☑️ Ram damage and changes to energy consumption and energy supply of parts. Second test

Ram damage and changes to energy consumption and energy supply of parts. Second test


We remind you that the test server, where you can try out the modified ram damage mechanics and evaluate the changes to energy consumption and energy supply, is launching again today. We introduced a number of changes after the first testing, but, first of all, we’d like to answer the questions about the date of appearance of the updated mechanics in the game:

  • The new energy consumption and energy supply system is experimental and will be further refined and modified. Its future depends on the current and upcoming tests. And it’s pretty certain that it won’t appear in the game with the next update.

  • The updated ram damage mechanics have shown good results and they will be added to the game with the upcoming update.

Now we’ll tell you about the new changes (relative to the first stage of testing):

  • We decided not to transfer a number of structural parts to the category of bumpers. The announcement can be found here.
  • Relative to the first testing, the effect of vehicle mass on the calculation of ram damage has been slightly increased.
  • For the engines of “special rarity”, weakened perks of their “epic” counterparts have been added.
  • Engine “Hot red”:
    • Now consumes 1 pts. of energy.
    • Increases the mass by 1200 kg (instead of 1000 kg previously).
    • Increases the maximum speed of the cabin by 15% (instead of 13% previously).
    • The perk increases the reverse speed of wheels up to 60% (instead of 50% previously).
  • Boosters:
    • “Aviator” now consumes 1 pts. of energy, “Blastoff” now consumes 2 pts. of energy, and “Hermes” now consumes 3 pts. of energy.
    • Due to changes in energy consumption, the acceleration power has been re-adjusted.
    • As a part of the “Cockpit” cabin’s perk: “common” booster increases weapon damage by 3%, “rare” booster increases weapon damage by 10%, and an “epic” booster increases weapon damage by 25%.
    • Hermes: durability increased from 129 to 172 pts.
  • Daze: energy drain reduced from 7 to 6 pts.
  • Verifier: cooldown reduced from 35 to 30 sec.
  • Chameleon: cooldown increased from 25 to 30 sec.
  • Borer and Buzzsaw: damage increased by 15%.
  • Lacerator, Mauler, Harvester and Charybdis: damage increased by 10%.
  • Jubokko, Owl, and Anaconda: energy drain reduced from 8 to 7 pts.
  • Kapkan: energy drain reduced from 5 to 4 pts.
  • King: damage increased by 15%.
  • Thunderbolt: energy drain reduced from 8 to 7 pts.
  • Gravastar:
    • Energy drain increased from 8 to 9 pts.
    • Damage increased by 5%.
    • Now the perk heats up the shotgun by 50% (instead of 100% previously).
  • ST-M26 Tackler: energy drain reduced from 6 to 5 pts.
  • Porcupine:
    • Energy drain reduced from 7 to 6 pts.
    • Damage from explosion reduced by 11%.
    • Reloading time increased from 3 to 3.5 sec.
    • Ammunition reduced from 16 to 12 pts.

We remind you that your constructive feedback and suggestions are extremely important. After testing the changes, please share your opinion in the dedicated feedback thread.

The test server will be available:

  • Friday, March 1, 2024: from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT time)
  • Saturday, March 2, 2024 from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT)
  • Sunday, March 3, 2024: from 13:00 to 19:00 (GMT time)
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Once again, good changes.

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Not happy about the porc changes.

Porcs have needed an energy nerf for a long time. Having a half point gave it a super happy medium of half nerfing it. As in current energy comsuption, 4 energy was probably too much. 7 was perfect imo. If you leave it at 6 (currently 3), nerfed its reload by 16%, its most pertinent damage (explosive) by 11%, youve admitted this thing has been out of whack for…years. come tf on. Dont nerf its stats, nerf its energy, and make porc players actually have to decide what other goodies they bring. Currently its ill by 4 destroyer-of-men and…oh i dunno, all the goodies i want. How about, “aw geez, im bringing 4? Imma gonna have to lose something to make this work.”

