Retcher needs a nerf asap

I was testing weapon’s on that damage counter thing just to get a rough estimate on the dps of various weapons and retcher blows away any relic going let alone other legendaries. Reason why I don’t use it is because it is essentially legal cheating. The numbers would of been higher still if I could of found a retcher in exhibition with 4 radiators instead of 3. This is from like 20 meters away, perk not even close to kicking in full gear yet, not even all shots are hitting and gets damage counter over 5300 with explosion damage. Dev’s sure do know how to balance a game alright.
retcher 5.PNG

cyclone 2.PNG
Poor cyclone can’t even break the 2000 mark even after full ramp up. Imps got 20% damage buff from perk and can’t even do over 3500 which is probably the fastest killing machine gun in the game. Porcs can’t even get numbers that high even with heating and flywheel.

This is only after a couple tries so if I stayed there shooting the damage counter guarantee I would of got way higher numbers after a while than the 5305 and with the amount of shots missed the potential dps is way way higher than what these numbers are actually showing. That’s nuts

There’s more factors to balancing weapons than DPS. You’re testing is floored, try hitting the target from a greater distance whilst moving or initiate a mid to long range distance battle with a garage visitor.
If they are “legal cheating” wouldn’t more players be using them?

More players are using them. Go play a raid and that’s all you sees is retchers

i realize that, but retchers ain’t that hard to armor up especially on hovers if your thinking about the low but not too low durability. They got decent range, able in engage loads of enemies and these numbers don’t even factor in the potential more damage each shot can do from the blast radius of the explosion damage it does.

it can shoot from behind cover while other player can’t hit you retcher got everything going for it. I can come up with a 100 reasons why retcher needs nerf.

They’ve always been the weapon of choice for raids but I’m honestly a little surprised more people aren’t using them on hovers since the update.

I use 2porcs/2locust in raids on rock city fortress, and 2porcs/4pyres on ship graveyard/crater and I always does good especially on rock city i usually score over 1900 but on average retcher players score more then me especially the good ones. That is all porcs are good for anyways bot farming but retchers can be used to dominate clan wars as well. All porcs is good for is farming bots can’t even hit hovers with them, and they are terrible at dawns childrens raids.

Heres results with 4 porcs and flywheel.
Still can’t even get it too match retcher built up heating and all. I made sure every single porc hit too and with retcher there was loads of missing damage from missed shots.

Try it in PvP and CW. You gonna cry for durability buff. It has lots of counter, and not too much HP.


You need to change the title to “Retchers need a nerf in PVE”.
This clearly isn’t a PvP debate so stop making unbalanced/convenient weapon comparisons. No one runs Retchers with 4 radiators in PvP, and I highly doubt they’re even popular in clan wars.

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breaker don’t have good hp either still meta weapon

i tried it with 3 and there was still some more way to go on the counter so it is prob more like 5800 with 4 rads

and they are more clan wars worthy then porcs. Last clan told me to ditch the porcs for retchers but i wouldn’t and they are a top 20 clan. I was only a deranker anyways just to get weekly uranium bonus.

give me a list of counters for the classic spaced aromured retcher hover sandwiched between the gunmounts/bumpers
usually looks something like this

or this

Anyways I typed in key word clan and and choose part icarus vii because that is what most players use in clan wars is hovers and whole and behold third most liked clan war build for the week. drum roll. retcher. All you got to do is type in clan in exhibition and you get build after build that uses the retcher.

I’m telling yea majority of top clans use retcher, They would not be using the retcher if it was a lemon and you wouldn’t be seeing all these hover retcher builds when you type clan in exhibition if it wasn’t setting them on the pathway to earning uranium.

You proved that you speak about things, what you don’t know about, or just guessing. If you wanna play with it, do it. If you can’t counter it, than adjust and improve. Don’t cry here for nerf please.

I do know about it. You wrong there buddy

people cryed nerf about porcs without trying it, not sayin i didn’t try it i use to own it.