Reminder, low skill parts are required

The problem is when low skill parts are combined to make fully low skill builds. The problem is every single one in crossout has a huge flaw in its design.

Omni/hover with camera movement: this is a good low skill for those who are not the best at driving like myself but are good at aiming and predicting movement allowing you to more effectively put your weapons on target, their normal down sides are as follows.

Omni/atom/grinders: melee and high mass builds, can easily pin you do to camera movement this can result in a really hard time aiming especially if you built with the camera movement in mind. Note this means these ones at least are balanced.

Hover: easily countered by anything hitting them from above or bellow, shotgunners are good at this but most good hover players can outright ignore shotgunners do to movement… that part needs fixed.

note: hovers counter their counter when combined wiht other things… which is the problem.

MGS and shotguns

these are your basic low skill item, granted they do allow for a skilled growth. This is a problem not in the fact that you can get really skilled with them but in the fact they are low skill with high skill max, that can be rather broken when combined with other things.

MGs are the main problem with this, but this isn’t a problem in the long run, unless you mix low skill movement like omni and hovers with them. At which point you get someone who is playing a W+m1 build in high skilled games with no skill.

the weapons are not the problem it is how they are combined with movement.

missiles AND CAUCS

these have the biggest problem of all low skilled items. AS in standard ground to ground PvP… they suck, they are outright useless in most cases they do make up for that if the user is good at map prediction and movement or using other skill required items but they are still out done by the MGS in every way making them the lesser low skill items.

The problem comes when put in air, to the point that the Missiles have a whole suit of counters from cloak and argus, to flock and aegis. IF you don’t have those counters in the air you will die to them but if you do they are completely useless.

note this means missiles have really good counter play when used right. Caucs on the other hand don’t have the counters missiles do by their nature. Granted caucs can be fixed by simply having the weapon disable in the air.

Drones and turrets

Yeah… they should really just move all these to costing 2 energy but having a 2 per build limit. they are more a support item that some how became a main item. The way they are put in makes them the butt of all jokes for a reason.

The fuze for example is a newb trap as many players with it see those big damage numbers and points at the end of the match and think they are doing well, when in fact they where putting their team at risk making every fight down one by default, they are basicly in an artillery/sniper roll but have no ability to pick their target and hit vital points.

This is a trap of an item, seriously it is all the safety of artillery but none of the ability of the artillery.

Yes please, this would work wonderfully.

Title: 0 out of 5.

Point of post: 2 out of 5.

Attempt to organize and correlate points: 1 out of 5

Thoughtfulness of post: 0 out of 5

Use for anybody: 0 out of 5.

Well played sir. You have successfully said almost nothing. Reminds me of school when the teacher would say, “You have to use 1,000 words for this essay.” Mmk, there’s 100 papers to grade, 1,000 words a piece. Sure, you, the burnout teacher, are going to count 100,000 words and also check for quality. Nah. Here’s my bloated-ive-said-nothing-meaningful “1,000” words.

Hell, ive almost reached the threshold replying to nothing with nothing.

Sheesh, ive killed some threads by pointing out the obvious, but if this one sees 30 replies, ill eat my shoes.

Tl;dr: Topic and reason to create it, dumb af with no point.

I rate your response to my topic a 0 out of 5 as it is even more pointless then my rambling.


Anyone else want to get this to 30 just so this guy has to eat his shoes?

@Warbrand2 what is your game-nick and CW league sir?

I’m fairly certain that it’s just Warbrand2, they use their ingame nickname on the forums, like I do.

I don’t play CW


Hate CC and CW as a concept. makes the game to tryhard for me.

omnis in general are broken. ive said it many times that they have far to much grip for a wheel and far to much weight and pushing power. the more you have on your vehicle the more pushing power you have. this NEEDS to be nerfed HARD. theres no way a light build should be able to push a 20 ton heavy weight vehicle like its made of wet tissue paper.

missiles are countered by literally everything in the game, they stand no chance. plus with those flares to further counter them they been made useless. its a shame cause i liked using missiles, but with so many counters… and just stepping 4 feet to the right… they just dont work anymore.

please just stop with this crap. they are not going to limit drones. they are bad enough as is so why make them even worse?

