Retcher needs a nerf asap

When the build loses like 1600 mass in armor because of the tonnage nerf, they are going to have to worry about more then just armoring the gun man.

These builds will be glass cannons.

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dps is like double that after a few meters

100m , try to hit somebody from that distance.

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and everyone be using 234 kg retcher cause its light

that chart is old goes further out than 100m

want me prove it

Has same durab like arbiter or imp and 4 times biger hitbox.

easier to armor up than imps, imps is brutal to armor up, you can litterraly hide 2 thirds of the hit box or more on a proper hover build with retchers

just a little peck showing, like the arbiter you can shave a huge percentage off the visual hitbox

Thats it for me

should make it size of mammoth be difficult to armor up then

retcher ain’t got large hitbox just medium size but not large, cyclone and toadfish is large hitbox

Yeah me too.

This is a pointless topic.

I won the debate

it is 300m so at 690% damage buff you don’t need many hits to do some serious damage. Especially when used together as team. Use retcher as area denial while say someone on breakers/aspect/ firedog or what ever they are using can rush them, even you don’t hit them your making enemy team move which can make difference between win and loss. 337 damage in just one granade out of god only knows how many of those barrage of 337 damage fire bombs are dropping around them. At 300m if all that firepower was concentrated on that damage counter it would read a whopping 23 460. Your applying all that damage to an area about 1 and a half times the length of that decor bus. I did the math factoring a point blank range of 3400 and times that by 6.9 so that is exactly what is happening. Basically the equivalent of 20 porcs raining down on you all at one time

If you let reachers rain down on you in PvP from 300m and don’t move then you deserve what you get. You can see it coming from a mile away.

Whatever it does in PvE is a moot point.
PvE is awful in this game, let people finish it as fast as they can.


“then you deserve what you get” buddy your comin off has pretty aggro with out putting any effort to get scientific with your argument to convince me of your view point.

I mean not everyone is using fast builds either, goliath track users and slow builds like that are sitting ducks.

The new controls made boxing retchers in tight on hovers a pretty op combination. Add harpy on top of that and its a devistateing combo in PvP.

Retchers are def far too op in raids too. But that’s a whole different can of beans. Retchers should just be banned from raids.

However on other movement parts in PvP retchers aren’t op like they are on a heavily boxed In hovers. Thus nerfing hovers is probably not the answer.

This is a tough one. I’m not sure how Devs can solve this properly.

That’s something along the lines like the build old clan wanted me to use and told me to ditch the porcs but I wouldn’t do it. I forgets the name of the clan but I was only a deranker anyways playing 10 games a week for 20 uranium. They are going by name of marsh now I think, they are a top 15 clan. Retcher dogs like fire dogs is pretty meta, prob not as much now since changes to wheel physics.