I read that ^ back and have confirmed my vote for myself as president.


I’m actually fine with the changes nothing to complain about.

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bye bye hot red…you’ll never take my Doppler radar away from me!
'again money wasted…

Thank you for your tears they taste delicious…

Mud, with the changes as proposed, you can use a Maxwell powered radar and the hot red for the price of a Doppler. Unless your scoping out targets for scorpions, a doppler is overkill for how far it can reach anyways.

they are making a free engine cost 1 energy to use.max still has 1 energy same as dopp.( inot getting rid of my dopp for the red hot engine) my team needs to see the map.and mostly me of course.
i have 15/15 right now.
they ruined the colossus engine already,
they keep making us rebuild every patch…
this isn’t…

Cant be asked…smfh.

Youre right mud, youve opened my eyes. How could i be So dumb. Big preesh for getting my head on straight.

im just talking about the 1 energy needed if they make the change to the red hot.
why such bold a move again.

You know that one energy is really just the same as a half point of energy currently is, right?
That means spending one point on Red Hot and one on a detector is the same as spending no energy on the engine and one point on a detector under the current system. So the same build should work without any adjustments.


but why they say it will cost 1 energy now?
that would mean it will cost my build 16 energy instead of 15 like it is now?
what am i missing? just asking.with no emotes lol

They’re reducing the energy costs for all other modules, so you should actually end up with energy left over if you’ve got other systems on this car.

Porc needs an across the board nerf. It’s the everything relic; heating power, explosives, rate of fire, all of it. The only thing it doesn’t have is range.

Because poony nailed. My friend used to have deck of cards with no 2 of hearts. Playing with that deck frustrated me so f’n much. He said it doesnt really matter, its the lowest card and not a spade. Id argue that it affects every percentage of every draw, getting a flush, etc. He brushed it off. He figuratively, and literally, wasnt playing with a full deck. Me having to explain what poony just did (thanks poon) literally frustrated me like i was back sitting around that table arguing an argument i had already won, and having to explain it to someone who wasnt going to get it no matter what.

Why such a bold move? You triggered PTSD from something id made peace with. You know how that story ended? I bought him goddamm new deck of cards and rid myself of the trouble. If only, If. Only. I could do the same for you -_-

Tl;dr- when youre wrong, you have no clue. Literal same effect as talking to a brick wall. Except i got to give the brick wall some credit here. Maybe someone’s on the other side, hears you and has something constructive to add.

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how will that help this?
ill wait n see but i know its not going to be good…

whatever mr ’ i’m so intelligent ’
but anything over kill in war is never a bad thing.
sorry ur not a team player and use cheap radars.
i’m just trying to figure out if i’m going to have to rebuild again.
your just being rude.

Weren’t you the one who posted the info?
Essentially you will have twice as much energy to play with (more if you are using the right cabin and generator).

By doing that, some items can now cost the equivalent of half an energy point, which will make fine tuning game balance much more precise. You might have to rebuild some builds, but in many cases you won’t need to, and in some cases you will now have some extra energy to put into modules.

Ah, good point on the plus energy for certain cabs poony. If i remember correctly, all heavy cabs gain the extra point, meaning he gets his hot red at 1 energy for free, compared to what it is now.

Edit: Nvm he said 15 energy and my high PS playing brain assumed he was playing with a 4 energy generator on a heavy cab. Pic says torero, theres gonna have to be some concessions to make that work. Unless he upgrades to a bootstrap to offset the 1 energy hot red.

Torrero and gas gen will give him 29 energy points.
I can’t find how much energy Maxwell is going to cost, but it might be that my phone destroys the formatting on that chart.

Edit: Maxwell is 1 energy. So he’ll need to potentially switch to bootstrap, and maybe change one Seal to a rare rad.
Edit: are Maces going to be 6 energy?