Rebalance cannons

DPS weapons seem to be pretty powerful right now. What if the Devs rebalanced Cannons to make them more viable?
Cannons should inflict more damage. They should also be more durable.
To balance them out, they should have an accuracy penalty for movement to Deter Dogs and Hovers from using them (Hovers should also be more affected by impulse and recoil too)

To make Tracks more viable, they could be less affected by recoil and the accuracy penalty (Goliaths would get the most advantage, followed by Tank, Armored ETC ETC.)

I kind of feel like they should redo how cannon damage is done in general too but I feel like some of the issue is in the efficiency of how it deals it’s damage… Like if its going to deal more damage then a part has durability it should continue through to the next part minus the damage it’s already dealt. Or perhaps the shell itself could have a durability amount that degrades as it passes through parts which could determine when blast damage is triggered. So it could be sort of a combination of ballistic and penetration damage. Rather then just popping for it’s blast damage once it’s hit its penetration limit.


I’d like more impulse and more recoil, to help prevent a return of the cannon hover meta. I like the idea of giving tracks some recoil resist.
I still think they should rework how cannons work against pass through parts. Maybe let shells keep penetrating until they do 50 damage points of bullet damage, then explode. I know some are supposed to do something like that, but doesn’t seem like it’s actually working on pass through parts. It’s almost as if the damage they let through gets counted towards detonating the shell.
I just hope devs are cautious about any buffs. Cannons might not be very popular right now, but it might not take much to shift the meta towards them again.

@63771550: I agree, your suggestion makes more sense because that is how Armor piercing rounds work. It would also help neutralize spaced armor.

It might sound weird but… Restrictions allow for more creativity. By making a powerful weapon nearly incompatible with certain build archetypes, it allows for the less popular movement parts to shine. In return, the increased diversity would allow for more counterplay options. For example: If cannons become more popular, weapons like Fuze Drones might become more viable because they can deter cannons(They’d still need a buff of course).

Yeah, that’s kinda why I wanted an accuracy penalty and increased recoil… to prevent high mobility builds from using them to destroy everything else.

out of curiosity, have you guys ever played with cannons fused for explosion radius?

Or smaller models/hitbox’s for all cannons purple and up?

How about bullet resistance to help mitigate Arbiter and Punisher hovers from dancing around while deleting them with their DPS? They have Gun shields, why not give them a little bit of damage resistance?

I do, it’s generally better then the straight damage upgrade. However it still doesn’t help a ton though when your unlucky enough hit a small outer part and the radius doesn’t have much else to contact. I think it would be more interesting if they tried a directional shape to the explosion as well so instead of a sphere it might be conical and directed away from the impact area.


I know its OP on Stillwaters. Was thinking about maybe upgrading some, not sure what cannon though (not relics,legendaries) that would benefit most. I usually just throw together a quick cannon build for daily when it’s cannons.

I’ve just been doing quasars for dailies but I have a set of upgraded judges that I’m fond of messing with too on lighter builds. The projectile speed upgrade takes out much of the drop on them. The executioners just got a nice buff not to long ago so that might be a good pick. Their weight and size in the past often kept me from using them.

It would be a fair idea to make use of the shield.

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Whatever they did to executioners is making them feel a lot better. Thinking of getting a third, although it’s been fun running two on a fast omniwheel build. Would have to sacrifice a lot to run three, and I don’t know if that kind of build really appeals to me.

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OR… now hear me out… revoke the 10% reload nerf they gave to the mammoths a long while back? huh?
seriously i fused my mammoth cannon for reload speed and have it with a reload booster, i compared it to the mastodon i have and they are almost the same reload speed. it varies by about 0.2 seconds give or take. but they are almost identical in reload speed. if mammoths hadnt been nerfed then their reload speed wouldve been a bit faster.

i do agree that cannons need a bit more love cause they are easily out damaged by weapons with high dps like arbiters or machine guns. i am waiting for that cabin that boosts cooling speed though. im wondering if it effects reload speed to, anyone know if it does?
im talking about the Huginn cabin, does anyone know if this only effects cooling for machine guns and shotguns or does it effect cannons to?

Only works on overheated parts. Not reload.

The other thing that I’ve mentioned a few times is they could attempt doing is other types of ammo that are equipped by alternate ammo boxes. These are made once just like normal ammo boxes. I would expect them to be rarity special or higher. These could then be cycled through during a match to try to give cannon users a more versatile ammo type advantage. (Note - this is not premium ammo)

A few that I came up with as examples:
Cryogen - Does frost damage. Hinders passthrough. Thermo-shock: Temporarily decreases heat dmg resistance.
Pyro - heats parts in blast area. Thermo-shock: Temporarily decreases frost dmg resistance.
H.E - Increased blast area
Armor Piecing - Increased penetration
Grapeshot - This is a medium range ammo with little drop that acts similar to the Arothron.
EMP bursts - Does 0 damage - Temporarily turns off cloaks, shields, radar, and drones in an AOE for a duration.

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Necropoating, but… Could cannons(excluding Avenger) get a couple of more rounds of ammo?