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I have played crossout for over 5 years. From the time i started (much less of an issue then) to now. (Much more of an issue now) Bots have been a problem. I speak with quite a few players on xbox, and almost all of them, myself included, think the game would be much better without bots. We would not mind a 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, or a 6v6. We just want to enjoy the game, and bots do NOT help. Now that cross-platform is a thing, 2v2 is much less likely on console. This makes removing bots, and leaving the game to real players, much more desirable. Leave bots to patrol. Devs please do take a poll, or DO SOMETHING. your game is dying, you need to do something to boost player moral and bring new players. I feel this would be a good start.

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bots nd players have 2 things in common aim assist nd camera traction lol real players dont use the bs tho nd many bs saying they dont use it when clearly they do

Removing bots is not the way to boost game morale, but giving them a chance to miss is a good start.

(A good chunk of players, me included, play a lot of patrol. Removing bots altogether would force us to play against METAslaves, and that’s why we play patrol)

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In the post i said, “leave bots to patrol.” I am talking about pvp. Patrol should always remain to help new players get a feel for the game and for testing new builds.

The problem aren´t bots but crossplay if the crossout stay on pc everything should be ok :). For me example PVP is so boring you try hunt cowards behind hill and in invisible thats all PVP not good fight but bots don´t hide, don´t run and its more fun in confront battle. In PVP is not. But i must said the Game should be better if will be patrol without helicopters because bots have sad attribute that lock on helicopter and that helicopter than drags them around the map and just throws fire at them that should stop its really unfair.

You face the same four-man doom platoon for the fifth time in a row. There better be some bots to kill before my whole team dies and leaves me alone. Bots are good kills, best PVP has 4 bots per team.

Bots ruin the game, especially on console. 6v6 and 3 bots per team is just stupid and is no longer a pvp scenario. We left a match earlier when a dual retcher bot came out of cloak right next to my teammate who then lost a gun etc… then when I came to help a dual mammoth bot hit me across the entire map over a hill and lost module…

We just quit, it’s not even pvp at that point. Half aim-bots and the best ones carry the players so hard it’s embarrassing.

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whats better a squad of specials using mines nd kap, shotgun wedge or bots

Real human players, always


Sorry, I didn’t read the whole post, as I’ve seen the same thing over and over again. People complaining about bots that can GASP hit them, and their Scorpion META build can’t survive the three hits.

They have a damn perfect aim-bot locking system, if a player hits you or you lose to a player you can always learn something from it; getting hit by a bot you know it was just programmed to aim-bot you.

We also hate our own bots too y’know


Gotta love this forums 4mb limit

I think players should vs players, if you want to fight bots, take it to patrol. Its supposed to be pvp, not pve in missions.

This bot nearly carried their team with Thyrsus aimbotting everything in the cab all game, rel pvp experience

Patrol is a mission.


Bad kids gonna do bad. Set up the enemy bots or dont. Im with the non-bot majority(minority?). But if you get autoaimed by a cannon bot while fighting two players, you didnt kill their bots/ became the focus of 3 enemies. Thats on you, bad player. Thats your fault and you paid the price. Bots arent the problem, your tactics/timing are. Imagine if 6 chads joined the team against you, youd be bitching about matchmaking.

Fact: 50% of you are bad and are canon fodder for good players/bots.


How the fuck is it “on you” when your bots are hover trash that spiral into the enemy spawn and the enemy have multiple cannon leg bots that barely cross the map. Mirror the bots and I’d agree but as it stands it’s up to rng which is stupid.

I don’t think it’s fully random, I think they try to match it against the enemy team’s PS ratings out of a batch of pre-mades they have on file.

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They use them to balance average match PS so they’re pretty random, we will be 9k against 13k enemies and our bots will be 12-13k to try and “balance” the match, but that doesn’t mean our bots are bettter… so many 9k bots will outright demolish people compared to some of the higher PS bots