Rex Salvage-Used Auto Sales

In a bid to flesh-out this free-to-play persona, and enjoy a little RPG with this smashing cars shooter, I have taken some friendly advice and ventured into the market feature of this game. Hopefully that will resolve my free-to-play status, and give me a way to thrive, not just survive, in the Wasteland.

The first thing I did was pay way too much for a bunch of Judges. Oops, I lost my arse. It wasn’t a strong start, but it was a useful lesson. After that, things took off for a while. Then I ran out of bench coupons, and my profit margin withered up. I struggled for a day or two, and the game became tedious and dry. Then I found my solution.

Welcome to Rex Salvage.

Now I’m entertained.

I raze a little hell in the Wasteland, collect the scrap, craft common rarity parts to assemble builds styled for Ace Wastelanders, test them for ferocity, then I upload the blueprints to the Exhibition, sell the relevant parts on the market, and collect a little coin. This process has been entertaining. It gives me a creative outlet and a reason to build something, while each blueprint helps me keep track of necessary inventory, and what parts I need to craft, or buy, to send to the market.

Sure, it seems obvious now. Craft, ride, destroy, right? I don’t know why I didn’t get it before. I get it now, and I’m seeing a steady stream of coin coming in, without the game feeling cumbersome or grindy. It’s fun. It’s profitable, too. What’s not to like?

By doing it this way I’ve found some kind of ambition to play, ambition to seek out parts, and how to know what I’m even looking for. Just scouring the market looking at numbers was like having another job. This is more like a hobby.

Also, if some Ace needed a budget build that looks cool while it kills, well, you’ve come to the right place. Just go check out my Exhibition. These builds are available to download.

I’ll have to rotate them out as I come up with new ideas, because I don’t have that many exhibition slots available. I do enjoy the build feature, and this particular category of builds (low PS), so I’ll probably always have something new and interesting available that I hope beginners can enjoy, and I do field test these things for PVP or raids, and they all did well. I had fun and success in every one of those builds.

So, what’s the bottom line?

It’s looking well, I think. I made enough coin to buy that Howl I wanted (I’m going for that old copper penny look), some over-priced stickers, and pulled in about a thousand coins on top of that. When I started this adventure last week I had 751.82 coins, and an inventory worth 1797.57 coins. Now I’ve got a cool new Howl, 1137.12 coins, and an inventory worth 2535.94 coins. I’m good.

I’m sure this will evolve, and I’ll likely build things to sell that are more advanced, or not (I’ll post whatever it is here), but I think I’m off to a good (re)start. I’m enjoying the game.


Great looking builds!

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It’s great to see this! Yes, fun can be had in so many different ways with this game. I like scouring the exhibition for small to mid sized rigs and testing them out in other peoples garages. Simple. Fun.


I’m not sure if my lot is open for tours. It ought to be, and you’re welcome to come over, but I don’t think it is open. It seems like I caught a pop-up about that being closed to the public, but I don’t remember at the moment. I’ll open it up in a moment, if it’s not already.

I’ve been working on the range too. I like it so far, but there’s more work (playing) I need to do. I want to build a proper obstacle course and mine’s currently out of order and in disarray, but I like the other half. It’s fun to tinker with, very casual, like a post-apocalyptic 3D puzzle, but with no picture on the box.


I don’t think I can find or try yours unless we’re friends. I could be wrong. here’s mine on the ex: LADiesels Garage

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Just wondering.

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yeah, the prices recently have gone nuts. I bought a set of 4 meatgrinders for 150-ish each, then, just a couple days later they were at around 500 coins. Waiting for them to drop back down, hopefully, and get some more and sit on them for the next price hike.

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Ah, the amazing and versatile Sprinter. A lot can be done with that little cab. It’s what makes me most of my money right now too. The profit margins on just about everything are rather slim and fickle on the market, but this has been reliable, and I’m having fun building stuff with it.

