RL-9 Helicon question

Question about the RL-9 helicon. Is this going to be the new ac 80 stillwind of the relics where it is only craftable once or only every once in a while. I am thinking of crafting it, holding on to it and maybe flip it for a super insane price once the crafting event ends. Ill be really rotted if I craft this and then it is made permanent sometime after. It is really cheap anyways to craft for a relic, about 22k coin on pc.

No it is not.

The new relic will be permanent on the engineer workbench.

Seems so, for now. After 29 days the blueprint can disappear.

How do you know that?

Well, I have not looked at it in game.
But that is the way it has always been in the past.

who knows with these guys, they have a tendency to screw things up.

Relics have always been permanent in the past.

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I dunno, I think ill take the gamble anyways, seems like a pretty safe bet for only 22k. Thanks for the input.

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Ok, I went and checked in game. The new relic is in the engineer tab and not the event tab.

But it has a timer…

It is a 30 day timer. I don’t think the past relics were like that but I am not sure. oh by, 300 uranium I thought it said 30 uranium lol. It ain’t 22k to craft much more than that. Miscalculated, gonna have to pass lol don’t have that much coin unless I sell a porc.

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Bottom right of the screen… 30 days.

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If I had to guess I would say that the 30days is for the special event crafting cost, then the item will go in the normal engineering craft table with its normal cost.

It seems to me that they have this 30 day timer to give people a sense of urgency to build them now or they might miss out.

I could be wrong :slight_smile: and if you don’t do it then you might miss out lol.

But this is ingenious marketing no mater how it pans out.


I know that I just didn’t know if anyone had any inside information or something if it was only going to be temporary temporarily and then later down the road they make it permanent. I think this relic is only gonna crop up during crafting events like the stillwind by the looks of it. At least for the foreseeable future I say it will only be craftable during this event and once the 30 days are over it will disappear and then the standard market sell price will probably be like 50k-60k or something on pc.

I say it will be temporary for at least 3 months minimum, I can’t recall any past items that they made temporary and then attached it to some workbench sometime later so I think it will probably stay as one time craftable item. I dunno I might craft it or I might not, I think I will do it towards the last of the event because I am definitely gonna need to sell a relic to do so and I don’t want to go without my porc for a month.

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I think the notes specify that it’s a limited time blueprint. I’m sure it will come back in future events though.

Of course, that part is obvious.

But it “might” mean the special price to craft is limited.

It seems like some pretty good marketing strategy to make as many people as they can craft them fast no mater which way it is.

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Attention! The current recipe for “RL-9 Helicon” is a temporary one. The timer in the game interface counts down the time until the recipe is updated.

From my understanding, the special recipe is for a limited time but the relic itself is here to stay like the ones before


That is what I think, it is going to go the road of the stillwind and just pop up during random events.

That could be true as well, weird it is in the engineers workbench and not an event

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“Updated” in that description does make it sound like the recipe will change, but that it will still be craftable. Hopefully that’s true!


they explained this in the update. the relic will change building costs when the timer is up. meaning itll be different everytime the timer resets. this is from the notes.

Attention! The current recipe for “RL-9 Helicon” is a temporary one. The timer in the game interface counts down the time until the recipe is updated.


Yeah, I missed this part.

If it does that would be cool :slight_smile:

We shall see.