Self-destruct weapons

Since there are already bomb spears, it is better to add another of the same kind.

My idea is to add a purely self-destructive weapon, and if the bomb spear is to trade the weapon itself for damage, then it is to exchange all parts for damage(Like a giant fuze)

It can be started directly, long press the start button to explode directly, or it can be activated by self-destruct in the cabin to increase damage,Using multiple of these bombs will increase the blast damage and radius

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How is this different than a mine? Real question. Just trying to flesh out your idea.

It’s not the same as landmines.
I’m talking about the same as this:


back in the original Warcraft, before World of Warcraft, we had these things called Goblin Sappers (on the orc side) and Dwarven Bomb Brigades (on the human side). Your idea reminds me much of those and I would LOVE to have that style of game play available.