Secret changes

They’re changing maps again without letting the player base know about it, this time they changed Founders Canyon again (map with masks/faces)
I figure they’re still doing stuff as the lag stick makes this gameplay worse than a busted arcade game
From what I’ve noticed on one side of the map there was a small drop that had a ledge big enough to park on, but now that ledge is gone and so is the little drop, it’s leveled ground now with just a steep drop matching the other side of the map…
Not everything needs to be symmetrical!
I don’t mind map changes for the most part when they are announced, the exception is when they randomly add invisible walls within the maps, flatten the maps or make them symmetrical so making them look like 1980’s arcade game backgrounds!


You mean symmetrical right… As asymmetrical wouldn’t match.

Making them symmetrical makes sure that one team doesn’t have an unfair terrain advantage over the other. I agree it doesn’t look realistic but there’s a fair reason for doing it.


I get your point and that’s probably why they’re doing it, but symmetrical maps are ugly, lazy and limit gameplay in my opinion, That’s why I dislike maps that are basically copied and pasted throughout the map, there are lots of much more popular games around who maps aren’t symmetrical and no one cares or next to no one
This is just a question I’m just shooting out, but why have maps that are supposed to be unique just to make them all symmetrical, and flat instead of just making one giant map that’s just that? Cause it’ll be boring I bet!

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I’d generally agree with you saying asymmetrical maps are normally more interesting to look at and explore. I’m not sure why they remove some features and flatten areas unless it gave some type of build an advantage. There’s always been a few terrain things they allow for movement advantages on but I think even those get complained about every now and then. Flatter maps are generally beneficial for long range weapons while hilly maps with lots of obstacles are better for shorter ranged weapons so there has to be a good mix or the balance gets screwy for certain weapon groups.

I think with FPS games that get away with it generally have smaller characters running around in it then we do. So when the camera gets scaled down those bits of asymmetry on the map aren’t as easily seen at the same time too.

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I think they started to flatten the maps right around when the dogs were running around rampant and there were enough of them complaining that they couldn’t get enough kills due to map features like being bumping and having in map places where tracks, hovers, and legs could get to but wheels couldn’t, I think that’s what started this trend of flattening maps, invisible walls, my guess to why they are doing copy paste maps now is probably what you mentioned.
It’d be more understandable to me if this game actually had city maps and not just a couple of tiny towns, Those types of terrains lend themselves to symmetrical gameplay
I personally think a good game has all sorts of terrain if they’re supposed to have different environmental maps like this game has, Build up maps should be flatter while in the middle of nowhere, maps shouldn’t, I understand why they flattened the plane graveyard map that was too bumpy but sand should never be smooth/flat completely

i wonder when they’ll flatten the fucked terrain on a tonne of maps that cause builds to glitch and flip out for no reason

My guess is that it’s to accommodate all the new omnidirectional movement parts. They’re a little wonky sometimes, spin-out, can’t climb hills…of course Hovers don’t have any of those issues, but Augers sure do. Probably those Atoms will have similar issues as well. IDK.

I’m pretty sure they secretly change a lot of things… we’ve had theories about secret nerfs & buffs for the longest time. Why would maps be any different?


I feel like a lot of things are by accident… I remember back in 2018/19 I cant remember exactly but the blight perk made a tonne of projectile trails disappear and plasma emitters were straight up invisible…

and all shotguns got given this visual

That classic spaghetti code


Symmetrical maps are fair.

They’re fair if both teams are also symmetrical, which they aren’t in Crossout

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That has nothing to do with the map.

Yes it does because the asymmetric elements may benefit or hinder the user based upon their type of build.

If everyone had the same build then a symmetrical map would be more fair as no one would have an advantage over the other team, everyone is equal.

If teams were the same build but a map was asymmetric to the point where it offered an advantage to one particular side other the other then this would be unfair.

But due to the random nature of Crossout vehicles and the wide range of build types then asymmetric maps are not inherently unfair if created without genuine bias.

This then works the other way, a map that is completely symmetrical could inherently give an advantage to a certain type of build, a team with more of those build types than another team then gain an unfair advantage on that map due to random team composition and rng.

