“With this pack, in addition to access to all rewards, you get a unique armoured car, as well as parts for each new level, starting from 36. These parts can be used in recipes on a special workbench.”

I have done all the tasks. Every day. I’m just level 37 now, so I only got 2 iris. But with two you can’t build anything!!!


5 days left and the missions ended? inifnity iris but we cant get it?


That was an unacceptable move that Gaijun pulled here.
I will never buy an event pack again.


I am adding my support to the original post. He said better what I was about to type a post all about false advertising/the creation of false expectations. I am adding my voice to this post so they can hurry up and fix their game before more damage is done.

Gaijin, you messed up. Please fix your mistake. Thank you.

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This is not a mistake, ffrom their POV. They successfully milked players and cut off the juice.

Do not make excuses for them. The way this was advertised, it was clear that we could earn more irises. I don’t know how many, but 36+ means we can earn more than 36 levels. Also, we can earn more irises, as it shows the infinity symbol on top of the 36+ = which at least, in the United states means we can earn an unlimited number of them. This is very clear advertising, and sets expectations when purchasing the pass.

Just like we expect from the lighters in the Polar Lights , we expect irises. They are advertised in exactly the same way. We must have the option to keep earning levels - and irises - or they must give all of us our money back for false advertising.

You might have a poor view of Gaijin, but I do not. I expect them to hold up their end of the deal because it’s both the right thing to do, and because if they do not, they will lose business and loyalty. So, they have both positive and negative reinforcement.

But giving them an excuse that translates to: they exist to exploit the player, so f–k the players - that’s putting them down when we all need some love in this insane world.

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That wasn’t an excuse, that was an explanation. Calling their actions “a mistake” is itself a mistake.

Is there a law for that?.. Either way, we both know we can’t prove they promised us neverending BP levels.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Again, I never gave them an excuse. I explained their actions. That translated into “having a lot of cashgrab games and milk whales until they dry out”.

Don’t be a jerk, man. I’m simply trying to bring attention to Gaijin that they messed up. When they read your stuff, they probably think: if this guy things we suck, we mind as well suck. What I’m writing is: Hey, this guy is giving us a way to save face, to do the honorable thing, to be good to the people, to rise above the level of contempt that you are propagating.

keep your panties on, no dev reads this forum. and please get a heckin clue! companies are not people, youre being enornously naive here and they shamelessly exploit it. honestly kind of hurts to watch.

the long term forum dwellers defend this crap because the game is all they have and it mustnt be criticized and apes together strong, even when completely wrong.

they know theyre being crapped on but they stockholm syndromed themselves into rationalzing it somehow. just like 60% of russians seeing through putins crap are unable to let go of a pipe dream they once had and rather than accepting reality they prefer to keep eating dirt.

at least think of my words when you look back on this come the next bp or whatever and you see the pattern repeating.

blue pill or red pill?

So, what do the devs read? Twitter?

I guess you should contact them, then. Gaijin simply do not visit this forum. They own too many games to care about at least one.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: grow up


I got my good laugh, time to stop

just ignore them two. they are just trolls.

basically they did lie about it. the challenges were supposed to go until the end of the event but it looks like this isnt the case. when i ran it without the battle pass i got up to level 35. when i got the battle pass i got 3 additional iris’ and a bunch of other things from the bonus car.

sadly its the higher ups that decide stuff like that and really they dont care unless they get tons of money from it. as much as i wish theyd change stuff its not likely. hell even warthunder is full of bullcrap and i stopped playing that game long ago.

You must be new here

Was that a remark at my expence? Either way, reported

you reported me for… what exactly?
telling someone to ignore you cause your being a troll?
its not worth my time to comment to you anymore then what i have. ive literally done nothing wrong so have at you.

Lol. Apparently, disagreeing with someone means being a troll now? I have reported you for offensive behaviour and childish namecalling. Which is, to point out, I’ve never resorted to, in conversation with the player above.

except i wasnt. you were being more offensive then me with the way you were acting towards the guy and yet your crying that i was the one being offensive. take your own advice and

also learn some respect for others. kthanks.

Since when you decide what is offensive and what isn’t? I grow tired of your constant harassing and namecalling.

You haven’t earned any respect, as well as many others here. You are not in a position to “teach me the life lessons”.
Reported again

and ignored.

how convenient they stopped updating missions for operation radiance just because now everyone is on the final stretch of the pass to get Iris.

They give you 3 days of premium rubbish as if that’s going to make up for anything.

Gaijin, I will NEVER buy anything from you guys again.

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