this is what YOU are trying to do by limiting them. yes they can be a support weapon but they dont even do that very well either. bots target them as soon as they hit the ground so theres no point in using them. i tried the anaconda in raids and when i placed it far away it did decently… when the rockets didnt shoot themselves into the ground… and when my team mates didnt get in the way… or block the shots… regardless they dont need to be limited just cause they are a support weapon. they are WEAPONS.

theres a reason for this. they nerfed fuzes really hard before and they have suffered since. i wish they werent nerfed because they used to do really well. i know this cause i used to run them and i did very well with them. the problem is they are tied to that stupid cabin, the cabin gives them a significant boost to damage but at a cost. id rather run them with the harpy due to the increased explosion radius, bonus ammo and the damage. sure the cabin made for them is good but only so good. 7 seconds boost time isnt that good even with the recharge boost. note here as well the reload time on fuzes is 30 seconds, even with the fusion perk of reload speed it only goes down to 24 seconds which is a long time, so you need a cheetah to help with that. even then it still doesnt help much. drones really need some work done to them to make them better but no touching the grenadiers or the annihilators. we dont need a reminder of how broken those were… :face_with_peeking_eye:

edit: for the anacondas the energy requirement should go down to 2. they are just so weak its laughable that they cost 4 energy.

These need an accuracy nerf. That’s all I have to say.

You sound like limiting them wouldn’t come wiht other buffs.

As a all, i think drones for what they are, are close to where they should be (talking now about hawks and sidekicks in particular),
I’m happy with them only lacking in some parts.

sidekicks - promptness and survivability

Hawks - survivability.

As you said, they are weapons period.
they should have equally sturdiness to other weapons period.
There’s no reason for such a difference between them ( hawks and sidekicks) and other MGs, they all use the same bullets.
But no, droners don’t have any control over cooldown, they are over easy to supress and get insta killed.
There’s no reason for the Hawk having 3 energy and the sidekick 4 energy.
We lack variety.
There’s no reason why the sidekick having 1 MG and being a special weapon, same weaponry as the falcon which has the same 1 MG but is a rare weapon. Hawk has 2 MGs.
They moved up sidekick to special rarity but didn’t updated it and at the same time there’s nothing now at the rare level.
And we lack variety.
And after Special? there’s nothing more but grenadiers and owls and fuses.
we could have several lines for each one, and one more additional line for SG drones.

Just to put in perspective, turrets have rare, special and epic levels.
I wouldn’t mind having to carry coolers and rads

The main problem is that even with inhuman ultra instinct skills, skill weapons can’t compete with the non-skill parts because it’s just that effective

its one of the iron rules of crossout. the meta is always cheesy and easy. for the unwashed masses to thrive in.

Yep, that is why most low skill parts have huge trade offs.

The problem is you can use other low skill parts to counter those trade offs.

In general, I’d say it’s pretty much arrogant, silly and pointless of anyone to go talking what game should be. If we want change, we must unite on simple ideas and push them wherever is possible.
Also in general about your topic I’d say this:
I think developers perspective on this is making game flexible and forgiving enough to fit as much various players as possible maintaining at least some resemblance of balance. Gosh wait times now… I feel it’s 30-50% of players now than half a year ago. I don’t think camera steer is that big of a deal, but things like clan challenges and limiting crafting of parts really drive nails into coffin of this game.

Indeed there are, I hope devs tweak few things.
Missiles - I have no problem dodging them with maneuverability alone. Nest is impossible to dodge, but if you face them right with build that can clean itself, not a problem either.
Caucasus is obviously a bias in air. I’m barely winning them. It is just that hard to aim in air. I don’t think devs like their air mode to be dominated by flying boxes either.
Whirlwind is another bias too. need less perk damage boost and durability.

Best example, is the idea that Caucs should deactivate if there is an active rotor on the build.

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I don’t like that idea. Limiting weapon use in modes is dull. Just need to reduce their effectiveness that’s all. Although I’m not even sure how.
You see devs keep to that idea of having all parts work with same characteristics in all modes. And I like the concept.
Besides, any autoaim and homing weapons work better in air modes. Cut caucasus, next thing you know metaslaves finding next best thing and what then? Ban half weaponry from the mode?