Return of hyperborea. part 1


As early as February, we will see the return of Hyperborea and the Mentor as part of the new season in Crossout. Even at the first glance at the new parts, it’s safe to say that the engineers from the north didn’t waste any time. Today, we will start revealing to you the most interesting secrets of the upcoming novelties.

We remind you that all the new features described in the “Developer blog” are not final and may be changed before they are introduced into the game or may not make it into the game at all. This applies not only to information about possible unique features of new parts, but also to the appearance of the parts themselves.

New legendary engine

While the (so far) one-of-a-kind legendary engine is designed more for heavy builds, the novelty from Hyperborea will appeal primarily to enthusiasts of fast cars.

The new engine doesn’t give such a significant bonus to the mass limit and power like “Pegasus”, but it significantly increases the vehicle’s tonnage and gives a significant increase to the maximum speed of the mounted cabin.

When creating this engine, the engineers of Hyperborea definitely wanted to make the perfect version of the “Oppressor” engine. How successful were they? The final verdict will be up to you, survivors, but its perk already sounds promising: while the epic “Oppressor” only boosts the rotation of weapons, the new engine will increase the accuracy of weapons and their damage resistance, depending on the current speed. Those who can reach a speed of 110 km/h will receive the biggest bonus.

Legendary invisibility module

The realities of the battles in the Valley leave their mark on the northerners as well. The never-ending ambushes of raiders attacking “out of nowhere” force you to adapt in order to survive. The Hyperboreans have surpassed all existing developments: the result of their extensive research and countless vehicles destroyed by unstable modules is truly impressive. Meet a legendary invisibility module!

As we all know, the familiar “Chameleons” allow us to hide from the enemy’s eyes for a very limited amount of time. There are many cases when you lack literally a couple of seconds to take the most advantageous position for an attack or to get to the coveted cover. With the new module, you will have the opportunity to independently control its operation.

Just imagine:

  • Need to hide just for a second from homing missiles flying in your direction? No problem: activate the module, evade the rockets, disable the invisibility mode and move on. After a few seconds, the module will be ready to be used again.
  • Enemies have spotted you from afar and there are no covers nearby? With a regular “Chameleon” it will be quite difficult to hide or get to them unnoticed, due to the module’s short active time. With the new module, you will have as much as 30 seconds, which you can use as you wish and get right to the opposite side of the location without any problems.

That’s right — the module will have a limited resource of operation, which will be spent as long as the effect is active. The dreams of infinite invisibility are still dreams: after the death of another brave man who dared to test the limits of the module, the Hyperboreans decided to make a compromise.

And yet, this resource can be increased at the cost of your safety and to the delight of your opponents, who like to target explosive modules. But we’ll talk about that in the next blogs. We will also discuss the weapons which can literally make one feel the cold of the vast northern lands.


Sounds fun but I was hoping to hear more about Ivy’s daddy issues… lol…

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That new cloak is gonna be fun, so fun I can see people cry to nerf it and it will get nerf after sometime after this BP is finished, the engine sounds nice also, Family drama is the best huh? :crazy_face:

You know in the lore Mentor who is basically Hyperborea is Ivy from the engineers daddy right…

Yes… hence my reply…
On another note I was right, on Reddit they’re already pitching a fit about the new cloak 30 second run time etc

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Too ambiguous…

They freak out about anything that’s why I like it here. lol

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im a bit against the new cloak but they did say it has a downside so… i guess we can see where it goes from there.

the new engine looks ok but…

you know how hard it is to aim while moving at high speeds? some weapons turn to slowly for this to have any effect. i can see punishers being broken with this sort of.

heavy cabins go 60 - 65 so this thing must give a huge boost to speed. though im still not sure. i was hoping we could have a legendary hot red engine instead but i guess we can see where this goes.

so as the module charges it becomes explosive it looks like. or maybe you need a special resource to charge it? unsure but charging it looks like its going to be really troublesome for people. then again… do people even really care? they can cloak up from half way across the map, sneak up and then shotgun / flamethrower you to death.

idk about this one.

