Show me your Hubs!

BIG fan of hubcaps on builds. I ALWAYS use hubcaps…just to set it off…ya know…
My fave to use is probably the “blank cover” hub because it covers the whole rim and also the lights on my Hermits that can give my position away easier when cloaked.
Painting the “blank cover” covers the whole hubcap pretty well so it looks better for me with paints than the other fancier hubs do.

What hubs do you own, I’d like to see what everyone has…


my hub game is weak :tired_face:

Snowflake, Blank Cover, Inkan, & currency are the only ones I think I have.

I like Inkan the most because I’m a sucker for lights.

Covering Trails is my fave, though.

I wish I had more hubcaps, especially for covering the Hermit green lights.
Mostly use blank cover, but would love some more realistic ones.


I like Phantom Gaze. You get extra points if you flick them on after you burn someone with green Blight flame.

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The one I wish had is the one that looks like a revolver chamber.


Sadly, there isn’t any good way of getting a big bunch of nice cosmetics. Expecially when hubcaps are scarce on their own and literally cannot be crafted.

That being said, somehow I managed to get Blank cover, Eastern dragon, Currency (that was with a free pack), Wheel cover, Inkan, and that “manhole lid” cover.


Closed Circle is pretty much the only hub cap I use.


Just got a new hubcap!

Was browsing the packs not really intending to buy any and i spotted it in the Tumbleweed pack so i bought it.

Its called Second set and it resembles a bench weight lifting plate.

Not sure if it’s been around before or brand new but i like it and it covers all of my hermit light!




Weak in number but the RR means a fair amount due getting it took some true skill.

That one Mayhem event was the closest thing to a real competitive mode that Crossout ever had. No safe leagues, all the same vehicle lineup to pick from and win/loss was the only thing that mattered. Clapping out the top clans in just a 3-stack of people who barely played the game much just felt so good.

Making the top clan at the time stop playing after they lost twice in a row to us really made my day back then and I love having this hubcap to remember it.

Sadly they’re just gonna put the hubcap in a pack sooner or later as they just did with Second set…


That Cupid one looks great. I want it.

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It was a reward from a mayhem, summer spring or winter, way way back, and has popped up as a reward a few times in the flail reindeers contests

It’s a really nice hubca-399 scamcrowns
Well, guess I will not get it this time either

I remember drooling after that hubcap at some point, but it was out of reach
One of the better looking ones for sure


Also my meager hubs
At one point I was considering getting the closed circle as it’s tradable, but there was all of that weirdness about rumors of there being trade history of it even before the event started or something, and nobody finding it ever and so on, that to me it feels like they were dishing them out to truly a closed circle rather than being as available to everyone as they let on, and that just leaves a sour taste in my mouth


all i got is free hubs… :yum:
don’t fit on small tracks or shivs… :sob:



Love the Cupid and Roulette hubs!

Didnt know the Second set hubs were from an event reward before. Kinda takes the specialty of owning them from the event down if they can now be bought which kinda sucks for those who got them that way but i guess these hubs would disappear from the game eventually if no one could aquire them.

I guess they could of done another event reward thing but i do appreciate being able to just purchase them since i collect certain stuff in this game. Im sure they dont mind selling them to me.

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That’s the first I’ve seen or at least noticed the Scandinavian Shield one. I like it…