My adds still look like I’m selling bath-towels though, but I’m working on it.

I’m not sure how good of a player I am, but these seemed like I had to be pretty savvy to get kills with them, but I can do it. Harvesting more than two souls from PVP took a bit of focus and a little luck.

I run a version of these with better bumpers, AC43s, and Racing Wheels for easy raids and I usually come out on top.

Turning a profit with blues isn’t happening right now, but if that changes, I’ll build something with those to sell.

I stopped taking things very seriously on the market. I don’t see anything I want to buy right now, or have much of a need for coin, so I took some risks on paints and stickers. I bought them just for the color, and the price was right. I’ll hang on to them for a while, probably. IDK. The market inflation is pretty bad, so I’m sure the price will go up eventually. Paints I bought two years ago cost three times as much now.

Now that I’m working the market, the game seems more casual, less urgent, and more interesting.

I think I’ll work towards a set of Boom-Sticks, just to make scrapping more routine. Sometimes the teams are really bad in PVP, and I’d like to be able to just get my scrap and go. Most of the time it’s been fun, though. But still, I’d like a good farm tool if I need one. So, that’s my next goal, I suppose. I like having one.

This is your biggest mistake.
You buy low and sell high. Do not craft anything.

What platform do you play on?

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Like what?

I’m not sure what I would buy low to sell high that has a profit margin of more than a dozen or two coins on this market, unless it costs over 500 coin. Even then, not many things are. I’ll give it a shot anyway. We’ll see.

Right now, those tank tracks from the sale pack are selling cheaper. They went for as low as 630 and tend to sell for 750. They have rarely ever sold for more than 800 coin and are currently topping out at around 760. After tax, a best case scenario is a profit of 67 coin. It’s swimming upstream too. Nobody wants to spend top dollar to get these right now, because they are on sale, obviously. Seems like high risk, low reward. I could only buy two, and that seems like going out on a thin limb for an idyllically achieved 134 coins. I’ve never had that kind of luck. Never.

Most other items end up in haggling over a dozen coins one way or the other. It seems easier to just craft and sell whites, go for a spin and blow something up, then do it again, usually.

The profit margins are really bad all across the board on PC, I think. I don’t see any quick-easy, unless you start with real cash, but then what’s the point? Why not just use real cash then?

IDK. I have some coins out on more diverse things this time around, so we’ll see how that goes. I might go ahead and do those tank tracks (the profits are tanking to under 8 coin on those as I type), but it seems like running a long game for a short buck.

We’ll see.

personally, the “buy low, sell high” is for people with LOTS of time to watch the market. Lots…of…time. People will encourage you to use Crossout Data Base (CrossoutDB) but, still, they aren’t taking into account just how much time all that study and research takes.

It is a viable way to play, but for those that have time to figure it out.

Plus, the “buy low, sell high” crowd tends to make up for any losses through buying more coins. So, take it all how yo will.

I craft AND buy low and sell high, all depending on how much time I have in any given month.


Some kind of prank, I presume?

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I like the game best when I’m not feeling impatient. The only real way I play the market is just noticing when something I own is suddenly more expensive than usual. But I also hate parting with items, so it has to be a big payoff to tempt me.
More often, I’ll notice that some resources might be going for more than normal, so I’ll focus on grinding that resource and sell it. Batteries were pretty high recently, so I played a lot of battery missions.

If an item is very cheap for its rarity, I’ll buy it and see if I can make something fun with it. I like the challenge of trying to make “bad” weapons and items work.
Sometimes those underperforming weapons later get a buff, which is great if I like them, and also great if I don’t, because then I can sell them for some decent profit.
I wasted lots of coin when I first started playing by being impatient. Selling lots of good stuff at a loss to fund buying something new, and then losing more coin when the novelty wears off and everyone is selling.
If I were going to start over, I would methodically craft or buy every common part first (including full sets of guns), then use those to craft the full roster of rare, then special. In some cases, it might be better to sell or buy the needed items.
If you have all the special weapons, wheels, and cabins, it becomes super quick and cheap to craft any epic.
(If you want to be more efficient, make sure you’re not crafting items that are cheaper to buy, and make sure you’re selling items that are currently priced high rather than use them in crafting. But you can also not care, and just keep accumulating stuff and fine tuning your builds).

