper with The Polar BP too. It’s gonna get hot. This player base is nuts already. I hope they can handle it, and everybody’s got their helmet on. It’s already stupid, I think, but we’re just getting started, apparently.

At least it isn’t more “Hovers are OP” threads.


and because they cant take the heat many have collectively decided to go into a fetal position trying to rationalize being abused. this has been going on for a long while, yet people keep excusing, keep hoping.

[quote=“DocSavage, post:7, topic:10792”]
Na…He wasn’t. I was though. I admit I tried, but they are determined to do this, and stick it in a little deeper with The Polar BP too. [/quote]

youve witnessed similar things before, but theyre cooking you slowly so you keep trying to argue against it, over and over again, every time they crank the heat just a little more. but it sure got a lot hotter in the time youve been around.

Oh look the Bush man, haven’t seen him in a while :eyes:

So, the purpose of this thread is to argue with random forum guys?

It takes two people to argue, and I’m not willing to be the other side. So you can’t argue with yourself.

The answer is still the same, we only know what has been posted and getting into a puffing out your chest contest is not going to change that.

Good day sir.

P.S. this is a double posted topic, maybe if you do a search you can find a thread where you can scream into the void and someone else might scream with you.


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Some people’s purpose in life is to argue with random forum guys…from multiple accounts even, because apparently…well, I really don’t know. It’s so stupid I can barely grasp it. It has to be a mental disorder.

That one probably could, considering all the alternate accounts she has.

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Truer words couldn’t be spoken than this right here^


no, my sis only posts as muppet, and then comes crying to me so i post some funny shit for her.

i mean, every couple of months when targems pulls a gajin, like weve just recently experienced, some outsiders come here to complain about obviously shitty things.

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Oh dear, I’m glad I didn’t silence this one.
That’s pure humor right there.

He just stated the facts of the situation.
He actually said he’s sympathetic to your plight.
He was quite polite to you.