Red Lights

Are you really serious? Such an event for hovers!! Revenger max 95km/h same as the fast hoverjets, but to drive on snow and ice muck. Do you players who play with hoops really offend you so consciously or don’t you even notice it anymore?


Huh? What?
Anyone have a translator?

i believe hes trying to pull one of these :rofl:

the ravagers slip and slide on the ice stupidly easy. they also flip extremely easily to… at times they can be very hard to control. hovers have it easier but people have to build their hovers wide to compensate for the tilt but even then they are stupidly hard to turn and have a huge delay. trust me i tried it and its so hard to control hovers now. idk how some people make it work >.>

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I think this falls under the same primal and guttoral cry of the non-hover crossout community against the unfairness of hover builds since they were introduced.


I think ravagers have won every match I’ve played, no matter how many hovers were playing.

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I wish I could see what your doing, this is not the experience I have with hovers.

I find them to be the easiest movement part to use.

ngl… i havent been in a game once where the good guys won. anytime i was on ravagers we always won, anytime i was on the good guys we always lost. yeah the ravagers have no weaponry and are basically potatoes with wheels but the rounds end pretty fast. sometimes it just seems unfair at times. i think its because ravagers respawn to fast or they are way to close so people get infected to quick. they also tend to spawn ahead of where you are to.

the experience i have is hovers are just dreadful. their turn response time is incredibly slow, their strafing is very bad and its so hard to turn and control them i try combining the controls like strafing and turning but nope. when i turn theres a big delay and it turns so slow they would make wheels jealous. even on a light build with no armor its the same thing. idk what i could be doing wrong. im on ps4 btw.

Is this the same if you test drive someone else’s build?

Hovers are super responsive

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I play with a paddle. What was hard became easy (when they allowed us to change the buttons around. Or maybe I got a paddle that allows that idk.

I just started building with hovers again, they are much better than most wheels.

he said he was using blue hovers. so probably that + building too heavy

Also where is he playing from? I am on a certain satelite company, and when my latency is crappy I fly everywhere. If he has continuous low latency could that be it?

I have experienced this before. But it seems to the the exception and not the rule.

I have also experienced this on wheels, so that is what confuses me. I can understand if hover “sometimes” feel sluggish, but if it is all the time then something is not right.

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I think it’s due to the Map. The various hazards make it difficult for everyone. I think the very narrow canyons with the spikes solve the hover problem.

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its the same for someone elses builds to, unresponsive, slow, awful turning, extremely slow… idk :confused:

nope. i tried building very light to and its the exact same thing. its so odd.

im in canada and my internet is really good. so idk what could be wrong.

but is it blue hovers? they are slow and do not respond well imo. If its not. then idk.

can you remap the buttons on your paddle to help you in anyway?

this is just… i think its mainly the tilt thats doing it. because i noticed that the more it tilts the harder it is to turn. i tried countering this by adding weight to the back to make it more stable when going forward but nothing… it still has a very heavy tilt forward and the steering is just really bad. strafing is responsive, its just the steering left and right thats delayed and garbage. i tried changing the positions of the hovers to and nothing works. i only have 6 hovers of the blue variety. you think i need more to better balance it?

no. i build with 4-6 on most builds.
yeah make sure you have it balance or it will turn bad.

OH. Are you pressing either gas or revers while trying to turn? It may be me, but…I think they turn much faster using that.

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I’m almost always combining strafe with turning when driving hovers. The new controls make it much easier on my hands (I’m on console). Before, my hands would get sore too quickly from constantly squeezing the joysticks to strafe.

i have it balanced aside from my incinerator build which has a massive forward lean. this is to hit the incinerators in front of me. but yeah hovers just dont seem to work for me.

this does help… a little… i mean its something but just straight up turning has a very slow reaction time.

i mean im trying to come up with ways to turn, i am experimenting around a bit with it. i only have 6 blue hovers though so i think that may be the issue? you think more blues would help?

You might want to try and turn off the new controls. Not sure the exact setting, I’m not near the game.

I personally hate the new controls and play old style. I know this does not mater on PC but I’m also useing an elite 2 controller which make it so I do not have to use the sticks to strife.

I can’t catch up with hovercrafts in a Ravager car, they do whatever they want after the recent buff.

