Raids - especially HARD RAIDS - are certainly harder, now

Someone somewhere on here mentioned that raids felt harder.
I agreed, but couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what had changed.
Some bots seemed smarter, some seemed tougher to kill.
I wasn’t sure if it was just my imagination or not.

Now, before you reply at least watch the last two minutes of this video. Like… really watch what’s going on.

The build I’m using is one I’ve been perfecting for over a year just for hard raids. It’d suck in PVP, but for this, it truly is OP. Knock my play skills if you want, but that’s not the point.

This was truly a WTF moment…
Watch how much dmg those reapers soak up…

I’m not mad. I’m kinda excited about it. It means hard raids will actually be hard, and I won’t be playing them reclined in my chair. I’ve played them as an easy way to farm 400 badges. Not so easy, anymore. I’ll actually have to re-learn how to win these without using repair kits!


I dunno. I stopped doing anything but EZ raids. And I only do them on my Jorg and executioner builds to get the sg/cannon dailies out of the way. (these are my two least fav weapon classes in pvp atm) For Mg’s I pvp.


Yeah. They’re hard. Especially Steel Cradle. Also, the amount of resources seems to be nerfed. I played some raids last night and it was all like 250-280 copper with premium. I run 3 Porcs.

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With each part having resistances now, what did you expect? Hard levi has a lot of Stteppenwolves’ parts, which are slightly more resistant to the explosions now.

They’ve been hard-to-the-core before due to overall resistance of the enemies in hard raids.

Lemme tell you, speed-forcing Steel Cradle is possible only if you have porcs/incinerators. Otherwise you’ll spend much more time destroying the end goal. For real speed-forcing I’d pick Perimeter breach. At least faction levis aren’t that durable.

Right. I avoid Steel Cradle at all costs. All of the hardest levi battles have been Steel Cradle and then you come out with 900 something points.


Why is There No Plastic HARD Raid ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:


I’ve asked that before I think there should be too.

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if you wanna know some bullcrap that happened to me the other day… i was in a medium raid and got rushed by one of those stupid bots with the 2 lances… well… the bot hit the front of my build, took off 2 TRAIN PLOWS AND the frame holding the plow attached to my cabin, then drove into me, exploded and killed me instantly. this was right after i respawned back in. i call 100% BULLCRAP on that!

i was shooting the guy before he collided with me, then i was shooting his cabin before he could blow up. well my bullets might as well have just been ping pong balls. he blew up and killed me instantly. THEN the boss fired 2 volleys of his ungodly amounts of shotguns on him and 2 shot me. i say screw lunatic raids now they are absolutely broken.

like… the instant i revived, the enemy targeted me, ran into me, knocked off my frame and plows and drove into me until he exploded. normally i could take a hit from those and still have both of my plows but what the absolute hell was that!? do explosives on sticks have some sort of penetration perk that i dont know about?

if thats the case then lances and boom sticks are going to be so absolutely broken. like seriously, that was over 800 damage to BOTH my plows and the frame to my build as well. i have my explosives hidden behind that frame due to the dawns children’s broken boss with that absurd piercing scorpion duo it has. there isnt really any other place i can mount my expanded ammo packs. if i went behind my cabin the piercing shots from the scorpions would instantly 1 shot my build every time.

If explosives are behind the cabin, scorpions shouldn’t be able to hit them unless they flank you. They no longer penetrate cabins.
But, it does seem like they can deframe better now, so splitting your frame pieces might help.

wrong. bosses in raids pierce through the entire build. it doesnt stop when it hits the cabin, it goes through everything on your build. your thinking of players or pvp, scoprions stop at the cabin in pvp but not in raids. raids are different and its why i hate fighting dawns children so much. i dont think they changed this either.

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Oh my… It’s like you were plucking those bots to death with a BB gun.

Hard raids have always been a slog. The devs would change them up, and players would adapt. It seems like Devs are hellbent on making raids as miserable as possible. This could just be an oversight with the recent update too.

I quit playing raids because they’re no longer worth my time.

I quit doing lunaitc and firestarter raids because those are the two you can absolutely lose if your teammates aren’t paying attention to whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing in the raid.

I didn’t play hard raids for a long time with the same reasoning. I got more inventory, and re-attempted them with a dual retcher build & a triple arbiter/aurora build. Being satisfied I could reliably win them, I felt the 400 or so badges made it worth my time since I was getting an Epic once every two weeks or so (I don’t play nearly as much free time to play as a lot of guys).

I know a lot of folks think the matchmaker for raids will allow you to win even if you have a lighter PS build. This might be true assuming you’re never put in a match with a dude 7k above you - which the MM will most certainly do on a regular basis.

I’d rather be the dude skewing the PS of bots upward than the dude at the bottom.

Poor matchmaking & PS balancing is a bigger issue in raids than it is in PVP or even Patrol.

As is, I’ll probably grind out the hard raids this week & stop playing them until something changes… partly because they’re simply too hard & not worth needing repair kits to win. Mostly because they’re taking too friggin long. We spent over 4 minutes just on that stupid Levi!

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It would be Nice if they swapped the Levi battle from copper to Plastic


indeed…they need to up the rewards for making such a jump in bots in difficulty on all raids…they can’t keep the same lame rewards in this update…not cool…

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The pve mode clearly needs a revamp, at least don’t make me go through bots that have been beaten hundreds or even thousands of times with retcher

Those are the two main issues right there. Hard raids are caught in a catch-22. Raids are not worth playing so the MM and PS balancing can’t work properly, so it punishes players with lighter PS cars even more and the cycle repeats itself.

I remember when Weekly hard raids rewarded 1000 badges in total, now it’s less than half. Hard Raids were a chore, but they were doable.

It’s like they’re cracking down on the F2P options to progress.

It’s like this game doesn’t reward you for spending money. It will just punish you if you don’t.


I have NEVER done a levi raid, I have to sell copper.

The first day it offers Plastic I will que.

Agreed. And it is quite amplified on PC (because of market conditions) compared to Xbox/PS.


i both like and really dislike lunatic raids. i like them because they have to get close to deal damage and you can strip ALOT of their armor / guns if you hit them with porcs. always satisfying. the part i dislike heavily is the boss. that (insert bad word here) can 3 shot me with just 3 of his guns on him. one hit knocks off my plow, second shot knocks off my next plow, the third shot kills me instantly from full health. i have over 1000 health and my train plows have over 400 hp each. how does 3 fricken shotguns do THAT MUCH DAMAGE!?

also raids switch every 20 minutes now… AND they took out one of the easy raid selections… well thats just peachy!

also about firestarters fire is broken and i dont like fighting them much. if anything their fire does to much damage to my vehicle. the boss isnt TO bad. if i can get some good hits hes easy… notice i said IF. porcs can be real derps most of the time and go around the enemy with their random toss out patterns :unamused:


I do EZ raids. Been doing that for a year and half now.

Every once in awhile I will do plastic raids. Mainly I just sell scrap and wires and buy plastic and electronics.(usually i just buy the part I want instead of crafting) Medium and Hard raids do not give what I feel to be an adequate reward for the time and difficulty. (I do plastic raids when the daily is MG’s sometimes if my dress is blown up)

What I see in this thread is generally “These take too much time and are too difficult for the perceived reward difference.”

And I totally agree across the board.

Is this just me or normal and hard raids are now similar for both their respective resource choices?

Normal raids: both “The war for fire”, both Wolves, and both set in Founders Canyon.

Hard raids: both “The last convoy”, both Nomads, and both set in Eastern Array.

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