Remove air challenges

I suggest rotor challenges are removed in general, because playing the air game mode is a chore.

You can complete them in patrol mode.


The entry level rotors are easily & cheaply crafted. I have a CR-1 Seagull rotor build with a wyvern cabin with 2 Avengers & radio I take into patrol and finish off those challenges in a jiffy. All entry level components . (paint & or decor is extra.)

I’m still on the fence about copters being in the game, but I don’t find them difficult to play especially in pve mode. In fact they make it easy when I’m in a car in a copter battle, because half the bots focus solely on the copters, allowing me to just sit next to them and pick them apart.

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No. He’s talking about the ones you have to kill other heli’s.

Yes. I do all but the kill heli’s in patrol. First time in patrols in 5+years.

I thought he meant daily “in the grip of ice” challenges.
If he’s about “frostbite assault ones”… damn… can’t even get 5 heli kill assists once in a week or more? wtf is wrong with this people? They come to this forum whining on the slightest inconvenience.


Those who are bad at games blame everything but themselves.


No, i do not find this gamemode hard.
I dont know if some of you are able to read, but i called the helicopter gamemode a chore.
What that means is i find the gamemode boring, and i really dont care whether i play against NPCs or ‘players’.
Im not sure what sort of argument it is to say that the components to play the gamemode are easy to get, because that has nothing to do with what i said.

I could write an essay on all the reasons i dislike helis in general, but my point was to remove helicopter challenges.

Than you will find it perfectly doable to make f*cking 2 battles in a week(if I’m not wrong not every week even has heli challenges) to get 5 assists and be done with it.
I don’t usually play cannons, shotguns, should I whine about removing them from daily and other challenges as well?


When you have to kill enemy helicopters, it is frustrating when you hate the whole idea.
I want to play Wheels. My helicopter has four wheels. So, you get the damage on the enemy helicopters, if there are any, and go to the enemy base. You of course have the worst helicopter allies ever. The enemy helicopters would rather lose to base capture then come fight to defend their base and while you win, you have zero kills of enemy helicopters and rinse and repeat.

Aren’t you the one playing turrets almost exclusivly? Hard to get heli kills with those ones.

You don’t like it , Then don’t play it.

I had to switch to Grenadiers because the 2,000,000 damage a week for clan challenge. Turrets do not get enough damage per week. I was able to fuse 3 last weapon fusion event.

LOL! I play like crap & I blame my age, old eyes poor reflexes and spasms ! :sunglasses: :+1:

Wow ! I rarely see drones in game anymore.

precisely my point mister
i want the helicopter challenges to be removed to that i do not have to bother with them to level up in an event

no, not even a single challenge is doable in 2 battles.
playing helicopters is not comparable to having to play cannons / other types of weapon in any capacity.

As i said, the gamemode is a chore and is boring to play, i dont know if you find that hard to understand

that is the helicopter experience.
as much as i hate the heli controls, i would be willing to accept the gamemode if it didnt go the way this guy said.

why grenadiers?