Raid player spent the round pushing and blocking me

A player under the nickname HolyFuccDisBoy spent almost the entire raid blocking and pushing me, violating the game rules. I would very much like them to be punished for this behavior because it’s affecting me and other players on this raid. Simply outrageous. Here’s a video recording I’ve made with the process. I reported them in the game but this seems to affect nothing.
If I’m in the wrong place for this, please tell me where else I should post it.

Yes, happened to me some time ago with another player…
report doesn’t work but now i can see him to play correctly… maybe yes it’s work

Was this the only time they did it?

In-game reporting doesn’t do anything, also there could be many reasons why this person behaving like this, you two got a history, his partner left him and now he’s taking it out on others or it could be as something as silly as he doesn’t like the fact you got basically the same build as he does.
But with a name like that it doesn’t surprise me this person acting like this as clearly that name skating the line against game rules.
Have to try filing a complaint on the forum or talking to a forum admin/mod to help you find the best way to complaint to the right people/place?

Never met this guy before.

No reason whatsoever. Guy just being jelly I’m more successful than him I guess. He was running the same tower build but with Stillwinds, and my Whirlwinds outperform them at long range. We don’t have any history. But even if we did, this is a clear violation of the rules that prohibit any inactivity or purposeful impediment of your teammates.
As for the complaint, this topic is it. Is there any other place I could file my report?

You can try here

It doesn’t surprise me it’ll be out of jealousy someone with that name would be :clown_face:
I had a dude do the same thing years ago when the Torrero pack first came out and I got it, he saw me with it and trolled me like a :clown_face: :baby: the whole match

If it is a one time thing then I would ignore it.

No one needs to be a Karen over a one time thing.

If it happened all the time, then maybe it’s an issue.

You probably already spent more time on trying to report the guy then just clicking the play button again.

I’m not defending his behavior, but the chances of getting someone to do anything about it for a single instance is slim to none.

The best advice would be to just move on and keep Playing.