Robbed again!

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Why? It takes like 3 minutes for a mission and it rarely happens. It took you more time to complain than to replay and get reward.

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Hello @53185859,

There is a minimum point requirement to get the reward :slight_smile:

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level 390, this is proof that XO has long-term negative influences on one’s mental health


imagine being such a level but you mis out on like 10 wires and moan


the past few months ive had a few games where I don’t get rewards and never have I thought I must have done enough for a reward, 1 damage can net a kill in crossout, 24 parts destroyed can just be decor, it’s nothing lets be real

tutor, weve been over this already on the old forum.

the patches dont mean you actually did anything of value, theyre there so people who dont do much feel like they do.

the 40 point min for a reward has to be somewhere around there because otherwise it would be too easy to program farm bots. so youre systemically in competition with said farm bots and you have to outperform them to get an award.

yeah, same reason caucausus or however it’s spelt got made so you need to target because you could sit in spawn or drive into a wall and it would get you your 40 score afk

So, I never see farm bots like i did in open beta, so no need to screw over hard-working players.

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I don’t think 24 parts is hard work, persoanally

Alright, look closely at the Stat page. See how all Allies Eliminated but only 7 Kills for the Enemy.
Now, imagine playing, joining in on our only kill, and seeing 3 Patches come up and Kill Assist splash across your screen.
Now, imagine getting steamrolled, where even the guy we killed, whoever it was, had 5 kill assists and scored 40+.
So, imagine you believe you have participated enough to earn a reward, but your team is all dying around.
You could try to self-destruct to earn the 40+ but you believe you have that already, so you fight to the bitter end, outnumber and doomed.
Then, after you waste that extra time, when you could have just gone boom, you get nothing.

You know, I like to let the enemy destroy my vehicle if it is a steamroll, let them target practice you, make them kill you, not just let them, or just give up.
Some say. you waste our time!
Playing games is wasting time, you could be feeding the hungry or something life changing.

like, not playing this game… :rofl:


Be more aggressive then, I only ever get that low of a score when I’m really lagging or not playing aggressive (dorking around) Better to die while racking in the points then running around pot shotting the enemy hoping you’d get enough kill assist to get the reward!

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this is the correct response… being timid in a FPS type game is always a mistake

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You need 50 points to get rewards…if you kill a build thats basically destroyed you get very few points, which is correct in my thoughts

Looooool…this post suits this forums current theme for sure.

We have a theme now?

Do you realize the trombone weapons on your speedy cloaking car only do 1 damage?

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At 3 kill assists I only had 37 points; the final enemy destruction got me passed 40+. More points for kill assist!