30 second cloaking? Enough already. Consistently making the game harder for the new folks who have nothing. Time to clear a few more names of those who left the game, from the friends list.

+8k entry price to CW, nice.

Between legendary engines, this, and Odin, we’re looking at what… +45k for CW? I think my first build (cricket hover) ages ago was 5k coin :joy:

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I think they said it was going to be explosive look at the end line…

Your friendly tears are why I think there should be more tiers before CW… It’s kind of laughable though.

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if there was an actual reward for playing Rust and Tin instead of getting farmed 24/7 by derankers in low bronze for 50 scraps/hour, people would play it and you wouldn’t need a fully fused relic build to compete.

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It could be spread out in a bunch of different ways if we had a better system for it.

I can tell you though my few experiences in CW were pretty much why bother matches though. If I’m going to compete for something valuable I’d rather do it fairly in much closer matches. Doing that would at least get more peoples feet in the door. Even if the earn rate and slope were adjusted for it.

Hamster can dream though…


Your opinion :crazy_face: :smiley: :+1:

They sure do, I’ve even seen past forum goers on there now crying it’s the end of the world lol
Also, on this very post now lol :crazy_face:

Very excited about the new engine, but hope it isn’t too big.
Don’t really care much about the cloak, but I do hope the explosive aspect helps make cannons and missiles more relevant. Explosiveness is a good way to balance an item like this.

Imagine that.

At least it’s not an overly expensive solution to the problem they created with all the super guns. It could be a better year for players at middle PS, with them selling more solutions to weapon fragility. Having your guns shot off all the time isn’t much fun.

I like the model. It looks like a re-skinned, and dolled-up Dun Horse, as it has a very similar profile, which I find is convenient to work with, and I see that as a buff for build mode. Looks like it’s designed to fit right between the earth shaking stealth module they’ve created too (30 seconds is a lot).

It’s going to be fast too, eh? That will indirectly buff stealth modules, including the new one that already provides a rich surplus of range. Bigger maps would help resolve the game imbalance this will generate. I’d like to see that, since for fast vehicles many of the maps already feel claustrophobic to me. That’s probably true for giant slow vehicles too, and helicopters.

I like it, because I find speed to be a good counter to a lot of issues I face at higher power-scores, and it might actually get me to frequent 9K more often. It’s form and fit will be ideal for the increase in shotgun META that is probably coming…definitely coming if I get one (fused?).

They need an “Ice-sickle” CK for Lances to go with it, to bolster the frozen wasteland theme they are running with here, and compliment whatever frost-based weapon they are introducing (compressed ice legendary Junkbow?). I know somebody here had asked for that (frost-based weaponry).

As neat as it is (pretty too), I’m still more interested in the bling. Show me the bling.

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You just make me realize that the engine is an indirect buff to wheels, as they will get the biggest benefit from the perk (not to mention the biggest bump in speed).
I hope you are right that it is dunhorse size, but I’m pretty sure it will be a lot bigger.
As far as the cloak goes, I suspect most will still run it with cheetah for a shorter cooldown.

Edit: looking at the pic, it seems like the engine will probably be 4x6, and maybe four blocks tall
Edit: might be good to stockpile some buggy wheels now, as they will go very nicely with the new engine, and may suddenly become valuable.

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All I really want is to be able to attach the garage yard jump pads, upside-down, to the underneath of my hover builds so I can jump around like a frog. Is that too much to ask for?



If it can handle Big Feets (power consumption), maybe I can find it in me to just scale up (that’s so hard for me to do), and make a massive Shotgun Wedge…“Wedgezilla.”

Shotguns seem like an ideal match for this combo of Stealth and speed, so I’m very curious about the frosty weaponry they are alluding to with their tease.

Oh crap…You’re probably right, I just made my predictive investment on the market (clinching my teeth and crossing my fingers), and it didn’t include Buggy Wheels (or tracks of course). I left to go blow that coin between your post and your edit, so I missed that advice. Oops?

You’re also right about that engine being a nice indirect buff for wheels. They needed it, probably. It might be a better year for Crossout, I hope. We’ll see.

Tracks are getting left further behind, I think. They need some help (turret rotation speed perk?).

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