Report This Bots -.-

Guy With No Movement… WTF :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Just Stay on Spawn Whole Game…

Sorry… that’s kinda’ funny.
don’t pick on the quadriplegic!


Maybe that was one half of
a fusion build, and the other player with the movement parts lost their connection?
Edit: do they even have weapons?

I seen one too. It’s a full meta build but no wheels. Looks like a lazy excuse to run a farming bot that can’t move or fight.

Drones… and No. It’s Not Fusion Build. Who Play Solo with Fusion Build ??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::man_shrugging:

Take a Skinner and drag it into battle!


Also check if it is NOT a BOT farming player. it could happen.

Again This Bot…

did you stay with him? or die with the rest of ur team? :rofl:


I saw that a couple times last week too.

And no, it wasn’t because it was a fusion build that got abandoned by his partner…which is maybe a funny practical joke. IDK, gamers seem a little fucked up to me.

I’ve also come across more players lately just creeping around and not shooting at anybody or participating in the match at all.

Report it? No. That’s a waste of time. If I saw a lot of that going on, I would just get a skinner and drag his ass into combat, and use him as either a meat-shield, or auxiliary weaponry if he should decide to wake up and participate.

I suppose if it was some kid in an abandoned fusion build, dragging him about with a skinner might be the good Samaritan thing to do. I do like having a Skinner for rescuing mates with guns, but no wheels.


It Must be Bots… They Just Feed Ressources. Doesn’t Matter If SomeOne Wins or Lose :angry: I Saw Lot Of Them on Mobile Version lol

It’s a farmer, they add a macro to launch drones at intervals and just farm low levels of resources with no one being there to oversee.


I’ve seen that before too, but not in a long while. The last one I remember was lodged against a rock, wheels spinning, and drones dropping. I don’t recall him catching anything though…I did actually sit and watch the episode unfold while all my team-mates got slaughtered.

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I think I just saw that dude too.

It’s a similar build; drone-boat with apparently nobody in it, and no wheels.
I would think that anybody determined to do something this ridiculous, would be talented enough to win through simply playing fair, but I have no idea how much this guy gleans from this cheat.

Folks, it’s not my imagination that this game is full of BS, scams, and cheats. I’m sure there is a lot of BS I don’t even understand, and just chalk up to, “Wow, that guy’s good,” or “Bummer, I hope I can do better next time.”

I wear this tin-foil hat for a damn good reason.

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Good way to spot if it is a bot farmer or not, would be how and when it releases the drones. Sometimes it randomly ask for help.

Many bot farmers I have reported with a 2 screenshots. All you need its time of battle, which you can find from screenshots and name of that account. Report them here in the forum, but not openly. Devs would stop them account fast. All thing with rules in life, someone will try to break it. Miniature wargames, some players do break rules in different ways. Some are so bad that it is a put off to the hobby. Moving to the computer side bring on a new breed of cheaters and rule breakers. Again, they are the ones give a game the bad name. Yet, sometimes the game company would get blame. That is why at times, we players have to face with more and more restrictions.

And Where ? :thinking: If Not Openly.

Please read the fist post and follow… if you name a player openly here, it class as rule breaking.

As annoying as this is, ya’ gotta admire the ingenuity. :melting_face: :rofl:

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:joy: Made Adult CrossOut Version Of That

This Guy Don’t Answer… and He’s Just Chat Mod. Nothing More :man_facepalming: btw His Activity Was 1 Year Ago :laughing:Maybe SomeOne Else ?