Real balance problem

The problem with balance is the players in general cuz once one thing gets buffed the others cry to try and keep their fav build on top, so they cry nerf then the others cry nerf then buff so on so forth so if u all sat back and actually think about it instead of i want my build to be better still thats why some epics do more dmg then relics its cuz of the PLAYERS not the DEVS

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Relics are strong enough compared to most legendaries lmao. this just sounds like “I paid for an ingame advantage and I want it pretty big please”

my point is the players r unbalanced meaning if half the players say ya guess what the other half says no guess what it leaves it unbalanced, do u understand what real balance is, its when everyone agrees but guess what in games thats not possible so it becomes unbalanced nd stays unbalanced

Your assumption here is that devs give a fuck about what players say. They mostly don’t from what I saw. It’s obvious that a majority of gamers are menchildren that will blatantly lie to live their power fantasy online. Been around online gaming since too long to have any faith in players.

But I don’t believe players have any kind of input in the game. At least not people who post here and on Reddit :joy:

And I’m all for some epics going toe to toe with relics. In fact, if more did, CW would suck a lot less and be a lot more balanced

i know the devs dont care cuz hearing nerf this nd nerf that then buff this nd buff that for same things over nd over after they have just done it for 7 years i wouldnt give a fuck either :rofl: in the end its their game nd their play ground, they can do whatever they want, if ppl cant just be happy then fuck them they can go play something else


I believe that isn’t the best way to handle business. In fact, most people just go play something else, because the game is pretty mediocre besides the novelty aspect of building, and is monetized in goddamn obnoxious and anti-consumer ways.

At least the last balance updates weren’t retarded as fuck and totally out of touch with the game, that’s a progress < ’ >_< ’ >


I see where the devs r coming from kinda cuz their wanting to progress the game nd add new things make the game bigger nd not want to constantly go through a shit ton of codes looking for whatever codes cuz some codes could kinda mess up other codes even if their not coded together so that could also be a reason plus 7 years of coding theirs gotta be atleast 3000 to 5000 codes they would have to go through

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Honestly their only goal is to expand and renew the pool of items that can be sold to whales. They’ve stated multiple times that they will not work on Adventure, they destroyed races, removed half the brawls, half the game is an unfinished broken mess. Anything that doesn’t bring them instant, short-term money is sadly not in their plans. Gamers’ experience? Last on the priority list.

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but if u remember if u been playing for years they have taking things out nd rebrought them back but reworked so that could be the case, the only ones who really know r the devs nd the partners but if the partners say anything it would go against their partnership, im not partnered nd i dont think i ever will lol so ill just keep guessing :joy:

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I definitely think you have a point, and I think that’s why the devs don’t participate or pay much attention to the forum.

If you spend a lot of time here, you will hear that hovers are OP, spiders are OP, omniwheels are OP, normal wheels are OP, and also that all of those items also deserve buffs.

Add to that confusion is the fact that the people who complain the most about balance exaggerate every statement to the point where it’s meaningless. And they also spin wild theories about how every single decision is a sneaky plot to manipulate players into spending thousands of dollars, which make their points even harder to take seriously.

However, I would argue the real reason the game is unbalanced is just the natural outcome of having so much building freedom and so many items to choose from, with many different ways of interacting with each other. Any time they add a new item or adjust an old item, it sets off a chain reaction of unintended consequences.

From my perspective, it seems like they are trying to deal with that reality by adding as many things as they can, in hopes that if they give you enough options, the game won’t become overly dominated by just a couple build types. That is never going to result in perfect balance, but I feel like I see more build diversity now than I did four years ago.


true but all u ever see is the same builds cuz nobody plays for fun anymore everyone is partied up using the same build unlike many yrs ago like for example i used to shoot the shit with many guys in battles as randoms it was bout the fun but now if u say anything on mic nd someone else is on a mic theyll send party invites nd join game like i rather solo nd shooting the shit nd having everyone in the lobby know where enemies r cuz using ping doesnt do shit thats for sure lol thats why i now do pve nd if i do pvp im using boom sticks

They still nerfed the shit out of Astraeus for no reason at all and they owe that gun and me a complete nerf reversion.

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Hmmm…ah…I’m not picking on you or taking issue for or against what you’re saying, but I just need to say this for all the kids who didn’t learn grammar like I did, so many decades ago. Punctuation is a wonderful thing! Periods, semicolons, commas etc. are a great way to break up a sentence containing multiple thoughts or issues into a more coherent form. Run-on sentences tend to fly over people’s heads, as many stop reading halfway through.

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maybe but i didnt go to school let alone join the C.A.F to become a journalist lol so I use commas to separate my crap

you learn that when you get a girlfriend. :crazy_face:

I have 2 girlfriends the palmala twins :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Rolling metas are inevitable, but it’s when things are blatantly forced in order to push an agenda where they make profit is where it becomes cancer.

Playing CW on console today, I saw blight and heavy cab dracos and firebugs. I saw punny spiders and hovers. Saw cannon wheel and hover builds. I saw booster breakers, heavy breakers, and hover breakers. I saw scorp and helicon hovers. I saw masto hover and spider. Saw reaper spider. Saw melee build. Saw porc spider and hovers. Saw cyclone spider. Prob forgetting a few others but all of that in 1 CW session. I find that to be very respectable variety. How many build types should we have?

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im not talking cw in pvp on xbox before crossplay all u ever seen was mostly mine layers with kaps but ive noticed ps players run non same kinda builds they play with random looking builds to just have fun

And yet, there is not a single comma in that sentence-paragraph… thing?