As someone who has never bought a pack, I was very happy to find out that we get most of the cool pack-only structure parts when we complete prestige levels for the various factions. Hoping that front grill from the Catalina pack turns up there, so that I can continue my no pack streak. I need that grill though.

As far as crafting vs buying, it really depends on your platform and current prices. If you’re really curious, do the math on a few items. I found that helped me get a general sense of where the bargains or profits might be.

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It is a cool grill. It’s a cool cab too (Catalina).

On PC the prices look really weird presently, and have all day, but I think I understand why now. I went and dumped almost all my coin in the market based on that assumption too (OK, Monkey? :wink:). I might have to wait a while for it to cook up nice and plump, but until then I have a few new toys to play with. I hope I don’t scratch the merchandise :smirk:

While I wait for my goose to cook, I’ll just keep doing what I’ve been doing, which is flipping whites, building stuff, and blowing up the neighborhood villains.

This right here. I do the same thing. Best part is, in the market, when you look at the trade, it tells you what you bought it for on the right hand side, so, it’s easy matching to see if you can make any profit on the left hand side.

Just last month I bought 4 meatgrinders at 150-ish coins and, it was only a couple days later, they shot up to 500 coins. I couldn’t pass that up, even though I only had them for a couple days…i’ll get them back eventually but, safe to say, the unexpected profit on 4 meat grinders that were 150, then 500…that’s the buy low, sell high kind of thing i like.


When I fired this account back up, two years had passed. Not much was in the inventory, but what was, I had paid a lot less for, according to that notifier. About three times less. The inflation is real.

I bought some stuff, like these Therms and this paint to sell. I like the blue camo. I hope it sells. I picked up the gray one too. I’m not very attached to these Therms right now, because they aren’t really working for me, but I had to try them out. Maybe I’ll get the hang of it. IDK. I hope somebody else wants them…err…I mean, they’re great. Uh, I hate to sell’em, but I have too.

This is not 100% true

I change my market over about 4 times a day. It takes me about 5-10 min each time. (20-40 min a day)

I “never” look up prices or track what I buy things for.

Without just giving away what I do word for word take the below statement to heart.

“The McDonald’s in your town makes more money then the fancy restaurants.”

The fact is most people that play this game will not even get epics before they uninstall or move on to a new game.

It does not mater if you only make 15-20 coins from an item when you sell 20 of them.

So let’s keep it low to show how a new player would be able to take advantage of this. Let’s say you could sell 10 items a day for 20 coins profit each. That’s 200 coins a day, 1400 coins a week, 5600 coins a month.

Also on top of that you would sell 100% of your resources you earn and not craft. Not sure how much this profits a month.

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Only? I wish I could make that much off of anything. I’ll keep trying, though.

I’m fortunate to earn 5 coins off of 200 after the tax. I’ll be struggling to make that today. For whatever reason the things I bought last night have continued to depreciate. I thought I bought them cheap, but I was very wrong. They are selling for even less now. I really blew it. I spent over 1300 coins (nearly my entire pot) and I bet I’ll be lucky to break even. I’m a little bummed out. I don’t even want to look at the game right now.

Yeah, I have been doing this for a long time.
I know what to buy and when.

Are you on PC?

I shouldn’t have given my example about the meatgrinders flipping in 2 days…that’s a RARE occasion. Don’t worry about them going down for now because they will rebound. One thing I like to do with a mistakenly purchased over-priced item is see what I can make it into, then, place low bids on the other items needed. Sometimes, shoving a bad purchase into a craftable item can help you recoup some of that money, sometimes. Not always.

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