Reverse speed on wheels

With W meta wheels need higher reverse speed, I would ask for max reverse speed. Reversing is a defensive thing, playing defensively isn’t meta. You can’t see where you are driving, you need to interrupt your fire to freelook back to see where you are going. The aggressive player never has to do that. Why do wheels still need such a cripplingly low reverse speed? It balances nothing and just punishes gameplay that isn’t Hold W + occasionally handbrake while driving to turn/throw off opponents.
I’m still all for nerfing most epic wheels, but they all really need reverse speed to bring back some decent gameplay.


I don’t think that reverse should be max, but I do think a 10% increase across the board for wheels and tracks would be good.


Tracks all have max reverse speed. Every movement part except wheels has max reverse speed, maybe Bigrams in wheel mode don’t, but those are basically W meta that don’t use it anyways.

Wheels used to reverse faster. Devs deemed it too much of an advantage over other movement parts, or whatever. At first I was bummed about the change, but now it seems fair. Of wheels could reverse full speed now they would definitely be overpowered. I’d see no reason to use tracks at that point personally.


Red Hot helps a lot.
I think wheels are fine with the reduced reverse speed. When I get annoyed with it I just play some tracks or omniwheels for a bit.


I don’t remember when wheels could reverse at higher speeds man. I’m looking at gameplay from 2017 and they look to have their 30km/h reverse speed. Unless there was a period where they were buffed and then nerfed.

Okay, I’m forced to use an engine I don’t need for any reason other than the perk, because the devs stupidly think wheels are going to be OP if they can reverse away from W meta. Omnis are trash tbh, they are fun but way too PS intensive to be worth it. Tracks? How are small tracks not OP going 90 with full reverse speed and all the grip and dura in the world?

The meta of wheels RN is literally W meta, and its been cemented that way with all the ridiculous dura epic wheels and gameplay around them. So wheels are just supposed to be balanced around W meta by having ridiculous HP and no reverse speed? Wtf can anybody else explain what I’m saying in a way that’s more widely understandable?

If you spend your entire match kiting away from the enemies while using wheels, you car HAS max reverse speed

Mind. Blown.

Welcome to my world

yes, because they are TRACKS not wheels. tracks are alot slower then wheels (minus the tiny ones from the lunatics faction.) im unsure about bigrams in wheel mode though. but still as far as i know wheels irl cant go max speed backwards. am i wrong about that?
i feel that wheens are slower to reverse because they are more agile and they need a counter balance to this.

i was unaware of this but it seems like a fair point to, tracks would be useless at that point. i never run tracks anymore myself and even when i do i just use them as armor to absorb some hits.

it is free to use honestly, doesnt use energy and is just a free power boost really. i like that engine but im still wishing they kept the old reload perk on it.

they are alot more frail then you think. they dont have a good turn radius when going at high speed AND they have this nasty habit of “overclocking” themselves so youll just end up flipping yourself over. (its happened to me before…) 90 full speed is fast but you got to have the skill to use them effectively.

high hp: they need to have durability to last. other wheels fall off like they are made of cardboard. only reason i use bigfoots are the durability because in raids i dont need an enemy hitting my side with an explosive and taking off 2 or 3 of my wheels at a time.
no reverse speed: they have to have a downside to them. they cant be like hovers or legs or even tracks. there has to be a balance. sure you have an engine for reverse speed but it isnt necessary. if wheels could go backwards at full speed, can you imagine someone going 120 max reverse speed while bombarding you with cannon shots or anything similar? it would be ridiculous!

luke skywalker: NO!! … thats not true!! … THATS IMPOSSIBLE!!!
darth vader: insert your feelings, you know it be true!


Wheels in real life go as fast as the engine can take them. Why would they not be able to?

Isn’t the whole point of engine perks that you choose the engine whose perk helps your build the most? How is that a problem?
If I want a higher mass limit and more durable movement parts, I use Colossus. If I want faster weapon rotation, I use Oppressor. If I want maximum speed and module recharging, I use Cheetah. If I’m using tracks/augers/omniwheels and want more speed, I use Golden Eagle. And if I want to be able to reverse quickly on wheels, I use Hot Red. I don’t see any problem with this arrangement.

