Should fire weapons have their own ammo?

This was mentioned in the acid thread, but I thought it might be worth its own thread.
Maybe fire weapons could be balanced by making them use a fuel tank instead of an ammo pack? Of course this would mean they would have to add an epic fuel tank, but that would probably be welcomed by grinders (assuming it can also be used to farm fuel as well).

It seems to me that the last two generators and the upcoming cloak are the devs attempting to use explosive parts to help balance the game. You could argue that the ammo pack nerf is also part of that.


I like the epic fuel tank idea.

They had the option to do this when they changed the boosters too but they made them use the ammo packs. They probably just don’t want to complicate simple code attached to the items.

I wouldn’t mind just having those in the game regardless. The only problem I could see is right now you can have one of each of the fuel tanks topping out at 15 fuel. So they probably would have to change how they count those.

how would that work for the incinerator??
… imagines throwing your fuel tank at the enemies.

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Like I said in the acid weapon topic, I think this is a good idea. :smiley:

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I don’t use fuel tanks, i think it’s a waste, the gains are minimum ( as is).
they don’t pay off

They need more than only 1 cabin for them

I submitted a suggestion for this idea. Let’s hope they add it… :smiley:

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