Retcher needs a nerf asap

Good clans don’t share cw buids…

bad argument

Good luck than

ex clan use to use retchers, they were top 13 on pc

omg icarus vi don’t tilt much buddy man you play on console?

you know what most liked clan war build was for week, I tell yea crickets and that’s on pc. What league you in?

The game should never be balanced for PvE.

This is a PvP game.


and some good clans do show there builds as well. I know a person with a nearly 5.0 kd i can look up that players builds and i know a lot of top players i can look up so no not all top clans hide their build from the exhibition

its op in pvp and pve. Weapon is the ultimate swiss army knife

I do agree the Retcher DPS is high, BUT if I even look at a Retcher in PvP it falls off. The durability is very low.

Also I think they are more popular in PvP right now because blue hovers are OP. Wait for the up coming blue hover nerf and those builds will have little to no armor.

your on console ain’t yea?

Yes, and I see Reacher builds all over PvP.

Because of Blue hovers.

yea it can fall off easy if it’s just out in the open but most players will armor it up pretty well and those builds are a pain to play against. Bad hitbox detection causes anyone that ain’t on scorps will hit nothing but bumpers, gunmounts and whatever else they got protecting it.

And after the next patch this armor will go away when blue hovers go to 700 tonnage.

build up above is using lunatic bumpers, those lunatic bumpers got good mass to durability ratio all they do is just build a little smarter and prob solved, 360 durability gun mounts still be sitting on the sides of it as well, wont solve nothing besides less cab durability but weapons will be just as armored up as before

already seen it

chart don’t even include the perk

You still wanna get it nerfed?