GM privilege in battles,

GM privilege in battles;

GM privilege in battles; If you come across one of them in random battles and kill them, you will be banned for 1 day. :slight_smile:

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:joy:They don’t seem to have that direct right, do they?I think they can only make players ban chat

You people STILL haven’t figured out what kind of a game it is?



I’ve killed several GM’s and never been banned for it.


So, aside from killing a GM, what else happened?

I mean… really.


пусть так . может пусть GM
так и катает с этим GM над болидом то ? или шо тут обсуждать , обговаривать .
Делаете , что надо и будет что надо .

это смешно такое да . мне по кайфу
замбак спит замбак сон

Hello !
If you think a sanction is unjustified, you can appeal with that link Game rule violations & Appeals against a penalty - Rules - Crossout

Discussing it on a public topic isn’t the way to solve it.