On a related note, Hot Red + high recoil weapons can be very fun, as you can reverse way quicker than enemies think.

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I wouldn’t say maximum reverse speed, as that would just make them on par with the annoying Small Tracks. But I’d go with a much higher acceleration in reverse, so you could reverse out of a sticky situation a lot faster. Or reverse into a turn faster when you hit an obstacle. Most real vehicles have such gear ratio in reverse which lends them great acceleration, but not a lot of top speed in reverse. And a higher acceleration in reverse instead of max speed in reverse would give a purpose to the Hot Red’s perk as well.


I think that’s a strange idea.

The wheels could oppose top speed now that they could really be mastered. I wouldn’t see any reason to use tracks at that point in my opinion.

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So we can have hovercraft, plasma cannons, but a larger range of reverse gears is nonsensical because some stickshift commuter doesn’t?

Accel does not matter when speed is capped below 60 km/h while getting rushed by a build that kills you in less than 10 seconds. The aggressive builds literally never have to turn away and run from a 1v1 against a wheeled longer range build.

Seriously what harm would be done to balance if wheels could reverse faster? It wouldn’t make rush builds more instantaneously lethal, it would allow other builds to do more damage to them before they close in, and it would give wheels a strength that makes them more versatile than W meta. The only builds that could benefit from this in any meta sense are the more technical ranged wheel builds. Sure, rush builds would reverse away, but that makes them no longer the instantly fatal encounters that they are now.

Utterly stupid reply sir. Works great if you love getting shot in the rear of your build while occasionally driving into objects that no aggressive W meta builds crash into.

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How is it such a bad thing if wheels get enough reverse speed to retreat from W meta without turning around and completely compromising your ability to fight back? Seriously this isn’t going to benefit dogs in their ability to instantly kill you, and its going to be a tremendous buff to people who don’t use W meta that wish to use wheels. Hot Red’s perk is shit, 45km/h reverse is TRASH. I would rather use augers than have the false hope of a hot red reversing me out of a pinch. At least I can strafe and reverse quick
Tracks are bad in ways that require them buffs, give them tonnage and handbrake turns. Reduce wheel grip so drifting is back and tracks have some edge that isn’t some contrived principal.

It’s just that it seems like we already have nonsensical solutions to this problem, like Hovers, Augers, Omni Wheels, Small-Tracks, tracks, and more tracks…a sharp left? IDK.

I’d like to see Augers improved, and the power-score on Omni wheels lowered as possible solutions.

Three-speed reverse transmission? IDK. Maybe for the cabs that use electric motors it would make sense for them to be allowed full reverse speed with wheels?

I’d just like to maintain a little logic, sense, or reason, behind the idea. I already think Hovers and Cannons are ridiculous notions. It’s not that I want full realism. I certainly don’t. It’s just that there is no sense at all behind Cannons and Hovers. It’s just too far out there for me. I think it’s bonkers, but whatever. I don’t care.

Give the electric cabs a break on the reduced reverse speed, and I be OK with that. It’d make sense. Full speed reverse? IDK, can we negotiate a deal, like say 3/4 speed?

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Yes, that is it! You get 75% Reverse Speed and if you reach that speed in reverse, then your Engine red lines and blows!


I’d say put in an electric engine into the game and that could have the perk of full reverse speed and be completely realistic. Hot red could go get a new perk as no i.c engine is normally geared to allow you to have that which is mostly the transmissions fault.

Having a modular transmission item would be another option however I doubt they would go that route because it might over complicate things for the smooth brained masses (j/king not J/king). Though it might be nice to be able to trade some simple engine aspects like top speed for reverse speed or power for max speed.


Why does everything have to be some ps bloating module that has a perk? If they add transmissions they have to make them an essential module like a cab. The whole point of increasing reverse speed is just to allow wheels to not be flat out W meta, because that’s all they are.

Why does this have to be limited to electric cabs now? The meta isn’t going to shift further to dogs with an across the board reverse increase for wheels. Tracks and augers need buffs, but wheels are the least versatile movement parts in game and they are so overbuffed for W meta with their HP and grip. Wheels are so terrible unless you just W into people with them. Its lame asf.