Sabotage? What can I do?

How can I report a player to devs for sabotaging a Frontier Defence mission?
A player used his bot to carry mine away from the battle, I auto destructed and he just did it again. Screen shot available.
P.S. I don’t suppose this is the first player that deserved a complaint.

What you do is click the play button again after that match is over…

while in battle, hit tab to open the map and right click on their name. a menu will pop up, should be a report thingy in there.

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this is about a raid? :crazy_face:

have fun playing pvp :rofl:

and welcome to the forum! :kissing_heart:

Exactly, all the Raid/PvE complaints get old.

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The rules of the game only work for moderators and GMs.

For example, I was completely banned from 1 day of play for squeezing a toxic-speaking GM into a wall with my vehicle. And as soon as the battle is over. This is the topic I opened, and then the topic was locked at lightning speed:

But when this happens to you, even if you struggle for months, unfortunately they don’t care. You must be a GM and a devoloper in this game to be able to stand up for yourself.

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