Road to Singularity UI changes

I really don’t like the UI change when in build. Don’t know why they had to fix something that wasn’t broken in the first place. Same goes for the raids in mode select. I person don’t like playing some raids and just being able click mode select to see the current raids was nice. Anyone that plays the game for 5 minutes is going to know which raids give which rewards. It makes no sense to make the rewards the raid icons, those never change.

Maybe I’m alone on these issues, hopefully I’m not and enough people complain about this to get them to change it back.


Your not alone, BUT no amount of complaints will get them to change it back.

We had a massive amount of complaint thread for the last UI changes and nothing was changed.

You might want to start getting used to the new UI.

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You can change the controls right back.

Settings > Controls > Build Mode

Mine are 100% as was from before. Just now it takes twice as long to scroll down to my bumpers and then there’s the very displeasing grey everywhere in augmented reality mode in building.

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The UI keeps getting worse, and the mode selection screen is horrible.

Every mode should display the map like this:

In raids, which faction you’re fighting should be displayed like this:

Brawls should have a description AND be available all the time.
Currently, the only info given is a the name of the brawl and reward.
I have no idea what this is:

I don’t think there’s a way to do it on PC. I hope I’m wrong.


I haven’t logged in yet but I was hoping these changes be an improvement and not a downgrade, but like :monkey: said you’re just gonna have to live with it and get use to it

Thanks but I was referring to the layout of build mode. I don’t care for the new layout.

I mention complaining because the WarThunder community was successful in getting Gaijin to rollback that grind update. And yeah, only complaining on here wouldn’t work because this is kind of internal. As in, the only people that see this are people that currently play the game. But when you voice your opinion on other forums like Steam, that effects potential customers. It also forces Gaijin to listen to the community.


moi je suis bien d’accord avec toi je supprime ce jeu autant Ordi que console PS4 les deux son rendu du …

Can you post a screenshot of your controls please.

FWIW, I submitted a suggestion on their website. :man_shrugging: Worth a shot.

building is tough and unenjoyable with the new controls but the ability to choose a part out of a list to remove from your build is pretty sweet …the buttons do seem like they are designed for mobile , i wonder if they are trying to be more compatible with the new handhelds like steam deck and the new asus rogue ally

You can change the controls back to the old way in the setting. Took me a second, but got it all figured out.

My bad monkey, work’s been long and arduous the last few days -__-

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Why did they remap the buttons at all?

I said this last time when they bound the look back and we couldn’t rebind it, but whoever is working on the UI is making WORTHLESS changes.

It is not more convenient… you still press the same buttons. But you have to spend some time remapping everything (AGAIN).

These changes are as stupid as the the ez mode camera/aim change.

Where is the “mirror this part placement” selection??? I mean that is something many many have asked for.

Not button re-mapping every darn update.

and why does the goddam map still look like 1980’s tech with glitches?? while introducing future space looking weapons?

Edit: Oh yeah. I paid for it. Happily.


Yes I appreciate devs for try about new builds of bots but they pick them badly. It looks that part of work have someones who hates PVE. I recommend changes in build of UI to take them back and add builds only with weapons from level special to legendary level, many of current UI have relic weapons on 12k-13k PS. I recommend some of these builds and improve them and of course some rewards for authors :slight_smile:

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No worries sir. Thank you.

Really don’t like it. Half the screen is used for nothing - why not use the whole screen as parts-list?!

Why has the part window be so huge … half the size would be fine … i don’t get these changes…



I wonder if this looks better for people with those crazy wide monitors. :man_shrugging:

I tried one of those & found I just ignored most of the screen. I like multiple displays better - probably because that’s what I’ve been using for … er… you know… a while.