I suspect the recent nerf to ST wheels and the buff to the Icarus VII may have been intended to cause an imbalance on purpose. The game was doing poorly, so someone at Tard’em figured:

“We need more money. New players with money need to know that they’re safe and they can pwn some nwbs with impunity all they want. We need to make it painfully clear, because our players are stupid. So let’s make a superior class of players, to dominate over an inferior class. We’ll divide the playerbase, and that’s how we’ll rule over them. By letting the dominating ones believe they’re cool. As for those that are dominated - it’ll be their fault for not joining the cool club by spending money. Hovers are great to use for such a division. There’s currently too much balance between hovers and wheels, we can’t pull it off like this. Let’s slightly buff hovers and nerf wheels, which will work like one bigger buff to hovers, but it won’t be as noticeable. We could make the Icarus VII fly faster and higher, and the Icarus IV would be tanky instead. Let’s also reduce the VII’s tonnage, so the moneybags will have to buy more, and they will, when they see how OP it is. We can’t simply nerf all wheels, the players would see through our scheme, even as stupid as they are. But we could do something about ST wheels - the advantage of turning already halves their tonnage. How about we halve their grip? So what if it’s the same rubber? In this universe, we decide the physics! That will make them less manoeuvrable, giving even more advantage to hovercrafts. If some ground-crawling peasant needs more grip - too bad, they’ll need to use more non-ST wheels. Either way - hovers win. Hover players will gladly spend more money on their fancy gameplay, and that’s how we’ll cultivate a superior class of players. Now, winter is coming. Makes sense for the maps to be covered in snow and ice - reducing wheel grip even more! :laughing: How about that Red Lights District brawl event we were planning? We should make it winter-themed, too. With the Ravagers on wheels, the superior class of hover players will watch them squirm while reducing them to atoms with steady machinegun fire. It’ll also make them like us even more. If everything goes according to plan, we’ll have a group of faithful spenders. If not, no one’s going to be surprised if hovers get nerfed. It’s our job to ensure balanced gameplay for everyone, after all. :smiling_imp: An event brawl wouldn’t be complete without a Battle Pass. Let’s throw an Omamori in there, its high price is ripe for harvest. It’ll let us sell more Red Lights District Batle Passes, and those that refuse to buy one will be buying Cross Crowns like there’s no tomorrow. Because - who knows? We may have to shut down the servers, like what happened to the Chinese Crossout. OK, we won’t, but what happened in China should’ve scared them enough. As for the Armored Track CK we were planning to put in the Hyperborean faction, let’s make it nice and drifty like we did with the Sleipnir, but it’ll be in the Red Lights District Battle Pass instead. So if they want a heavy tank that doesn’t flip, they’ll have to pay extra for that pleasure. Totally not affecting the part’s peformance! :rofl: Which is why we can’t fix the other tracks. Let’s keep them flippy, and not just for the 4 months of the Hyperborean Battle Pass’ duration, that we’ll be milking extra by reducing the daily XP gain to 1500. We could bring back the Sleipnir or the CK Snow Worm in the future, and whatever we put them in, will sell better if the other tracks keep flipping. Guess we can let Igor out of the locker now.”

This is an attempt at figuring out the possible reasoning behind the changes described. Perhaps there was no plan. Which is possible, because Mad King Alex has the ultimate say over everything, and Goth Princess Yuri will make any leap of logic in order to realize his musings. I suspect that Igor may only work on 3D models and artwork, and is not allowed to interfere (too much) with gameplay balance. I also hope that’s the case, because I want to believe he’s as smart he seems to be, and becoming the chief developer was beyond his control for other reasons.

BTW, this isn’t a complaint about hovercrafts in general. I’m not in that club. I love seeing them in PvP. My YT channel is mainly about hunting them. But if Clarinet missiles can fly under hovercrafts that are flying level over flat terrain, there is a problem. Compounded by the new trash on the ground, including the Bridge debris, the new big explosions and black smoke, the new vegetation, and Hans being sent off to a gulag. And again, maybe there is no plan. Maybe it’s just Tard’em being Tard’em.

I use a Turtle Beach Recon wired. My son got my elite 1 controller when he got my xbox one. I still use the sticks to strafe at times from habit. I also use the old control style.

Everything is going to plan. We cannot tell you the plan, only that the plan is the plan, and everything is happening to the plan.