I don’t know how you can say build types have nothing to do with map design


Logic, eh? Good luck with that.


like the tower falling down on day time map now that i seen the other day, it was just the night time map.
i mean if its going to fall down on day n night,it’s kinda boring now lol


That would be valid for the current moment but they’ve been flattening maps and putting invisible walls inside of them long before omnidirectional travel was a thing apart from hovers, I think it was even done before Augers too!
That could be their reasoning now though but not back then

They sure do, but in the past, I probably wouldn’t have noticed, but now Whenever they change a pixel I can tell cause my game goes loonie toons on me, so I was paying attention :rofl: and bang I noticed this map change

Ugh :hiking_boot: :tongue: here


Plus I think making everything symmetrical to be fair is another way of dumping something down so everyone can think they are the best of the best, Maybe do as Pokemon does in the newer game with exp share, all new players get exp boosts under level 20 then :rofl: ← This is sarcasm not an actual suggestion

100% this, and let’s not forget to add not everyone plays the same way so an asymmetrical map might be suited for some play types while a symmetrical might be suited for others, the devs slowly making all maps symmetrical will just end up alienating players who like asymmetrical maps and take advantage of different terrain instead of a map with the same on both sides and becomes boring.

That I do recall being mentioned I think but it hasn’t happened to me yet, could be wrong and they just changed that randomly

Hadn’t noticed. I can’t seem to play long enough to get a full rotation of the maps.

I wish that instead of mauling Crossout with the update 2.O vision, they just opened a new game and started a different project with the camera controls and all the omnimovement stuff, or just devoted this type of game development to one of their other games, like Star Conflict. This game was fine before 2.0, IMO. They just needed more maps, and a standardized Battle Pass model.

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Copying and pasting assets is fairly standard for cutting down resource demand and saving time especially when working with larger areas. I think maps that are done like this generally end up changing more later as they start swapping out different assets.

I remember cannons saying they were having trouble locking on to some build types too. That would also be a reason for flattening maps.

There were a lot of complaints at different points in time where more so tracks and hovers managed to get on top of structures on maps that melee and porc players would bug out and cry fowl. This is probably where a lot of the invisible walls came in. Similarly there were underpass areas where small builds could get stuck in.

The 4 types of themed maps I think that would go well with the game would be similar: City, Town, Special areas of interest, Areas in between. If they had enough of these they could easily do PVP or PVE campaigns. Where you trace a story line battle from Points A to B with waypoints in-between.

As far as what would probably work out the most fair for asymmetrical maps in my own opinion would be:

Brawls with random spawn points as they could put special features in for each of the movement parts without it being taken advantage of by default.

Larger maps where to make use of either side of the map where by size alone the asymmetrical features are experienced by both sides at the same time as they traverse the map. i.e. so it’s not where one side on a small map on team has some extra long range firing spots and the other side doesn’t.

More congested maps where the number of features of the map are so intertwined that it’s asymmetrical features don’t stand out as a potential advantage.

I don’t think map symmetry has much to do with dumbing down the game though. The map tactics that are learned are either going to work on both sides or not going to work on both sides. Most of the tactics are fairly basic. I did think the movement experience of the game was more interesting when there were places some vehicles could get to that others couldn’t but at the same time I can see why some people that it was unfair however that isn’t directly related to symmetry.

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I’m not talking about assets but the terrain of the map, only designing 25% of a map then copy-pasting it to make the full map, even if that’s common practice it’s still lazy, plus the devs didn’t start with a map that was copy paste but turning them into them

Yup two sides of the same coin :rofl:

Yeah, I’m more on the team who thinks you should adapt to maps and find a way to take advantage of the terrain and not just want every map to be the same with a different coat of paint

Everything except the base ground is generally considered an asset, even though the textures for that are assets as well. So the big cliffs and rocky outcroppings and similar stuff are all independent 3d assets that tend be reused. There’s ways of doing modular sections of maps too and reusing them as well but that still works off of the other principle too. Generally you build in the interest areas and features in later.

It doesn’t bother me that much either way as I don’t look at them the same as I would an AAA game company. It would be better for them in the long run to have more diversity in the maps though. Most of the time I’m more concerned about the mechanics of the game working right.