Road To Singularity Stream ScreenShots & Discussion

Here’s a structural part with fire resistance & some other resistance… energy? Explosion?

The new engine… It’s only 2 blocks high. I thought it would be much bigger.
zzzz - Copy

New sexy legs… stats compared to the Big Ram…
These things are gonna be FAST

And the new melee weapon which the dude doing the stream didn’t know how to pronounce. :clown_face: :upside_down_face: :rofl: When folks assume they screw up things on purpose, I can’t help but think it’s much more likely a translation error or lack of understanding on these mad lads’ part.

Back to the part…
Look at the damage resistances… I wish the Harvester had that impact resistance (assuming that’s what that is).

zf - Copy

Kronos cabin “de new fastuh cabin in de game.” Small fast Master?
I wanna slap a chameleon on this & a bunch of Lances & boosters & go troll people in PVP. :rofl:
The recharge mechanic is odd…

The new gun I’ll not be getting any time soon. LOL

New Decor… Not exactly attractive. Maybe it lights up. Not sure how big it is. Incubator? Is that supposed to be a person in there? And, a little lore… looks like maybe the Ravagers are the result of AI gone mad? Most of you know the lore better than I do, though.
Z3 - Copy

Looks like they’re trying to make it clear how many lighters you can get to clear up the confusion from the past.

I missed the Helicon…


I’m not sure I understand the sniper gun’s charge mechanic. What happens if you have not charged it with corpses? Does it work like a revolver when uncharged?

Don’t Add This Legs Like This… :man_facepalming: Give Them Low HP but High Speed, Change Rarity To Rare/Special For Mounting 6-8 Legs

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New Part Window Sucks on This Left Side. This Should Stay Old.

Things change and evolve, get use to it, of stuff didn’t change and evolve we’d still be banging rocks together in caves

wow if its called " evolution " man no wonder why we are screwed

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Oh lol, the new UI is somehow uglier and less readable than the old one :joy:

A small problem for you forumers regarding BPs, especially ones with 6 fused legs:

From previous BPs, I own Hermits, Buggy wheels, Omnis and Bigrams. They all suck ass compared to hovers, and Targem clearly shows no intention to nerf hovers (6+ years top movement part) in the next patch. Knowing this, how likely am I to spend money on the next BP, on a 1 to 10 scale?

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I’m not sure I understand the question.
Personally, I want the legs, and I also really want that engine, so I will definitely be buying the BP.

If I want to play hovers, I have some.

The idea of a fighting game of any genre is to have fun. I personally don’t have fun getting demolished in subpar gear. I have fun looking at cool things, but if it’s just to drive around the garage, I’d rather grab a couple Tamiya kits, some cardboard, and go back into making minis.
So why would I spend money in a videogame to struggle with subpar gear that the devs have no intention to make competitive whatsoever?

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I reckon it’s best to discuss that after the update. Patience is a virtue.

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The stats on the new legs compared to bigrams in leg form are excellent.

To make up for the tonnage lose all you have to do is add one more leg. And the power and speed are still higher with the new legs even if you have more legs.

The lose in HP is not that bad, you can add more legs for redundancy and still be more survivable.

Basically the new legs will be better in every way except one. Bigrams will still be faster in wheel mode.

I’m not sure these new legs will take the top spot for movement parts, but they will be the best option for High PS builds that want to always be in leg form.

I highly suggest people use their BP lighters to get a total of 8 of these things. (4 from pass and 4 from lighters)


I feel like most of the UI changes since 2.0 have not been liked by many of the community.

It’s don’t mater to me, but I did like the old style better.

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Does subpar to you mean “not the very best”, or does it mean “less strong than the average part”?

I believe the last definition is the correct one, but what you are describing sounds more like the first.
If you only have fun playing the very best items in the game, then maybe it is smart to skip this BP until it’s clear whether these legs are better than hovers.
But I don’t agree that these legs look worse than the average movement part.

These legs are going to right up with the top movement parts. These things are not “buggy wheels”

Are they going to the be better then hovers? Probably not, but let’s see what happens after we see all the new changes. There are so many changes I don’t really want to speculate the new META yet.

No mater what, these legs will be fun.

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I agree except Most heavy builds don’t go past 70KPH so the legs are an improvement over Bigrams in every respect for heavies. It definitely makes a different for small spiders such as Nova and Hadron.


Not being subpar to me means it doesn’t get very obviously and massively outclassed by the competition. Every movement part that isn’t a hover is trash right now. If hovers are S tier, Omnis are D tier lol. Everything else falls below. Does it matter that omnis are the second best movement part in the game rn? No. Nobody goes into CW with omnis planning to farm wins like a madman.
Now I’m waiting for someone to tell me “but I won a solo q pvp game at 5k PS this week with WHEELS”. There’s always someone who does that :joy:

edit: man I’m done editing the typos out :eyes:

This is concerning. Waltz has 259 durability. 384 durability for Helicon on an Onamori puts it well past the durability to survive a double Scorpion shot.

Waltz takes a half second or so of charge time plus a 3 second reload. Helicon has no charge time, so that half a second, goes straight to DPS for 16 percent more DPS. Also, it is much easier to hit targets with no charge time.

The spread of Helicon is better for hitting things at a distance.

The bullet speed of Helicon appears to be better or as good as bullet speed Waltz

The Helicon has no spiral, so it can be shot over hills easier.

Waltz has no perk. The Helicon has the Cricket perk plus a super Locust perk plus it heats a little bit.

Blast radius of Helicon starts at 6 or 7 blocks. At 130 percent blast radius, you are talking about Mastodon sized blasts with much more damage. Oh, and it reloads twice as fast as Mastodons and doesn’t have any charge time.

Yesterday, I played a Waltz round of 10 matches and they kill. Every volley does more than 1000 damage to whatever it hits. I oneshotted a full hover build by popping his Thor.

These stats, as alleged make this the most destructive weapon in the game. Where does this weapon leave Porcs, Mastodons, Retchers, Heathers, Mandrakes and Fortunes? All of those things look weak compared to this.

I’m selling my extra Flash and getting a set as soon as I can.


Ya, I’ve come to the conclusion it will always be that way too, and went ahead and got some. I don’t know what this next update is going to do to the game. It’s a big one and is sure to rattle some cages, but the one thing I think we can count on is that hovers will still come out on top.

I wish I could be that guy. Wheels are my thing, and that power-score is normally my comfort zone, but Augers and goblins are crushing it down there, and leaving little room for much else. In general, the omnidirectional movement parts are ruling the roost everywhere.

I expect a shotgun-spider META, or a Melee-Skinner-spider to come out of this update (face-hugger paradise), unless cannons are rejuvenated sufficiently, but I’m not holding breath waiting for that to happen, though. I know it’s what’s supposed to happen, and I think people are expecting that, but these developers…well, you know.

I like the new “Gerridae” legs. The name is a bit WTF, though. They named them after this?

OK? So, completely harmless, then? Can they skip across the acid lake? I hope so.

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As always, I’m glad I don’t play CW so I don’t have to think about things like you do.
Even up around 15kPS I see lots of non-hover builds doing well in PVP, but that’s obviously not what you care about.
My hovers have been collecting dust in my storage for a while now, as they just feel too easy and boring.

But, I was under the impression that dogs are still a factor in CW, no? I find it hard to believe there are no wheeled builds at the top of CW, but what do I know?

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