SGs needs a buff

I started at MGs but then i switched to SGs, they were much in line with my playstyle (pin them down and tear them apart piece by piece). MGs aren’t quite there.
All my builds are made to withstand a lot of punishment but now were to go?
Whirls? Cyclones? Gravastars?
I’m delaying the Reapers, i want to try stuff but sometimes i feel there’s nothing else to try.
Take Median e.g.
At first sight it seems a cool weapon, a cannon with small calibre, it screams fast firing weapon, brawl. But no. it isn’t.
Things like, T.O.W., fortunes, Reapers, I like it.
Sometimes i wonder why i’m wasting my time and resources with these things.
I just tried Thunderbolts, they didn’t impress me like ruptures did, in fact SGs and MGs seems to me all the same sh…
Defenders in rare PS bracket = vindicators in legendary PS bracket
Spitfire= thunderbolts.
MGs, SGs wise it’s like I’ve been building or buying the same shi… over and over and over again
And the perks, man…wtf.
Who comes out with such a thing.
Why this quest for originality?
Why a rare, epic, legendary, relic can’t have the same type of perk, their tier and stats would be what divers them all for one another.
crazy example
(insert weapon) will have an increase of durability while shooting
rare = 5 %
Baby blue = 10 %
epic = 15 %
legendary = 20 %
relic = whatever %

  • base stats + bonus from modules, cabins and engines + moving parts.

And i did tried other things, like missiles, guess i arrived too late for them because they aren’t for me.
Autocannons, yeah, no.
revolvers, summators, no
scorpions, Crossbows no ( i don’t like them, i cannot see were the projectile is going or where i’m hiting…if i’m hiting something).
Retchers, no ( i find they are very disruptive even for their own team mates, it’s not fun to play against or with them ).
synthesys, prometheus, Quasars I don’t like them, their animation seems like i’m playing Doom (the first one)


O. o

Please , please, please, don’t drink before posting, shotguns have been an overpowered CANCER (along with hovers) since they appeared in the game, so please, i will say it again, don’t drink before posting, it affects your logical thinking skills

I was pretty sober yesterday, just reached rock bottom.
May i ask you what you normally use?

As i said, SGs needs a buff.
They were just fine as they were.
Maybe wedges and SGs were too much.
But instead of nerfing the blades, twin blades and other stuff used to make the wedge, they nerfed a weapon that its strength used to be burst damage.
SGs like the spitfire was nerfed 4 times across the board, limited angle weapons had as a common trade, more durability than the rest of other weapons, now they are like wet tissue paper i moved on to ruptures because of this, i thought it was a safe bet, very few people were using it, low profile and stuff and i did like them a lot
Ruptures, that use to have a perk, increased durability while shooting. Now they have increased durability while in cooldown, it’s just not useful.
Then, they tweaked the coolers and rads to leave out SGs.
So, i started with Defenders but they didn’t complement my game style i was losing every time to Spitfires, so i changed to Spitfires, then i moved on to Ruptures.
Meanwhile, i also moved from Defenders to Tacklers (my second mistake, i should have gone for protectors instead)
My first mistake was buying a Fav cab because every other cab can do it’s job and some can even carry more weight (Spider, Ghost, Photon) while doing Fav’s job.
Now i’m using Vindicators but they aren’t fast enough to allow good old fashion brawling .
I also have thunderbolts and Fafnirs to open the way up to whatever level i can reach.

And all of them feels like Defenders and Spitfires…bland

No they don’t. It is my opinion that they should receive a rework and new, larger models. They are far too small and ergonomic (fast turning, easy to use) for the insane damage they used to dish out. In the lore they are repurposed mortar tubes made to fire shrapnel. Okay thats badass, but why are they all so tiny? Why are they automatic? Why do they not resemble repurposed infantry mortars?
All shotguns need a rework to be more powerful, skillful, and interesting. Slower turn speed, larger models, only semi auto or single shot, some with limited ammo, more range and accuracy. Maybe a perk that allows them to increase the power drain of movement parts.
As of now they are a really shitty weapon class regardless of effectiveness.


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I have to disagree, there are some points we both are in complete disagreement.

  • Small?
    From the top of my head
    Only the sledgehammer and the Mace we could say they are small, and they need it, their survivability it’s pitiful, last time i checked sledgehammer had 90 and mace around 100, you look at them and they dissolve.
    AFAIK Hammer fall was remodelled quite recently to a smaller design because plenty of people complained about the SG not being worth and numbers and data and stuff.
    The ones i used were a big chunks 4 squares by 2.

  • Single shot? infantry mortars? You must be talking about Junkbow family SGs that’s a completely different thing. Those and Parsers don’t have anything in common but the category where they were put in.
    Parsers shouldn’t be SGs, they don’t seem a SG, they don’t behave like a SG, they aren’t SGs, but they are. But they shouldn’t.

  • slower turning speed? what? are we talking about cannons or autocannons?

  • What…no…no…no.
    More range? More accuracy?
    A SG it’s all about short range and dispersion and burst damage … and in the case of my favourite SGs, durability.

Listen, let’s imagine that we meet in a battle in opposite sides and i want to get to you. Me being a SG build
Do you imagine what i have to go through to get you? All type of weapons, some are great at long range, some are great at medium range where i can’t do nothing about that unless close the distance and fast if and if a opening appears, even at the shorter range where the type of weapon i choose it’s stronger, most probably i have to compete with other SGs and i can be beaten by a better player/build/tier of weapon, to not speak about other crap (porcs, fortunes, scorpions, and other stuff) before i get to you.
So, when i get to you, and more importantly IF i manage to get to you it’s better the weapons i choose to perform well by “doing what it says in the tin”. which they are not.

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And i want to add one thing more.

I see people referring to SGs with words like cancer and stuff but don’t forget one thing.
Every shotgunner has to deal with them too. And sometimes…
…Ruptures were wonderful, but they weren’t as good as Thunderbolts, and so on, Lower tier weapons only gotten worst in dealing with that type of situation with the nerfs.
I wasn’t upset with the distance nerf when it was reduced to 40 meters, but i was upset when they nerfed their durability, especially when the other nerfs arrived.

SGs are not counterable on dogs at lowe PS, you just cant degun them on any map but crater and if you are using slo wturning weapons you are done.
I never use SGs in PvP and consider anyone who does to be less of a human being. Like 85% human and 15% stored digestion products or so.

Before last nerf half of everything were shotgun w-warriors and you had 0 chance to do anything.
The nerf gave us trucker-borer meta, but thats different story.

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At lower PS what many people used was small tracks, wedge and SGs, that combination was meta.
SGs were the smaller part of it, in fact, their tactic was to go under the other build and the rest you know. But also they had some drawbacks like exposed cabin and little armour.
In theory you could have any time of weapon to do that. And this is why you can still see wedges build everywhere using every type of weapon there is, even drone builds use it.
There’s a lot of maps where SGs builds can’t do much unless they risk it all, crater, broken arrow, Shipyard, desert valley, just to name a few. It was an ambush build.
Even before the nerf SGs were very heavy on the modules, a MG build can use half of the modules and be ok, SGs don’t have that luxury.
In the end SGs were the scape goat. Everything will be a scape goat until devs deal with the real problem which is, blades, twin blades, hatchers and other stuff alike.
Because of some the rest were swiped also which is unfair

That’s not 100%, it really depends on the build. RF-MGs and Minis are really effective at stripping standard auto SGs at low to mid PS. Things they had a lot of issues with were roofed limited angle SG dogs normally with wedges. Which is one of the reasons limited angle SGs took the bulk of the SG nerfs outside of range and rad & coolers.

Wasps are also very effective against SGs at low ps though they are not that popular in comparison to other weapon types. Melee is generally also effective again SGs especially in groups it’s just kind of a shame they moved the Buzzsaw’s to special as there was slightly more variety and mixes with them. They probably should have just made new items for that space. Unfortunately the lower the PS you go the smaller the diversity of weapons get. While this helps with learning curve it also creates it’s own bottleneck for effective counters. So some of it really depends on how low in PS you go.

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How i can relate to this.

Similar though the problem was really even lower in PS.

SGs are fine at high PS above 7k, but Spitfire on growl dogs at mid PS around 5-6k was overperforming annoyingly. It could strip weapons like nothing. Sure - at 8k even parsers are kind of counterable, but Vector or Rapier vs Spitfire or Sledgehammer? It still doesnt work.
Rarely somebody is using rapier or vector at 6k+ (weird hovers aside), but sledgehammers/spitfires? Sure.

But lower than that was my Defender build at 6 k, was almost just like one at 8 k but with lighter armour.

No, they are not.
case in point.
This beauty here, was what came out from my specially made slaughter event build.

Strong points.
. GREAT against cannons up to Tsunami, it could literally be shot in the face by them and still going for it strong but not just because SGs but also because i build it to do exactly that.
. as a collateral was also good against dogs (fire and sparkly) i could just rip their faces off as long i could catch them head on, the armour would hold them at bay and my ruptures used to carry the point home.
. It was almost immune to melee, harvesters included

But also had a lot of short comings and weakness, as you can see, one of them is being blind i couldn’t afford a radar or even lose a single wheel. It was all or nothing. No middle ground.
Or i would excel with it or i would blander epically with it. As i did many times

Now, forget all about range nerf, damage output nerf and the SG exclusion to their live blood (rads and shivers) .
What killed it was the co-drivers rework.
Ok, let’s mount my ruptures in other build. but wait…they ruined it by changing the perk from while shooting to in cooldown. And there’s a world of difference between the two, the later is completely useless

You can see a pattern here, don’t you?
I was struck many times with the nerf bat until nothing is left.
Do you see any Meta building? Wedges? Whatnot?

I don’t have much beyond limited angle weaponry in my inventory, legendary tier doesn’t have a limited angle SG yet. So i’m getting through with other things like Vindicators and Thunderbolts this last one it’s also weaker and don’t have the right perk for my style and thunderbolts became weaker if you deny them their perk.

Before those nerfs, sledgehammers would lose to a Spitfire very often .

I would be for nerfing SG shot distance further.
Not for any buffs. None. Zero. No SG needs buffed, they are all very very lethal when used as intended.

Many weapons I tried when I first started playing that I thought were garbage and “not my playstyle” were actually extremely good. I just did not pair them with the right cabin/modules etc.

Shotguns SHOULD feel nerfed after… being nerfed. They were far too over powered.

Really? to about what? 0 meters? Currently they have only 40 meters range.

The ones i tried felt very weak or not best suited for me. And i did tried a lot of them. What i have in my inventory it’s very focus few ones and it pales in comparison with the list of weapons i had and sold.
(full sets)
Nests, Blockchain, Triggers, summators, Emilies, LBs, Judges, synthesis, saws, borers, maces, sledgehammers, Synus-o, Mauler, A TOW (which i regret selling), gremlins and goblins (i had to sell them to finance my building but i will have a full set again), vectors, AC-43 rapiers, flutes, whirls (because i found them redundant at that time because they did the exactly same damage as my ruptures), tacklers (what a sorry excuse for a perk), hulks, Junkbows, leechs.

I disagree, But people don’t want close quarters weapons, don’t want to brawl

I say the biggest issue is the physics: once you get under someone, barring hovers, no matter the movement type they cannot get off at all, even if there is obviously contact between the track/wheels/legs and the ground/your car

There lies your issue. Instead of running into the target, circle around them. Shotgun players who do this are far more difficult to deal with than facehuging W warriors.