Shotguns and Hovers, seriously?

Nothing screams I am a meta chaser louder than that. They increases the power suck of ml 200’s and bigrams to 25% and gives a super buff to hovers just to annoy armored track and mechanical users while they get ganked by cloaking shotgun hovers circling around them 5 times as fast as they can even turn to try and engage them. It was bad enough before at 20% power suck now it is simply hopeless. You simply can’t turn fast enough even with fusion and colossus. Devs can’t balance this game for a bag of beans so this will be my final post cause I know this game will never be even just at least a little bit close to even being balanced so i will sadly just have to accept my fate of being eaten by, retcher hovers, breaker spaced armored wedges, firedogs and shotgun hover gankers as long as this game is still online. They had 7 years to improve the balance of this game and unsurprisingly it just gets more unbalanced as time goes on.
I ain’t asking for perfect balance but devs at least try and get it somewhere near the ballpark.

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I’m surprised at how quickly shotgun hovers are becoming a thing, but I’m not convinced they’re anything but a novelty.
Are people actually using them in CW?
I’ve seen some people using them effectively in PVP, but they’re still pretty delicate compared to wedges or bricks.
Hovers seem to get very unstable and hard to drive now when they lose any hovers or when they lose too much armour on one side.

I suspect that some shotguns hovers are former wheel players who can’t handle getting pinned by the wreckages of their enemies, so they’re experimenting with hovers. Some might be longtime hover players experimenting with something new.
My opinion might change if I see them dominating matches this week, but I definitely didn’t feel worried about them last week.

I mostly only got taken out by them when I was surprised they were running shotguns. Usually getting close is the way to take down a hover, and shotgun hovers take advantage of that.

I like seeing new villains in the wasteland. Keeps things interesting.

The dudes using it are cw players. I don’t play cw but the players i was talking about then was joined up in pvp and at least 2 of them was using that new boring as hell shotgun hover meta. ganking slower builds They uses cloak to get in close and play peek a boo with what ever cover they can find, corpses and all.

If they turn out to be the new CW meta, I might change my mind, but I don’t see it happening.
They’re good at taking advantage of the chaos of PVP matches, but I can’t see them being effective in a 4v4 situation.

Hovers are still the cw meta. You don’t see goliath tracks and meat grinders in cw do yea.

I’m talking about shotgun hovers.

When I did try CW, it was mostly hovers, bigrams, and dogs (this is on PS4).

I didn’t even notice they increased legs power drain. That would explain why going up hill feels like a chore on them lately. .

Wait, I thought legs were supposed to be able to climb hills better now? I haven’t even had a chance to try any spiders since the big update.
Can I at least expect them to be able to climb a bit better than they used to?

SG hovers are used by top clans in CWs and legs have mostly been abandoned, due to slow turning speed. The game was pretty balanced before the update. This is probably the least balanced the game has been since I have been playing (3ish yrs). That said, I am enjoying the game.

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Are you seeing many wheels or other movement parts?
Surprised that SG hovers are working there, are they running full teams of shotguns or a mix of builds?

So SGs will receive another nerf.
OH boy…

They can scale cliffs better. But as far as going up a hill it’s slower moving.

It is mostly hovers. Between speed buff to hovers, kami cab perk, new corpse feature, and nerf to spark/flash, it is very difficult for dogs. You will occasionally see a firebug or breaker on wheels or omni but hovers are a clear cut favorite in CW now.

I have been open about liking hovers to be playable/competitive, while not really playing them myself. The new controls change that, as they are now much easier to use. I have fun on hovers but I do recognize that this change was bad for balance.

I suggest they keep hovers as is. Omni are in a decently good place. Give grinders more traction and turn speed. Give legs better acceleration/turn speed. Bump up all track speeds by 10. Return spark and flash to how they were. Those things would be big toward restoring balance, depending upon how much they tweaked those parts.


at least this update made this one point about the epic forever hover debate very clear:

hovers were hard to use for some players and it was partially a skill issue when they then bitched about them.

so now targem lowered the skill requirements and people obviously catch on. docsavage, poony and now this hobo all play hovers these days because they finally can.

and some say this forum isnt representative of the larger playerbase. seems to me targem saw this desire among the larger playerbase and acted in form of this update.

I know that both me and Claysdad are on PS4, and for me the reason why I’m enjoying hovers more now is that the old strafing controls were very hard on my hands (you had to use the joystick buttons), and because hovers had been over-nerfed.
Now the controls create much less strain on my hands, and are fast again. Also, the new physics is encouraging and allowing for other types of hover builds than were competitive previously. I like exploring new possibilities.

I’m also playing a lot of strafing parts in general because I want to get some muscle memory for the new controls, and to figure out what settings work best for me.

Some of us work with our hands, and can’t afford to get cramps from being forced to clench a controller in unnatural ways.

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Yep. I get better control on old controls sure, but at what cost? My only problem with the new controls is when I mix parts, like say augers and bigrams. If I mix those parts wheel mode becomes Wierd to drive in. But thems the apples.

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Who said it was boring? If you dont play them how would you know? If everyone was not complaining for the last 4 years to nurf hovers, they would have been in a much better place.

i still say, the game was the best it was before the last updates…heaps of variety all across the game types.

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We played bronze through mid silver past week and it was more than 80% hovers, one spider team and the rest scattered here and there.
There were not as many shotgun hovers as past week that was practically 100% hovers 50% shotgun hovers, but there were quite a lot.
Most hovers were by far machine gun of all types.
And since we played from low bronze to almost top 60 i can tell you that we saw pretty much most of what was to be seen.

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Disagree, hover have always been the easiest movement part from their introduction and then dogs came around because they where the only counter.

So you had to play hovers or their counter to win CWs.

That is not skill, that is just broken OP.

So now that they have killed dogs and legs, everyone has to be the same. The counter to hovers is now hovers.

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