Report - LLlECTUCOTblU - Script user


Well for those playin between 6 and 8k PS, you surely see this afk scripter / autoclik user

Why he’s not ban already ?

He has been reported a hundred times easy, but still chillin around for at least two weeks.

So @admins two questions here.

1°) Is reporting a thing, or it’s useless wherever we got a toxic a** spamming chat, or doin this kind of thing ?

2°) May we can all start using this kind of script ? I would enjoy afk farming too

Let us know if report goes to narnia <3


I have reported this “player” many times @MuRpHy is 100% correct. I tried to talk with him about it but he is not honest . He is out there to take advantage of people trying to play legitimate. Usually his inputs are very basic , drive forward in wall , release drones. This is just a script to farm with 0 effort and destroying the games of many players.

You have to report in in a particular way and but at the end of the day though they kind of decide if it warrants any type of penalty action. They’ll probably lock this thread because it’s publicly calling out the person.

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Of course this is publicly, he’s really notorious out here.

And since I know at least 25 persons who report him for a minimum of 10 times each, there we go.

This post is not just about reportin this douche, it’s about the whole report system.

Forum is a thing we are only a few to use and understand nowadays, I guess plenty of less than 30 y/o players won’t go any further than reporting in game, and that’s the problem.

If in game report are useless, devs or admin are pleased to call it here.

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I’m just letting you know incase it gets locked. As far as I know amounts of reports matter in regards to people breaking rules but it still has to be reported in the format they want or it doesn’t get the reports where they need to go.

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this translates to, yes the ingame reporting is almost entirely useless, reporting on the forum does absolutely nothing. maybe on reddit, probably not. they want you to send footage of the cheater, fill out forms to then mqybe do something.

does this player get enough score to get rewards?

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To clarify I meant when reporting it on the forum.

I’ve not come across this player in particular, but I’ve had others in raids who stay at the spawn and fire once or twice then nothing more or they self-destruct for the whole match to come back right at the end

you really think it does something? i kind of assumed its just prompting charlie to send the report into the void himself.

thats why i think its important to check whether this guy scores enough to get rewards. if he gets rewards its something they might be much more inclined to put an end to.


A few of the old mods use to tell me they had lists of players that were known offenders to watch for. From being a game op before on other games I figured that the reporting probably would have to be backed up by first hand witnessing for confirmation to avoid ill intentioned reporting.

In regards to forum ops, in the old forum when they had an application for being a mod up they required the mods to attend weekly meetings. So reports from here probably go into the system then if they think it’s valid but we don’t really know what the criteria is for being valid.


Honestly, it made me ponder whether or not I could start doing that. :joy:

I won’t, but I used love toying with macros & scripts. It’d probably be pretty easy to set one up for Patrol since there’s only a few simple maps used.

A cloak, some bots, simple instructions…

Maybe the mandrake firing across the map a couple of times, then cloaking…

Even if he don’t score enough, he’s trolling a team

Only for this reason, this must be insta ban

I saw one that just drove across the map dropping kings. I would assume more often than not it scores 40 points.