Show us your builds

Yeah, the sand of the Red Light map and the snow on Radiance makes controlling small light fast cars tricky. I had to experiment a lot with my mass, and especially balancing the front and rear mass.
Also, the turret cannon things do more damage than I would have expected. Often lost my cloak before I armour up the back, and even lost a Bigfoot wheel occasionally.



well, i’m going into Radiance today since my first time (around the propeller event)
It was fun and very frustrating at the same time.
In the first time i had some Armor, just enough to withstand one/ two direct shot.
This last build was tweaked for red light, let’s see how it fairs in radiance.
The cannons shot often and faster than in red light.
I have a naked gen and a naked micro factory
Move your wheels bit by bit until you find a sweat spot, try to load them with the weight of what’s weighting more, My back wheels have the cheetah in between (slightly ahead from the wheels)
More important than speed is acceleration ( type of wheels, traction, power consumption) and so on.
This my last build doesn’t oversteer nor understeer in the garage, in the operation it slides a bit but in a very controlled way.

But even then, i will try to start naked, changing wheels is also an option.

BFs are great for drones, but studded wheels offers more acceleration but they have lower grip, let’s see.
The only reason i don’t use one of my old race builds is because of weapons

well… it’s tuned for Radiance, i did tried to do a couple of aesthetic changes. what do you think?

These operations are nicer than we think, it offers a change of breath, here i am with a truly light build, a far cry from what i usually run.

I had to add weight, the front was too light for radiance even so it has under 3.5 tons just for comparison my lightest build for PVP is close to 9 tons.
I’m digging it. Sad i can’t take this to PVP.


Or can i?

May I call it a success? much better than what i was expecting from it
completely naked, i can’t ram or i lose modules


Nice. The matchmaker even tried to bury you a little on that last one.

Hi, I made an M1A2 Abrams SEP

It is not functional, only artistic, the only thing I would change is the Therm for an Aspect, but I don’t have that machine gun :C


Finally decided to post my brick build!!

Any thoughts on it?? :laughing:


its too OP, needs a nerf :rofl:

It actually works.
Of course i was crashed in some games tonight, in others i did ok, grabbed a couple of seconds and third places and now this.

Completely naked, exposed gen, exposed modules, very soft target, very lean target it forces me to have a very different gameplay, but honestly i don’t find much difference in the final scores than with armoured up to the teeth builds.
I think i will call it BESERKER, like the Vikings of old that used to drink piss from whom eat hallucinogenic mushrooms, that way they would be high, crazy mad, but not incapable for battle…and they used to fight naked.

Let me show you another thing…take a look at the HP.


It’s got speed. I guess that means a lot, if you know how to use it?

I appreciate the naked minimalism of that build. Usually only hover players can pull that off and make it work.

Good show, lad.

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Here’s the latest version of my Heavy_Quadcopter!!

Frontal view:

Top view:

Rear view:

It has some crazy durability!!

Also: my screenshotting skills have not improved since my last post on here, so sorry if it isn’t nice looking lol.

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Since we have the wakidate and the whackydate, I wanted to make a semi-art ravager build, so I downloaded some Varun build off of the exhib and got to making trash

A hover build being taken over by the ravagers, sadly it’s up in 12k PS and using one Varun and one Lucifer so the effectiveness does not exist, both weapons have way too different flight speeds, trajectories and ranges to work that well together but you’re gonna be facehugged 30 seconds into any match anyway so at that point you can at least shoot at the enemy a little, but the damage output just does not exist in general

I like the concept idea behind it though, even the gun got altered by the ravagers, instead of being just basic build with a few eyes and hydralic decos added

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Made a new mostly infected Ravager art build!!

Ravager side:

not quite infected side:

Top-down view:

It’s also on my exhibition right now!! It’s titled “Infected X__X” (3 spaces, not one). Look before I delete it for blueprint space!! :laughing: