Restricting Servers

Seems great to help reduce lag, but the thing is that I really only suffer any server issues on -one- server.

I’d be perfectly fine to connect to and play on all the others. In fact, I frequently rotate restricting to one of them to avoid the server I generally have issues with.

Instead, I would wonder if it wouldn’t be more wise to simply allow us to block/choose a server we DON’T connect to. In my case, that would be EU. NA I have a 15-30 ping, RU I have 80-120. EU sits at 160 no matter what I do and frequently spikes up to unplayable levels and will just -stay there-. Obviously I can’t expect you fine folks to hunt down where in the global network is causing the issue and solve it, but if I could just set it not to connect to EU and let it pick up the first RU or NA match it finds, that’d be a small change that would be a good quality of life change (for me at least).

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You actually can look and detect weak chain links in the global network as you call it. Not everyone can afford to upgrade to alleviate it though. If you notice high drop rates you can whois the server IP and tell them. Provided they have the hardware to handle it they can some time adjust something as a simple as buffer limit to accept and pass the traffic across the network.

I know you -can-… but adjusting that for an entire playerbase (checking every ping path and contacting that many ISPs and providers?) or expecting every player to do that is excessive.

I’m looking for something far simpler. Let me just avoid the part that has a problem without further penalization that’s unneeded.

Since I can -technically- already avoid it by just restricting to a single server. Again, this is more a quality of life sort of request. Many people have a single server they have lag issues with (especially those in the southern hemisphere) but they can handle the others. Seems this would be a quick snippet of code to add that should also reduce the amount of the playerbase being in separated queues.

Most games I’ve played this is the case, one server operates slightly less efficiently than the others. For me that usually -is- EU. I imagine it’s a mix of geography, traffic density, and etc. but it always amuses me that technically RU servers are usually further, but due to the specific route of the aforementioned traffic it goes faster.

Depends on the player base. I don’t think it will be cost effective unless the players themselves highlight these channels to and from the servers and try to improve them. There’s a similar conversation going on right now in the topic: Connection issues - #38 by 63771550 Can we move over to that one as it is more technical in what’s it’s looking at?

I’d agree with you the direction of the connections matter. Players really can’t pick and choose them though.

Thus my request to simply restrict the single server I have a problem path to off my queue list. Instead of being forced to forgo multiple servers to avoid the issue or have to contact multiple providers in between myself and the EU servers.

What I’m asking for is fairly simple and just a different code switch. Instead of it -only- connecting to NA or EU or RU or whatever you’ve singularly restricted to, it would instead connect to everything -but- the server you’re having issue with (chosen from another drop down just like restricting to a -single- server already works).

It’s not a perfect solution, like fixing all the inbound/outbound connections to each server for each player XD But it’s a dead simple one that lowers playerbase fracturing somewhat comparative to the current style of restricting to a -single- server. Tradeoffs all around, such is multiplayer gaming and networks.

What’s the numbers when you change the fields as they are now? How do we prove the change would be good?

RU - 400ms
EU - 280-310ms
NA - 180-220ms
AS - 160-180ms
AU - 30ms

it would be nice if AUTO (the default) took one to their nearest server with lowest ping instead of EU being default server, (and new players Tutorial were shown there was an option to SET & Change it & reasons one might want to ie. server population vary with timezone & Powerscores & what events are running, Clanwars etc…instead wwe get depopulated servers & PS chunks not fine range

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That also would be nice.

I mean… basic math.

If they are restricting to -one- server that means they’re only available for matches and the possibility of matches on that single server. If you only count RU/EU/NA as the only realistically viable server that means they’re only available for 1/3rd of the servers. If they could just block the server they have lag issues with, they’d be available for matches on 2/3rds of the servers.

Now, without the devs’ input I have no idea how many people restrict to a single server because of lag issues with one of the other servers… Can’t possibly. From an anecdotal standpoint though, quite a few of my friends are known to and so am I and this would be a boon to us. Taking an educated guess and extrapolating from the amount of people I know who play restricted to a single server… I’d guess at 10% of the PC game’s population or more probably restricting server… but that’s just a guess and we’re off into speculation now XD

I was mostly asking to see if there are numbers out there to quantify it with. It’s not like they have the greatest transparency offered to us in how the server pool works.

I get lag issues sometimes but it’s not as consistent as some people point out is happening to them either. So I’m curious if the players can knowledge base the topic to figure it out across multiple users. Do you get what I’m saying?

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personally i change & restrict servers at least 10 times a day,

  • if you are in a group the Leader’s server SET is used,
  • Use auto for few rounds to find most populated Server at your PowerScore, then SET for faster queues, change as required (if PS range is too wide, servers local time, etc)
  • If you are playing on a server get the player nearest* to that server to be group Leader for smother experience

from my observations more than 90% of bur reports regarding Servers, connections, packet loss, LAG etc are “your ISP’s fault”

even when evidence is provided from (ie) Leaseweb showing Packet loss within EU between leaseweb servers…

  • player with hard wired connections preferred
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I do and that’s fair.

That’s what I usually do as well, but it’d be nice to just be lazy and blacklist (essentially) the slow server/dead server from my queue instead of hopping around clicking so much XD